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The collectible version of Alden Ring game was unveiled

BingMag.com The collectible version of Alden Ring game was unveiled

Fram Software recently unveiled the 20-minute trailer for Alden Ring. Now the company has also shown the Collectors Edition edition of the Old Ring. Of course, this version is for the die-hard fans of this game and definitely not for everyone.

In the 20-minute trailer of Alden Ring, many things were shown. In general, the focus of this trailer was on the gameplay and various elements of the game. As we said in the following article; Alden Ring is the result of several years of Fram Software efforts and is a kind of Dark Souls 4.

  • What did we learn from the 20-minute gameplay of Alden Ring?

Collectors Edition The edition, as its name implies, is for special people. People who are very interested in a game and want to remember it. Most often in this version of the game there is a statue of the main character or a key character. For this reason, this version will have a higher price.

BingMag.com The collectible version of Alden Ring game was unveiled

Picture of the Collectors Edition version of this game

What are the contents of the Collectors Edition?

This version includes the following:

  • Game Alden Ring
  • 23cm Sculpture Malenia - Blade of Miquella
  • Steelbook
  • A 40-Page Artbook
  • Digitally Played Songs

In addition to the regular Collectors Edition version, a special version of this game was also unveiled. It's called the Premium Collector's Edition, and everything in the regular Collector's Edition is included in this version as well. In addition to the above, there is also a Malenia hat. This hat is the right size and some can even wear it.

BingMag.com The collectible version of Alden Ring game was unveiled

Image of the special edition Collectors Edition Alden Ring

As we said, these versions will have a higher price than the regular game. Collectors Edition will be priced at $ 190 and Premium Edition will be priced at $ 230. It is now possible to pre-purchase it. Of course, if you wait a bit, there is a possibility that it will be present in Iran even before the official release of the game. And the 9th generation will be released with PC. You can pre-purchase all versions of this game from now on.

Source: GameInformer.com

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