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Cell splinter reconstruction was officially announced

BingMag.com <b>Cell</b> <b>splinter</b> <b>reconstruction</b> was <b>officially</b> announced

Finally, after a long absence and high expectations from fans, Ubisoft has officially announced that Ubisoft's Toronto branch is developing a remake of the game. splinter Cell.

While Ubisoft had long since forgotten about the splinter Cell game series and was so much missed by fans, rumors of splinter Cell's return have been circulating for some time. Listened. Now it seems that at least some of those rumors are true, and we are going to see the return of Sam Fisher and the splinter Cell game series again at an indefinite time, so that at least at a time when Snick and Metal Gear Solid were absent, fans of stealth action games are hoping To experience a memorable and famous stealth game.

BingMag.com <b>Cell</b> <b>splinter</b> <b>reconstruction</b> was <b>officially</b> announced

Although certain details about this game are announced Has not been and we do not even know the platforms and the possible range of its supply. "Ubisoft has licensed the splinter Cell remake development, which is supposed to be inspired by the brand's rich roots," the game said in a statement. The project will be led by the Toronto branch of Ubisoft. The game will be rebuilt from scratch and developed into Ubisoft's game engine, Sbowdrop, to provide a next-generation visual and gameplay experience as well as the dynamic lighting known as this series. "This is the game engine used to develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, as well as the Star Wars game that Ubisoft intends to build." Hiring new forces to develop this work. The project will be directed by Chris Auty and produced by Matt West. Of course, we have to wait longer to see what the conditions of the splinter Cell remake project will be. Are we going to see a lot of changes or try to have more of the familiar splinter Cell space? Will we see ideas that, while loyal to the original game, can make it more up-to-date? Even to know the scale of this reconstruction and what budget has been spent on it. Last year, the introduction of the reconstruction of the Persian prince did not make the fans happy enough. This can reduce our confidence in the project, especially now that Ubisoft Toronto is not at its best.

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