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Bloodborne Geography (Part 4): Old Guide

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

Bloodborne is an amazing phenomenon from a worldview and narrative perspective; A phenomenon that exists only in the structure of video games. The world that Bloodborne puts in front of its audience consists of many layers and understanding it requires analysis of different symbols and points; Tips that are not clearly presented to the audience. Bloodborne's unique narrative structure is formed without dependence on dialogue and interlude, and relies on elements such as environmental storytelling. In order to analyze and study the vast and deep world of Bloodborne, in the series of articles on "Bloodborne's cosmology", we will deal with the beliefs, beliefs, gods, city and environments and personalities of Bloodborne. Join us in the Bloodborne World Series. Bloodborne Geography (Part 1): Pale Blood Hunt

  • Bloodborne Geography (Part 2): The Healing Church
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  • Chapter 4: Ludwig, The Hunt, Gascon and Eileen's father

    "Oh, what does that smell like?" The sweet blood sings to me. "It's great to make a man sick."

    - Gascon's father

    We do not struggle with space and time.

    None of these Bloodborne angles were featured in the game's advertising campaign. The terrible truth of Bloodborne Lovecraft myths was kept secret until exactly its publication. What we first encounter is hunting. A hunter that shakes a player's body but has to deal with it to answer unanswered questions.

    To begin with, I will only use the information and evidence found in the game. I will share my personal impressions and beliefs at the end so that you, dear readers, can reach your conclusion based on the evidence presented.

    In Yarnam, blood flows like water. You will never find pubs or inns in Yarnam. Only blood is found in the yarn. In Pungent Blood Cocktail, we read: "In Yarnam, blood production is higher than alcohol because blood is more intoxicating." Blood is the source of pleasure, entertainment, worship and sacrifice in Yarnam. Even Ariana, a prostitute, does not introduce herself to the hunter by offering her services, but offers him a small glass of her blood. But not all blood flows in Yarnam, only the authorized blood of the healing church is allowed to spread. These physicians follow the art and specialty first introduced by the first priest, Lawrence. We have already talked about the origin of the name abritis from a species of butterfly, but its name is also derived from the Latin word meaning drunk or intoxicant. It is true that the blood of Abritis, in addition to helping to cleanse the disease in Yarnam, gave its citizens a drug that was even more addictive and intoxicating than alcohol, but with the widespread use of ancient blood, the plague of demons came.

    The fact that the Old program was cleared and the news of the plague reached the public meant that a new way of dealing with this threat was needed, and that secrecy was no longer enough. As a result, the workshop was disbanded and abandoned. Instead, with the healing church in a new position of power, the healers of the healing church were born. At the forefront of this new movement was Ludwig, the new leader of the Church's healing forces. "The Healing Church and its princes of blood were the protectors of the hunters, in Ludwig's hunter," German tells us. According to the Sword Hunter Medal: "Ludwig was one of the first hunters of the healing church, many of whom were clergy."

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    "A right-hand weapon commonly used by healers' hunters. The silver sword is said to have been used by Ludwig, the church's first hunter. By changing position, the sword combines with its sheath to form a large sword. "The healing church workshop began with Ludwig and moved away from Old German techniques to equip hunters with ways to hunt down the more terrifying court and perhaps worse." Ludwigs Holy Blade

    The rifle often used by the healers of the Healing Church. The rifle is said to have been used by Ludwig, the church's first hunter. The long, heavy barrel of the rifle increases its range and compensates for the slow reloading of the weapon. "Ludwig's rifle differs from the workshop design in that it shows that the church foresaw the emergence of much larger inhuman monsters." Ludwig rifle

    From these two weapons we can see a great difference between German and Ludwig's workshop. Where German hunters preferred fast weapons, high-speed movements, and tools that were easily concealed, Ludwig hunters took up powerful weapons. These hunters were no longer hiding in the shadows, they were gaining weapons in public. After the Old apology to the healing church, it became clear that only more dangerous and dangerous creatures would emerge from the ancient blood, so more powerful weapons would be needed to deal with them.

