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Can the reconstruction of the Persian prince revive this collection?

BingMag.com Can the reconstruction of the Persian prince revive this collection?

The return of the Prince of Persia series with the end of the franchise activity with the game of forgotten sands was included in the wish list of many fans. By default, making a remake of the beloved game Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a great way to fill this void among the fans, and yet the franchise, which has not been released for more than a decade, is a new generation that can only be named. Heard to introduce. Unfortunately, Ubisoft does not seem to have a long way to go to achieve this goal. Postponed. In addition, given the content and information released so far from the game, there is evidence that the quality of the game is not as expected. In other words, there has been a lot going on around the game that will not have a positive effect on the franchise's return to the video game arena. /24/12093-2.jpg ">

Initial feedback on a product is an important and key aspect and how a game is introduced has a great impact on the players' point of view until its release. When the remake of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was announced, it was not well received by everyone.

The trailer that aired on Ubisoft Forward got off to a good start. Using the mechanics to turn back the series' unique time to show images of the games was a smart choice by the creators before showing the remake, but when the trailer airs a remake, the situation changes.

Graphically, the faces are dry The textures are rough and the game looks like a last-generation game for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. In short, visually, everything was a bit disappointing for the remastered version, which is being rebuilt from scratch. Ubisoft described the game's graphics as an artistic decision, but that claim did not lead to a change of heart. In addition, the game was introduced alongside games such as Immortals: Phoenix Rising and Rider's Republic, which had stunning graphics, resulting in more and more visual weakness of the remake.

  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake unveiled trailer

Of course, according to the received reports, the graphics of the remastered version of Sands of Time seem to have improved since the last time it was shown, but in the absence of clear information about the development of the game, Ubisoft still managed to attract and convince fans. Has not been.

Why this reconstruction of the Prince of Persia is important for the collection

BingMag.com Can the reconstruction of the Persian prince revive this collection?

The good news is that delaying the game gives developers more time to complete and modify it, as well as It addresses concerns about graphic weaknesses, but news silence does not always mean better end products. On the other hand, the creators have announced that the targeting mechanics will be installed in the battle system and the prince will have more animations, but it is not clear whether major changes are planned for this game or not.

BingMag.com Can the reconstruction of the Persian prince revive this collection?

As mentioned earlier, initial feedback is very important and has a great impact on the makers' subsequent decisions. Taking a closer look at the unveiling of the Sands of Time remake, it can be concluded that the biggest strength of the game is not to improve the original version, but to improve the legacy left by it.

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After eleven years of hibernation, the Persian prince has entered the field of video games, but many hope that this time he will leave a more colorful and better effect in the minds of his fans than in the past. <//> p>

Remanufactured version of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time are currently being built for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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