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China's move to fight video game addiction is to the detriment of Apple and Google

BingMag.com China's move to fight video game addiction is to the detriment of Apple and Google

Late last month, China announced strict rules for gamers that children and people under the age of 18 could not play more than a certain hour a week. Dedicate to video games. The reason for this action was stated as the fight against computer game addiction and its impact on the lives of children and adolescents. On weekends and public holidays, they are allowed to devote an hour to video games from 8am to 9pm. Were. Under the previous rule, users under the age of 18 could play video games for up to an hour most days.

Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmed says of the new rule and its limitations: "They have been playing video games in China for 18 years, and new restrictions are expected to reduce that number and reduce the time and money they spend on these games."

Close to the Chinese government, in the headline of one of its articles, it compared video games with drugs. Of course, some time later, this title was deleted and the article was rewritten. Ahmed says there are about 720 million gamers in China, 110 million of whom are under the age of 18.

Addressing the concerns of their families.

BingMag.com China's move to fight video game addiction is to the detriment of Apple and Google

In the latest news on this issue The South China Morning Post reported today that China has stopped licensing online video games. These games include games in the App Store and Play Store.

Chinese lawmakers have decided not to issue the necessary certificates for these games. According to AppleInsider, sources who were present during the decision-making session said that everything is under control.

Another source said that the legislators have stopped granting licenses to video games because they feel approved. New games have increased slightly in the first half of the year.

While the move is expected to be temporary, another source says it has decided to enforce the rules for a while. China hopes to reduce video game addiction by imposing restrictions, and reducing the number of games available could help the government achieve this goal.

Another source told AppleInsider that discussions about It was a matter of delaying the issuance of these licenses so that China could successfully and smoothly implement its video game addiction reduction programs.

China's actions lead to lower App Store and Play Store revenue

From March 2018 to December 2018, China refused to license video games. Last month, the country adopted a similar policy, which has caused concern for Apple and Google. Whereas last time the ban lasted nine months, this time no specific date has been announced for its end.

  • South Korea is doing something with Google and Apple that other countries could not

Developers need permission from the Chinese government to present their games in China. Android stores like the Google Play Store have been seeking these approvals since 2016, but the App Store developers have been in the process since last year.

The 9-month ban on licensing in 2018 has reduced Apple stores And Google, and even Tim Cook (Apple CEO) and Luca Mastri (Apple Chief Financial Officer) have explicitly acknowledged it.

Apple reacted once again by saying that with the resumption of licensing, the company will face fewer problems in the revenue of the App Store.

While it is said that China's actions in the fight against addiction Video games can dramatically reduce Apple and Google revenue from Android and iOS software stores, not to mention that Chinese game developers, such as Tencent and NetEase, will also suffer financially.

Source: Phone Arena

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