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Chinese game Honor of Kings: World introduced; A magnificent and beautiful design

BingMag.com Chinese game Honor of Kings: World introduced; A magnificent and beautiful design

Although we used to know the video game industry in China more because of mobile games or even multiplayer online games, it seems that in these few The past year has seen a huge increase in Chinese first-class gaming (AAA) games, which are also visually stunning in terms of aesthetics and graphics, and are set to host home consoles and personal computers. Honor of Kings: World is the latest effort in this area.

Tencent Games and TiMi Studio Group recently unveiled the free-to-play action game Honor of Kings: World. This game is based on the famous and popular Honor of Kings mobile game in China. Although the platforms and release date of this work have not been announced, but according to the current information, it seems that this work is going to be released for different platforms around the world.

The company has also announced that it will develop this The game has collaborated with Liu Cixin, a well-known science-fiction writer. Author of books such as The Three Cosmic Crimes and The Dark Jungle, he is set to bring his unique understanding of Chinese culture and aesthetics to Honor of Kings: World.

BingMag.com Chinese game Honor of Kings: World introduced; A magnificent and beautiful design

Honor of Kings is a well-known name for mobile players in China. In fact, it's one of the most popular works we've ever heard in many other parts of the world. Released in November 2015 for Android and iOS in China, this MOBA game actually looks like a clone of the famous League of Legends game. According to TiMi Studio Group, this is the first work in the world to reach an average of 100 million active players per day and is one of the most lucrative games in the history of the world.

The fate of this game in these few The last year has been interesting. The work, which became known as a clone of League of Legends on mobile phones and became a very popular title, will now find its way into various platforms in the form of a first-class game. The graphics and visual effects of the trailer are amazing, and can even make us wonder if the final effect is going to be so visually appealing. Of course, the overall structure of the game may not be very new and it is similar to works such as Monster Hunter, but the visual details and inspiration from Chinese cultures make it unique.

Of course, this new role-playing action game is the only program TiMi Studio Group is not about expanding Honor of Kings, but they also have plans to create a fighting game.

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This is not the only Chinese game that has surprised gamers recently. A few previews of Black Myth: Wu Kong once again aroused the admiration of the players. It is not clear when these Chinese works will be released or what the final result of these works will be, but we can say that at least their trailer introduced us to the ninth generation earlier than many other works.

You can read more below. Watch the trailer for Honor of Kings: World.

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