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The creator of the Yakuza series left Sega; Meet the new game development team

BingMag.com The creator of the Yakuza series left Sega; Meet the new game development team

A few weeks ago, we heard a rumor about the separation of "Toshihiro Nagushi" from Sega. Nagoshi has worked for Sega for decades as a game maker and producer, as well as in management positions. The news was officially confirmed yesterday by Sega and the Yakuza series game development studio. Nagushi will leave the company with another Sega senior. As a result of his separation, the maker of the Yakuza game series has undergone major changes. The studio that to date has made two major series "Yakuza" and "Jajment" in its portfolio. Nagoshi was the writer and director of some parts of the series, and although he did not have much involvement in making a few recent games, he also wrote the script for Jajment himself.

Nagoshi leaves Sega for an unknown destination and officially speaks. No future decisions have been made, but the same source who reported a few weeks before the unfortunate separation said he was attracted by Chinese gaming company NetEase; So that we can expect them to unhesitatingly join the company.

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Along with Toshihiro Nagoshi, Daisuke Sato, who produced the Yakuza games, has also left Sega. The separation of these two key players in Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has led to major changes within the company. Now, all the managers of Yakuza's construction team have changed. However, those replacing Toshihiro Nagoshi and Daisuke Sato are longtime members of the studio and, in fact, veteran Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio gamers.

Daisuke Sato has also fully introduced the new leaders of the studio. . From the Yakuza series to the Jajment series, as well as other games, we thank all those who have supported our efforts during this time.

Reaching this milestone in the history of the studio, the structure A whole new definition has been developed for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

BingMag.com The creator of the Yakuza series left Sega; Meet the new game development team

  • Ryu Ga Studio Manager Gotoku Studio and Producer - Masayoshi Yokoyama (middle photo)
  • Yakuza Chief Executive Officer - Ryosuke Hori (third left photo)
  • Last Jajment Studio - Game Director - Utaka Ito (second person photo from left)
  • Animation Studio Director - Takayuki Surimachi (first person photo from left)
  • Yakuza series producer - Hiroyuki Sakamoto (third person photo from right)
  • li>
  • Art Director Sri Yakuza - Nobuaki Mitake (second person photo from right)
  • Studio Intermediate Cinema Director - Daisuke Fukugawa (first person photo from right)

Some of the new ideas that never came to my mind when we started the studio They were not. At the time, we were all working hard to build a future for ourselves. We did a lot of things at that time and made a lot of sacrifices to reach this future.

Maybe because all our focus was on facing the challenges and overcoming them, we were finally able to continue for so many years and Let's get to this point in the ten-year history of our studio. The world may change overnight, and we need to change in the same way. Changing the world affects the way we work, our lives, our beliefs and values, and even the way we play our games.

Toshihiro Nagoshi.

However, I did not want everything to depend on this point. Although I did not have much power at the time, I sought to change and struggle. Ten years have passed since then and the resistance I had at that time has gradually and over time become a sense of camaraderie. This studio is being entrusted to me by a great creator.

When I was about to announce major studio structural changes, I thought about what I had to say to everyone. Suddenly I remembered the words I said on August 31, ten years ago, when announcing the founding of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio: "I'm proud to be a member of this studio.

At that time, I was very proud of the Yakuza collection. I had and that feeling is still in me. This collection is something I have to protect. For fans who have supported the series or for the gaming team, yakuza games should be something we are all proud of. This is exactly what I need to keep Ryu Ga Gotoku and keep doing it.

In the picture you can see that I have taken a cool gesture, but if the games do not meet our standards, then it will not be cool. As a result, I will do my best and stay true to my word. I am not telling you, "Please trust us." We will continue to work and let our games speak for us.

I also ask you to support Toshihiro Nagoshi and Sato and their decision in the new way they have taken, just like us.

All members of the game team have learned from them and passed on their knowledge and values to the team. You can see the result of this in the new game Last Jajment. He will also continue the story of Yakuza: Like a Dragon under construction, which will continue the story of Ishiban Kasuga.

This sequel is currently being produced by Sakomoto and directed by Hori, Ito and Mitake. I'm working with Takeuchi and Foruta on the game's story. "As you can see, the new director of the Yakuza Game Studio also officially confirmed in his message that he was making the Yakuza: Like a Dragon sequel for the first time. Of course, in the Japanese message, this game is referred to as "Yakuza 8".

BingMag.com The creator of the Yakuza series left Sega; Meet the new game development team "Thank you for your long-term support of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios. I want to announce that I want to leave Sega for a different destination. Yukuyama, a former senior producer, will continue to lead the studio.

I have been involved in the development of the Yakuza series since its inception and have been the director of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios for nine years. So I can say that I am very dependent on it. It's unfortunate for me to want to leave places and colleagues with whom I have experienced many ups and downs. But after ten years, this studio has grown into a powerful company.

I believe that this studio can not only continue the Yakuza series, but with the same power, even go to different and different jobs. The talented members of this studio are fully capable of doing this, and I entrust everything to them with complete confidence.

Thanks to the game developers who worked on this series and to everyone who has influenced the Yakuza in this industry.

I look forward to new games in this series and will continue to support Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, but this Bar as a fan.

Yakuza's latest studio game, Lost Judgment, was released on all platforms a few weeks ago and received very positive feedback. The main games of the Yakuza series are usually released every other year, so we can expect to see a sequel to Yakuza 8, or rather the sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, in the next few months.

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Source: Gematsu.com

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