    His predecessors followed. In Lawrence and German's time, the healing church and workshop operated in secret. The school of Menesis quietly researched, Lawrence evolved the Emirate of Blood, and German hunters played the role of purge and problem-solving group. When someone succumbed to the disease, the hunters silently killed him in the dark of night, and the people continued to live in negligence. Arm them . We see this through a graded description in the Yharnam Hunter costume: "Ludwig, the first healer of the healing church, hired the people of Yarnham to take on the role of hunter. This hunting suit is prepared for new employees and has excellent resistance. But not to the extent that it gives a normal person a real chance to deal with monsters. "

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    Ludwig He did not confront the demons in secret, his method was cleansing and hunting. Arm the population, train them and fight against the court shoulder to shoulder with the citizens of Yarnam. The church organized the hunt. Nevertheless, unfortunately, this call turned into an endless cycle. The monsters stood up, to confront these monsters, the citizens, armed with Old blood, took up arms and marched against the monsters. Now that they were stained with ancient blood, they themselves became demons, as a result of which more people consumed blood and prepared for battle. More problematic than that cycle was that with the growing need for more powerful hunters, these hunters became more powerful monsters: Ludwig was one of the first hunters of the healing church, many of whom were clergy. "As expected, the clergy became the most terrifying demons." Predators became a dangerous threat, and this is where we find ourselves face to face with another group, a group that is particularly mysterious: the Hunters of Hunters. At the center of the plot, the hunter-gatherer encounters Eileen the Crow, who warns him seriously: "Prepare yourself for the worst." There are no human beings left. "They are all bloodthirsty courtiers." This warning is the exact opposite of the warning that demons are still human.

    Eileen belongs to a mysterious organization known as the Predator Hunters. The hunter's rune reads:

    "This red rune means 'hunter' and is used by people who have taken the hunter's oath. These guards condemn those who are corrupted by blood. "Whether human or demon, anyone who has threatened to swear an oath to a 'hunter' will no doubt have a problem with blood." They have lost the cause of consuming ancient blood. The Crow Hunter Medal tells us, "The Silent Hunter Medal is passed down silently from generation to generation and is usually passed on to a foreigner." It seems to indicate that there is only one hunter-gatherer in each time period, one in each generation. Interestingly, in the description section, hunters are usually foreign hunters. Eileen speaks in a dialect that does not resemble Yarnam's dialect. Perhaps everyone who is a hunter-gatherer has come to the conclusion that entrusting such an important mission to the people of Yarnam intoxicated with the blood of a drunkard is not a rational act. Where did they come from? Crowfeather garments contain little information about this: "Predators hunters have a raven-like covering that symbolizes celestial burial. The first hunter-gatherer was from a foreign land, and instead of performing the blasphemous burial service of the Yarnam for the dead, he performed a respectable native burial ceremony for them. "Hopefully, with this kind of celestial burial, his dead compatriots will return to the heavens and find peace in Hunters Dream." The reference to Hunters Dream in this post is very interesting. Eileen seems to be aware of the existence of Hunters Dream, so that if a hunter attacks her and kills her, she will respond by saying, "Say hello to the little doll." Like Jura Eileen, he was probably once part of the Dream, a bloodthirsty hunter like the player hunter character.

    "I will not dream of anything else. "This is not my last chance." Explaining the Blade of Mercy, the Predator Hunter's Weapon, it reads: "A special right-hand weapon inherited from one Predator Hunter to another. One of the oldest weapons in the workshop. The sword splits in two after activation. The curved blades of the weapon are made of siderite (stone sky), a heavenly mineral. " As it is, the Blades of Mercy is actually one of the two right-handed weapons made of siderite, a rare mineral that came to earth from the heavens. Another weapon is the German Burial Blade, which is considered to be the first right-hand weapon: "A masterpiece that pioneered the design of other weapons made in the workshop. "Its blade is made of siderite, which is said to have fallen from the throne." It is possible that the hunters were set up to monitor the workshop, or that they may have branched off from the workshop. Whatever their reasons, their methods are clear: Find the hunters who have lost their minds by consuming blood, and kill them. The two hunters targeted by Eileen are Henrik and Gasken.

    Gasken's father is the first official boss in Bloodborne. Although you can fight Cleric Beast at first, fighting him is optional. Gasken is the first real bass of the game and he is the one who sounds the alarm for the player with the most complete scratching. Like many Souls series professionals, I started with Bloodburn with a very specific perspective:

    Caution. Examine the opponent, look for weaknesses, wait for him to lower his guard, attack, retreat, observe and attack again. This is a passive, cautious and slow style of play to which Souls's games have accustomed his players. Gasken seems to have been chosen as the first bass player for players for a special reason . Gasken has exactly the tools and weapons that a player hunter character can use. He has the Hunter Ax and the Blunderbuss.

