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dark Knight; 5 favorite Batman games for Android and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

In this article, we are going to introduce 5 Batman mobile games that are extremely attractive for the fans of this popular and lovable character.

games inspired by this character. Of course, it should be noted that Batman-inspired mobile games were not very perfect and attractive in the early days of release, but for the time being, they could be described as fun games.

In recent years, There are more and more games in this genre, but you have to keep in mind that not all of them are good and attractive. As a result, we decided to introduce only the top 5 Batman-inspired mobile games in this article, which can attract your positive opinion with the benefit of attractive story, excellent graphics, professional voice acting and many other things. These games include:

  • Batman: The Enemy Within
  • Batman: The Telltale Series
  • DC Legends: Battle for Justice
  • Injustice 2
  • VRSE Batman

1. Batman: The Enemy Within

Developer: Telltale games /Publisher: Telltale games
Release Year: 2017/Price: Free/Up to $ 15

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

The first Batman mobile game that we are going to introduce in this article Let's face it, Batman: The Enemy within is an exciting, engaging and fun game that can definitely delight you! This game, designed by Telltale games Studio, is available for free and is relatively popular.

In this game, which tells the story of the second season of Batman - The Telltale Series , You take control of a person who has two completely separate characters. He is the famous Bruce Wayne that you know if you have a superficial acquaintance with Batman movies. Bruce Wayne, at first glance, is a completely normal person with a normal life that has its own problems. But this character has another character and that is Batman! The savior of Gotham City.

This game, like many other games in this genre, immerses you in adventures that influence your own course. The same decisions he makes will eventually create your number one enemy, the Joker. A character that some users even consider more popular than Batman himself because of his unique moral qualities.

In this game, the evil character Ridler returns to Gotham to do his evil deeds again. And kill people. Your task is to fight with the help of your allies, him and other enemies, the main of which is the Joker, and save the people.

This fascinating game has simple controls and its mechanics are based on blows and swipes. But its main focus is on telling a story that is very interesting and entertaining. The first season of the game is free, but subsequent seasons are priced at $ 5. You can also buy the whole game for $ 15.

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

2. Batman: The Telltale Series

Developer: Telltale games /Publisher: Telltale games
Release Year: 2016/Price: Free/Up to $ 15

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

The second Batman game on this list, Batman: The Telltale Series It has a name that its gameplay is very simple and in the style of pointing and clicking. The game itself follows a very interesting adventure process and has a fun story. This is an episodic game, in the sense that you experience different parts of the overall Batman story. The game revolves around Bruce Wayne, the character of Batman, who's years of experience in rescuing Gotham City.

Of course, the game itself begins when Batman is still considered a popular insurgent and is not very popular . But when a group of thieves decide to steal very important information from Gotham City Hall, Batman arrives and plots their plan. Meanwhile, Batman meets a female character named Selena Kyle, who is actually a cat woman. At the same time, Harvey Dent is running a campaign to become mayor, backed by Bruce Wayne; Bruce Wayne, who has to do other important things in the role of Batman, and all these serious tasks are on you.

One of the interesting things about this game is that when you experience it You do, you just get the feeling of being in the world of superheroes. Otherwise there is a special connection between it and the movie or There are no Batman-style games before that. This means that you only enter the game environment and see the previous letters and characters, but the story has a completely different and unique process.

This game, like many Telltale style games, engages you in its extraordinary gameplay and It's up to you to decide how you go about the game. So keep in mind that your decisions have a direct impact on your destiny and you should not jump into the water.

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

3. DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Developer: Warner Bros. /Publisher: Warner Bros
Release year: 2016/Price: Free

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

DC Legends is one of the most popular Batman-inspired games developed by Warner Bros. Studios and released in 2016. This game, like many other titles in this genre, has role-playing elements, and in it, you are the one who decides the fate of some events with the decisions you make.

The story of the game is very beautiful and enjoyable. . In such a way that he no longer revolves around Bruce Wayne. Rather, it tells the story of a world that an evil force intends to conquer and destroy its people. Now you have to gather all the heroes of the DC world and fight this dark force. Remember that it does not matter now whether these heroes are good or bad; Despite this dangerous and mysterious enemy, no hero from the DC world is bad. You can experience this game in different modes such as story and online PvP.

This game uses many heroes such as Batman, Superman, Joker and and has very attractive graphics. Other good features include the beautiful narration of the story, the ability to watch some battles in a cinematic and extremely attractive way, competition with players around the world, the presence of DC world champions such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Arrow and to perform various missions in the game. He mentioned attractive sound, unique visual effects and many other good things.

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

4. Injustice 2

Developer: NetherRealm Studio /Publisher: Warner Bros
Release year: 2017/Price: Free

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

Injustice 2 can not be one The mobile game revolves around Batman, but since it includes a large number of DC World heroes, it can be considered a Batman-inspired game. Injustice 2 tells the story of the previous game. In that episode, the Joker not only managed to poison Superman, but also planted a nuclear bomb in the metropolis. Superman poisoning caused this powerful character to kill both Lewis Lane and his own son. , Decides to start his team and enter the battle with Batman. But in the second part, Batman tries to return the earth to its previous state, but on the other hand, he also has to fight with Superman team. Among the popular characters that you will deal with in this game along with Batman and Superman, we can mention Aquaman, Supergirl, Gorillagrad and Atracides.

Since this game can also be experienced online You can form trio groups of different heroes and compete with AI or other users from around the world. Each character can be upgraded, which you can do by doing different things. It should be noted that there is also online PvP mode and campaign in this title.

This game with its attractive and entertaining gameplay with unparalleled HD graphics, extremely exciting sound and attractive fighting mechanisms has been able to get a positive opinion from many users. And earn a lot of points in the two major stores Play Store and App Store.

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

5. VRSE Batman

Manufacturer: Skyrocket /Publisher: Skyrocket
Release Year: 2017/Price : Free/Different

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

The latest Batman mobile game This list is not a normal game Why You need virtual reality equipment to experience it. So before downloading the game, you should buy a virtual reality headset that also has a controller. The game, as its name implies, takes place in a virtual world where you have to fight the evil characters in the role of Batman.

The story of this game is similar to most Batman style games. In this way, the Joker, as your main enemy, destroys the city of Gotham. Now hope The whole city is up to Batman and his abilities to defeat the Joker and take the city out of his grasp.

The weapon you have in this game is the same boomerang that looks like your bat that you can Throw at the enemies and defeat them. If your fighting style also does not satisfy your passion, you can fight enemies face to face and defeat them with the high skill you have.

The need to use a virtual reality headset to do Although this game makes it less appealing to the audience, but the game is free and also the attractive feeling that entering the virtual world gives the user makes VRSE Batman bring you an unforgettable experience of Batman style games.

Unfortunately, the link to this game has been removed from the Play Store, but you can still download and experience this game from the market.

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

BingMag.com <b>dark</b> <b>Knight;</b> 5 <b>favorite</b> <b>Batman</b> <b>games</b> for <b>Android</b> and iOS

If you know of another Batman-inspired mobile game, be sure to mention it in the comments section. Let us know.

Source: Android Authority

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