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Borderlands 3 will support cross-play capability; Playstation came short

BingMag.com <b>Borderlands</b> 3 will <b>support</b> <b>cross-play</b> <b>capability;</b> <b>Playstation</b> <b>came</b> short

Gear Box last year added a Cross Play system to Borderlands 3. However, Sony consoles did not support it. Now this situation is going to change soon. It was recently announced that Borderlands 3 will fully support the crossplay system. This means that you can experience the online part of the game with other platforms.

Crossplay of this game will be available in the next two months. Due to the various platforms in which Borderlands is present, a large community with this capability has emerged. In general, Sony is very resistant to crossplay. The same is true of titles like Fortnite and Rocket League. At first, when these titles decided to cross-play, Sony consoles did not have this feature. This also applies to Sony exclusive titles.

BingMag.com <b>Borderlands</b> 3 will <b>support</b> <b>cross-play</b> <b>capability;</b> <b>Playstation</b> <b>came</b> short

This means that Microsoft exclusive titles have been on computers since the beginning. This is while Sony's exclusive titles will come to the computer a few years later. Some titles, such as The Last of Us, do not reach the computer at all. Borderlands 3 was released in 2019 for 8th generation consoles and PCs. This game was able to get 81 points from Metacritic site. This game is one of the good titles in the Broadlands series. Although the score is not very good, but it provides a very enjoyable experience for the fans.

The game company also supported it well and did its best to keep Braderlands alive. Now that there is no news of a new expansion pack for this game, adding features such as crossplay or other items will help maintain the popularity of Borderlands 3.

Source: TheVerge.com

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