    He can shake you just as much as he can shake you. He is exactly the mirror of the player. The only difference between Gasken and Hunter is in his overly brutal attacks. Gasken attacks the player without hesitation. He moves with agility in combat, dodges attacks and constantly puts pressure on the hunter.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    It can be said that this fight is a direct message from the creators to the player:" You have exactly weapons like him, so why are you playing? He is not unfair and does not cheat. He is just playing like you. "So why is he killing you ?" The player quickly realizes that he has to adapt to the way Gasken attacks, otherwise he loses his life. Passivity is no longer an effective strategy here, to become a professional in Bloodborne the player must be as agile, violent and restless as Gasken.

    When Gasken's health bar is low enough, he changes. He completely surrenders to the plague and turns into a big demon who constantly attacks the player. However, to fully understand Gascen, we must start from the beginning and examine what we learn about him from the game.

    "It is used and there is no such degree in the healing church." This means that Gasken, like many others, came to Yarnam to try the Miracle Blood Emirate. The rumored method cures any disease. The player hunter character was one of these people, similar to Gilbert and many others. Just like Eileen and Gilbert, Gasken's voice has an accent that is slightly different from that of the Yarnam people. Since Gasken wears a Healing Church Watcher-like garment and uses workshop weapons, it is clear that he will be trained to become a Healer Church hunter after coming to Yarnam.

    But his clothing description states: "This filthy shawl is a sacred shawl and a symbol of the healing church that Gasken eventually parted ways with." It is not clear exactly why Gasken left the church. Maybe he left the church to start a family because the player can talk to the Gascon girls who are hiding in their house.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    Of course, it's her girls who have the latest key pieces of information about Gasken: "Are you a hunter? I have a request from you, can you look for my mother? The father never returned from the hunt and he (the mother) went to find him, but the mother also returned I am lonely and I am scared "It seems that Gusken answered the call when the hunt took place. Although he had left the church, he still took up arms to clear the streets of the city along with other residents of Yarnam. When he returned from hunting, his wife Viola followed him. "My mother has a red brooch with red jewels. It is very big and beautiful. "It is easy to see, it is impossible not to see it." When we meet Gasken, he is tearing a corpse to pieces. When he looks at the hunter, we see that he has completely surrendered to the Old blood.

    "Demons have filled everywhere, and you will soon be one of them."

    on a nearby balcony There, a red brooch is hung from the body of a dead woman. But how did this happen? What happened to Ludwig? What is the story of Gasken's father? And why is Eileen on the list?

    What follows is just my impressions and beliefs based on the evidence. Do not take these perceptions for granted, but only look at them through the eyes of my views so that you can draw your own conclusions.

    Everything changed after the Old adjective. The church, which had become the savior of the people, was now in control. There was no need for secrecy and their power was increasing day by day. With the new position of power and the outbreak of the plague, the workshop was abandoned and replaced by the healers of the Healing Church. These hunters were led by a hunter named Ludwig. Ludwig was a brave, courageous, and warlike man who took a new approach to hunters, freely recruiting and training the people of Yarnam and using them to fight the plague demons. In addition, he designed new weapons to kill demons without the slightest difficulty.

    Ludwig was the crown prince of the legacy of ancient heroes called the Holy Blades, who go back in time. It is possible that he was one of German's disciples who succeeded him after his retirement and was appointed to lead a newly established workshop in the upper part of the church. It is in this workshop that we can find the Radiant Sword Hunter Medal, which allows the player to purchase Ludwig's sword and rifle.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    "An ancient sword discovered by Ludwig. When the blue light of the moon moves around the sword and shows a vortex galaxy, its blade emits a shadowy wave of light. Holy Moonlight Sword is synonymous with Ludwig; . Holy Moonlight Sword

    . . Moonlight Sword . .


    Holy Moonlight Sword . Guidance . Guidance: . . . Moonlight . .


    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    . . .

    . . . . . . Holy Moonlight .

    . . .

    . . . . .

    . : .

    . . .

    ( ) ! !

    Oedon Tomb . . . . .

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    . . . . ! . . .

    . . . Communion .

    . . . .

    . . . . .

    . .

    . . . . . . . . turn back. .

    . : Burial Blade Blade of Mercy. . .

    Quickening Old Hunter : . Quickening. . Quickening : Old Hunters Bone Bloody Crow .

    . . .

    Chikage Numbing Mist Blood Rapture . Crowfeather . Quickening . :

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Geography</b> (Part 4): <b>Old</b> Guide

    Blade of Mercy . Mercy . .

    . . :

    . . .

    . . : .

    . . .



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