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Creator of the Nier game series: This series has come to an end

BingMag.com <b>Creator</b> of the <b>Nier</b> <b>game</b> <b>series:</b> This <b>series</b> has <b>come</b> to an end

According to PCGamesN, Yoko Taro, the Creator of the Nir and Dangangard games series, appears to be in the form of a Christmas greeting message with a humorous message. Has brought something important to the fans of Nir game series. During the Christmas greeting video, he stated that the Nir game series is over unless he receives a lot of money to develop the sequel!

In this video, Nir game producer Yosuke Saito is seen with Taro. It becomes. However, given Taro's humorous tone, Saito seems to ignore his remarks a bit. In the video, Yosuke Saito asks Nir director what he plans to do with the future of the popular series. In response to this question, Taro answers: "Nothing!" He takes this opportunity to say that this series of games is over. However, since Saito does not show much reaction, he can show that this was just a lie. Then Yoko Taro jokes again that if he is going to be given a lot of money to make a sequel to this work, he will reconsider his statement.

BingMag.com <b>Creator</b> of the <b>Nier</b> <b>game</b> <b>series:</b> This <b>series</b> has <b>come</b> to an end

This is not the first time Yoko Taro and other team members have used humor to communicate with fans. In fact, this is their usual job, and if you have seen a number of Taro interviews in the past, you have noticed that he always has this tone of humor, and sometimes even explicitly. Of course, to understand Yoko Taro's jokes and strange behavior, you do not even have to listen to him, even his different appearance from that usual mask tells the story.

So it is not clear whether this is really the end of the series. But it seems that at least right now their team is not working on anything related to Nir. Unless proven otherwise.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with stopping the series where it is now, especially since it is still so influential. Not everything has to go on forever, and these two games continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of their audiences.

We witnessed the release of the remake of the first part of this series, Nir Replicant, which was also able to appear very successful and eliminate some of the weaknesses of the original version of Nir Replicant. Fans can now best experience both games on today's platforms.

Source: VG247

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