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CD Project: The process of making Cyberpunk 2077 is still going on

A new update to Cyberpunk 2077 was released last month. This package did not have any new content for this game, however, the production team improved the performance of this title. That's why CD Projekt Red is still improving cyberpunk.

Pawel Sasko, director of the mission section of Project Red, announced on a live show that the game still needs It works. As he announced, various studies are done on different cases of this game every day. "We are still improving this game," he said. Because we all know that Cyberpunk needs more work. We are very happy that the fans are happy with the updates of this game. This will make our team continue to operate. We are still working on various items in this game. I review different missions every day and try to be as fluent as possible.

I can not talk to you about the company's future plans. But I can say that we are also working on add-on packages.

Update to version 1.52 was released recently. This add-on pack, unlike others, focuses only on the performance of this game. For this reason, it has not provided any new content for cyberpunk. CD Project Red has announced that it is still working on an add-on package for Cyberpunk. The important point is that the company announced that the Witcher sequel will be made with the Unreal Engine 5 engine. So the company has abandoned its proprietary engine.

BingMag.com CD <b>Project:</b> The <b>process</b> of <b>making</b> <b>Cyberpunk</b> <b>2077</b> is <b>still</b> <b>going</b> on

It is possible that the company in Now work on these two projects with two different engines. However, this indicates that the Cyberpunk add-on pack will be the latest content released using the Red Engine.

Cyberpunk has been improving for a long time. This time has lasted so long that other fans of this game do not pay attention to this issue at all. However, Cyberpunk has made a lot of progress since its release and has now become one of the very good titles.

Source: Eurogamer.net

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