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Connect your brain to Skyrim VIR with this material

BingMag.com Connect your brain to Skyrim VIR with this material

For decades, scientists and researchers have been working to establish computer-brain-machine relationships. In short, our brains use electrical impulses that can be detected, measured, and in some cases reversed to control things like artificial limbs or computers. For example, in a study conducted at Stanford University this year, a volunteer was able to type words into a computer, thinking they were holding a pen and writing letters on paper. There is so much more than sticking a few electrodes on a person's head and allowing them to communicate with the mind, but this is the closest we have come to it as a mind-reading device.

However, can the brain's electrical signals be used in a game like Skyrim? This is somewhat possible in the VR version of the game, but you will need another expensive device with your virtual reality headset. There is actually a mod for Skyrim called Real Virtual Magic. This material was created by a person who also happens to be a PhD student in neuroscience at the Technical University of Berlin. With the help of a Muse 2 or Muse S device, this material allows you to connect your brain to the virtual reality version of Skyrim and, as this person puts it, "bring your mental power into play."

BingMag.com Connect your brain to Skyrim VIR with this material

headsband 2

Muse is a headband that aims to detect and measure the activity of your brain; Just as heart rate monitors track your heart rate. According to the device's website, Muse is a multi-sensor meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, respiration and body movements to help you establish a consistent meditation practice.

While you are logged in to VR Scarmium and running Real Virtual Magic, this device should be on your head and connected to a PC with a Bluetooth dongle. This material replaces the magic mechanism in Skyrim with a new system that depends on your mind and focus. In fact, what this material does with a meiosis device is that it allows you to increase the amount of magic you focus on.

BingMag.com Connect your brain to Skyrim VIR with this material

In the released video, you see the creator of the material in the game, which uses focus to fill the amount of magic. When he loses his focus, the amount begins to empty. While you can perform unlimited spells, if your magic bar is empty, you will not do any harm. Also, if it is full, you will do double damage. So the ability to focus on keeping the magic bar full in the game is very important. In another video, he shows that he loses focus while running and jumping in the game or even doing things like blinking or moving his head back and forth, and is empty when he checks the magic bar. By standing, relaxing, resting, and concentrating like a meditator, he is able to increase the amount of magic again.

Brain signals can be used to do something in games. If you are interested in testing it and recording your brain data, you can visit the media page on Nexus Mods.

Source: PC Gamer

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