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Capcom: Resident Evil 8 has broken the sales records of the seventh episode

According to a recent report by Capcom, the Resident Evil 8 is selling at a much faster rate than the Resident Evil 7, and in six months it has been able to Sell over 5 million copies.

Resident Evil 7 has revived the Resident Evil franchise in general. This game series had been in hibernation for some time, and 7 woke it up. Capcom tried to work in the field of VR for a while, but could not achieve the success it had with 7 with VR games. The secret to the success of Resident Evil 7 in general was its special style and goodness. The critics constantly praised the game and everyone was satisfied with it. Capcom also did its best to make the game a success. Naturally, according to these cases, the game found a special place. It may even be remastered for the 9th generation.

BingMag.com Capcom: Resident Evil 8 has broken the sales records of the seventh episode

Picture of Resident Evil 8

Why did Resident Evil 8 sell so well?

According to a financial report released by Capcom, Resident Evil 8 has so far It has sold more than 5 million copies. This is more sales than what Resident Evil sold. Especially since this period of sales has been less. So it turns out that users were very interested in Resident Evil 8.

Capcom is also trying to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise. The company has done this by making its own Netflix movie called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

On the other hand, it is clear that Capcom has put a lot of effort into promoting this game. The company did its best to prove that there is a new Resident Evil. Lots of trailers and extensive publicity were all things that made the game hype. On the other hand, this hype caused it to sell very well.

The very important point is that it can be said with certainty that Resident Evil 8 performed better than 7, which could have sold more than 10 million copies. The figure that Resident Evil 7 has sold so far.

Resident Evil 7 currently ranks second in the overall sales list of Capcom games. Resident Evil 8 is also ranked 10th. This rating is also very good so far because it is almost a year since the release of this game. So there is still a lot of sales and that the release of an add-on package can also create a good growth in sales.

Source: Destructoid.com

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