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CD Project: Cyberpunk 2077 is gradually gaining credibility

BingMag.com CD <b>Project:</b> <b>Cyberpunk</b> <b>2077</b> is <b>gradually</b> <b>gaining</b> credibility

The head of Cyberpunk, the maker of CD Red Project, believes that this game will be a great work in the future. Of course, when the problems are solved.

In an interview, Adam Kicinski talked about the future of cyberpunk. He said that despite the not-so-good release of the game in December 2020, the game will be remembered as a good era in the future. "Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely our biggest, most greedy and most complex project in 27 years," he said in an interview. We tried to go one step further in almost every aspect of the game. Just like any Witcher game that did the same thing with its release. There are many difficulties in launching a new game in a new series. Especially when the project is so complex. We created Night City, where no character has a linear story.

We are proud of the game in many ways. Of course, not everything happened to our liking. However, the game of Cyberpunk was very extensive and provided fans with a detailed world. We believe that in the future, Cyberpunk will be a very good game and, like our other titles, it will sell consistently. Especially since the hardware system will also improve.

BingMag.com CD <b>Project:</b> <b>Cyberpunk</b> <b>2077</b> is <b>gradually</b> <b>gaining</b> credibility

Cyberpunk combat system is one of the most diverse systems in the history of video games.

Kiczynski said in an interview that the development team is still working on improving the game. According to him, a new generation of Cyberpunk update is also under construction and the main reason for making this update was its release on 8th generation consoles.

Cyberpunk was practically not playable on 8th generation consoles at first. The drop in multiple frames, long runtime and many bugs caused even the PlayStation to remove it from its store. Of course, Sony returned the game to its store after fixing the problems.

Kichinski announced that Cyberpunk will not receive any more updates in 2021. Also, the game will be updated for the new generation of consoles in the first quarter of 2022 (until the spring of 1401). In addition to this, a 1.5 update will be released in which there are many cases. Kiczynski went on to explain:

Delaying the next generation update of the game was a difficult decision, but it was necessary. Because this decision was suggested by the construction team. We needed more time to make the best of this game. We did our best to keep the game at its best visually and functionally.

Project Red changed its strategic plan in October. According to this new map, the 9th generation update of this game will be released in 2022.

BingMag.com CD <b>Project:</b> <b>Cyberpunk</b> <b>2077</b> is <b>gradually</b> <b>gaining</b> credibility

Cyberpunk strategy map shows that the game will have a lot of cases in 2022.

About 6 months ago, CD Project Red announced that it believes Cyberpunk is in a state of flux. It is satisfactory. This statement was made after many protests against the state of the game at the time of its release. The program changed a lot after the release of this game due to its bad condition. Finally, in September, Cyberpunk received its first add-on package.

In general, Cyberpunk had many ups and downs during this period and was completely incomplete. What most people believe is that Cyberpunk is not suitable for the 8th generation and should not be offered on these consoles. No matter how much the developer tries to improve the game, the running time of the game will still be very long due to the old system.

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