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The creators of Devotion are building a Skiro-style game

BingMag.com The <b>creators</b> of <b>Devotion</b> are <b>building</b> a <b>Skiro-style</b> game

Recently, Red Candle, the creators of Devotion, released a number of images of their new game. Not much information about this new game was released at that time. Now Red Kendall has decided to introduce it in full. The name of the new game is Nine Sols. This game is in the style of action and platformer Boeh and is inspired by Skiro in making it.

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However, not much information has been released about this game yet. Only a few pictures of this game that show the interesting main character. According to the game developers:

No Sol has a rich story and hand-painted. This game is in the style of action and platformer and like Skiro, his struggles are very dependent on repelling the blows of the enemy. You will explore an Asian fantasy story. You must kill 9 cells to complete the story.

BingMag.com The <b>creators</b> of <b>Devotion</b> are <b>building</b> a <b>Skiro-style</b> game

The only published poster of this game that shows the main character.

One of the things that attracted a lot of media attention was the design of the main character. It is not at all clear what this character is. However, in general, the poster design is very interesting and shows the hand art completely. It is not yet clear whether we will see horror elements in this game. In fact, given the history of Red Kendall, it is possible that these factors exist.

According to the creators of this game, it is still in the early stages of development. That's why it's too early to say when it will be released. Not much is known yet when more information will be released.

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No Sol It's very different from what Red Kendall is known for. The company's previous game, Devotion, was a success but was removed from stores. Because, according to what was announced, this game compared the Chinese president to Winnie The Pooh. Some stores recently decided to return this game, but due to problems, they withdrew from this decision. Of course, you can buy this game through your Red Kendall digital store.

It would be a little difficult for a company to say that their game is inspired by Skiro. Skiro was extremely strong in the field of fighting and was able to gain good popularity due to his high accuracy. Now, No Sol must do his best to increase the accuracy of the shots so that the players can enjoy it.

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