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Capcom unveiled Exoprimal online action game

Capcom has introduced the Exoprimal game for 8th and 9th generation consoles and PCs. This game is action style and has a dinosaur background. Also, its supply period in 2023 was announced. Computer users can also download it from the Steam Store.

The game is set in 2040. The Earth is in poor condition and the dinosaurs suddenly return to it. This is where people turn to Aibius. The company has a special technology that can detect where dinosaurs appear. He then sends a team of Exofighters to the area. These fighters have special and advanced armor to be able to defend humanity.

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Combining the style of the future with the old dinosaurs is an idea that is completely new and has not been repeated in another title. Exoprimal is a multiplayer title and co-op. However, it will give users a sense of competition. In the main game called Dino Survival, players fight against various dinosaurs. The competition is that you have to complete your mission earlier than the other team. Due to the existence of different missions and tasks, variety is maintained in this game. Exo fighters must do their best to protect each other and keep the team alive. The interesting thing is that both rival teams can face each other and disrupt each other's actions.

The main focus of the Exoprimal game is on the multiplayer part. However, the story of the game will also be discussed in the meantime. Players can immerse themselves in the world of this game and try to explore it. Because the storyline is scattered all over the world. That's why this game requires careful teamwork. Also, due to the existence of different classes, the players each have a special role. Everyone should do their duty and try to do their job in the best way. Players can change their class in the middle to choose what suits them.

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