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Dead Space reconstruction was shown for the first time

BingMag.com Dead Space reconstruction was shown for the first time

In July, Electronic Arts finally confirmed that a remake of Dead Space was in development. This completely rebuilt version is being developed by EA's Motive Studios and will feature improved graphics today.

Recently, Dead Space remake studio learned more about This game has been shared and has shown small pieces of it, which looks very exciting.

One of the key and vital mechanics of the original version of Dead Space was the amputation mechanic, which the game does not shy away from. It did not depict it. In one of the famous scenes of the game, it was even written on the wall, "Cut their limbs." The emphasis on such mechanics seems to be even greater, with a new "body destruction" system that allows players to destroy enemies in "ultra-precise" ways.

Game director Roman Campos Oriola says:" The mechanics and technology of body destruction that we are developing We are, it allows us to really destroy the flesh of the enemy's bones and give you a good sense not only of the violence but also of the extent of the damage you can do to the opponent. It is at this time that you say to yourself, "Is my weapon really useful against this kind of enemy?" Is that enemy close to death? "This is something that is really interesting to me." It has been 13 years since the release of the original game and now the game's visual effects have increased significantly and changed for the better.

BingMag.com Dead Space reconstruction was shown for the first time

Motive Studios will also give details about the main character of the" Dead Space "game series, Isaac Clarke. They point out that there are two rules for his dialogues. In the first place, he speaks only when he is spoken to, but sometimes he speaks in a situation where it seems strange if he does not say something at that time. They also went to Gunner Wright to voice Isaac Clark, who played the character in the second and third episodes of the series.

Reconstruction of Dead Space is still in the early stages of development. And the developers are working on these features. "We wanted to do this and show you these features because we wanted to keep in touch with you and talk to you more easily and freely about the game's development," said Philippe Ducharme, the game's chief developer. I have to make it clear that what was shown was not an official introduction to the gameplay. "

BingMag.com Dead Space reconstruction was shown for the first time

These show that the creators are doing their best to capture the space of the original version of the game in this remake.

Source: PC Gamer

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