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Construction of Nintendo's next console has probably begun; The 4K switch is on its way

BingMag.com Construction of Nintendo's next console has probably begun; The 4K switch is on its way

Although we thought that we would not see such rumors after the official introduction of the new Nintendo Switch model with the Old screen, but there are still rumors about a new model of Nintendo Switch has announced that it will be able to support 4K resolution.

Now there is a new rumor that indicates that Nintendo has actually sent a development kit for developers that is capable of running games in 4K resolution, but according to The rumor is that this development kit is probably not related to the new model of the current switch and may be the next generation console and replacement for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, this new report still does not speak with complete certainty, stating that everything depends on Nintendo's advertising style for the introduction of this console.

Given the tremendous success of the Nintendo Switch, it is not surprising That Nintendo decides to introduce a new console as a sequel to Switch. Years ago, we saw a similar scenario for the two consoles (NES) and Super Inias (SNES).

According to the source, 4K resolution on this console will be possible via DLSS technology. It has also been reported that major publishers and developers have had access to the console development kits since late 2020, while smaller developers have achieved this this year.

BingMag.com Construction of Nintendo's next console has probably begun; The 4K switch is on its way

It is rumored that the developers are working on developing exclusive games for this console. If you remember, Nintendo welcomed the console with a powerful list of exclusive games at the time of its release and received a positive response. So it is not surprising that they repeat the same scenario for the next console. However, as the console hardware increases, ports of some of the games offered for the PlayStation and Xbox will also make their way to the console. They may challenge Nintendo to add support for previous generation games. However, MVG indicates that Nintendo has options to pursue this feature and we can not worry about it at this time.

According to this rumor, the possible release time of this console It will be in the winter holidays of 2022 or early 2023. If this report is correct, we will have to wait for the release of this console within the mentioned 6-month period. Nintendo is likely to launch in the 2022 winter holidays (more than a year from now), but restrictions on the console hardware supply make it difficult to pinpoint the exact time of release, which means it may miss the holiday season.>

Of course, you should note that these are all rumors made by some industry-informed sources, and I can not be sure until Nintendo officially confirms something.

BingMag.com Construction of Nintendo's next console has probably begun; The 4K switch is on its way

Last week, Bloomberg also published a detailed report stating that it had been informed by various developers that Nintendo has provided the development kit for the new Switch model (often known to fans as the Switch Pro) to many developers. Bloomberg also mentioned that these kits have the ability to run 4K resolution. However, Nintendo immediately dismissed the report, saying that the Nintendo Switch model with the old display is the only new switch model.

If we consider this new report, we can say that both Nintendo and Bloomberg has told the truth in this regard. Such development kits may indeed be available to some developers, but these kits are for the next-generation Nintendo console, the Switch successor, not an intergenerational, advanced model known to fans as the Switch Pro. This possibility makes more sense because the switch is relatively long ago and about 5 or 6 years after the release of a console is not the ideal time to introduce an intergenerational and slightly more advanced console. Logically, if there was to be such a console, we would have seen it by now. He will consider himself and what name he will choose for it. Will it go for another intergenerational console or introduce a next generation console and switch replacement? What do you think?

Source: Youtube - Resetera

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