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Bloodborne's cosmology (part ten and final): The end of the nightmare

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

Bloodborne is an amazing phenomenon from a worldview and narrative perspective; A phenomenon that exists only in the structure of video games. The world that Bloodborne presents to its audience consists of many layers, and understanding it requires analysis of the various symbols and points; Tips that are not clearly presented to the audience. Bloodborne's unique narrative structure is formed without dependence on dialogue and interlude, and relies on elements such as environmental storytelling. In order to analyze and study the vast and deep world of Bloodborne, in the series of articles on "Bloodborne's cosmology" we will deal with the beliefs, beliefs, gods, city and environments and personalities of Bloodborne. Join us in the Bloodborne World Series. Bloodborne Geography (part I): Pale Blood Hunt

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    " Now let's start a blood transfusion. Oh, do not worry. Whatever happens you can look at it as just a bad dream - Amir Khoon

    Usually, this is where I have to tell you I only use the evidence and all the hypothesis I dedicate my words to the end of the article. But this is not possible in this season, is it? Instead, consider that all of my previous writing is evidence that we have collected. I will try to stay as faithful as possible to the available information and data as much as possible, and I will definitely try to minimize theorizing. do. Use it however you want. Take it for granted, consider it nonsense, or use it as a cornerstone of your own theories. However, I urge you to read the whole article before commenting, as this final chapter will contain the most confusion and speculation. Whatever you want to do, remember to use your mind to reflect. Master Willem has reminded you that relying solely on cheating makes one despair.

    Moon Princess is the final boss of Bloodborne. Of all the important creatures and events of Bloodborne, he is the most mysterious among them. Moon Prince has left many players with an annoying feeling after leaving the game as they came very close to the truth but at the same time far from it. If the hunter does not accept German's mercy and defeats him, he will face Moon Princess. Moon Princess descends from the bloody moon itself, and even its name implies a deep connection with the bloody moon.

    As we know, the bloody moon appears when the boundary between man and demon has blurred. When humans succumb to the plague of the demon, a bloody moon appears, or vice versa. It may be that when the bloody moon arrives, those infected with the plague become demons. At the beginning of the game, we find a note in the hunter's dream that is thought to have been written for the hunter: "To escape this horrible hunter's dream, stop the source of the demon plague, otherwise the night will continue forever." Now remember German words to the hunter after Gasken's father's defeat: "The moon is near. "Tonight will be a long hunt." The Bloody Moon, or Moon Princess, is the source of the plague.

    Demons have always existed in humanity. Scholar Birgenworth Caryl was the first to realize this during a conversation with Farahmandan. According to Ron Clawmark, the temptation to chase blood heat is like a demon. This ron increases the force of visceral attacks, one of the hunter's darker techniques. "While the difference is subtle, Ronnegar describes Caryl as a 'demon' with terrifying and unwanted instincts deep within the human heart, and Clawmark as a tempting invitation to accept this nature." But Caryl's hypotheses do not apply until a mysterious character named Easy Hatak appears.

    Explaining his weapon, Beast Claw, states: "It happens, and in time, the holder of this weapon will growl with restless power and fantasy." However, although the Easy Claw weapon says a lot, the weapon he designed, called the Beast Roar, has a far more disturbing description: "Borrow the black power of the terrible court, even if for a moment, to the enemies." Around with Shatter the monster power of the roar. An indescribable sound is transmitted through its enchanting vocal cords, which raises the question of what horrible things roam the depths of human form?

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    There is potential for evolution in humanity, but it is not clear whether they will attain the rank of gods or join the House of Judges. If Moon Princess, the embodiment of the bloody moon, is indeed the source of the plague, only two possibilities can be considered. The first possibility is the most controversial and unrealistic of the two, as Moon Princess is the source of humanity that contains the plague of the demon. The second possibility, which I myself am more likely to believe, is that demons are present in all human beings, and if they become infected with ancient blood, they become susceptible to infection, and then the demon comes out. As the bloody moon approaches, those infected with the plague succumb to their terrifying inner nature and become monsters.

    But why? What is Moon Princess looking for? Let's take a brief look at Bloodborne's naked frame, the least the player can do to complete the game. Let's leave out all the options and consider only the basic conditions necessary to complete the hunt.

    First, the hunter wakes up at the Yusufka Clinic and travels to the Healing Church. Along the way, he defeats Kasgen's father, a hunter who has fallen victim to the plague. Arriving at the Cathedral, the Healer Church defeats the hunter Pastor Amelia, a former church leader. After the defeat of Amelia, the hunter learns the password that allows him to enter Birgnorth. Birgenworth is the source of the discovery of ancient blood. With a hunter's password in hand, he travels to Birgnorth and defeats the shadows of Yarnam along the way. Arriving at Birgenworth, he hunts down a ram hunter, an empty spider, and kills him. With Ram's death, the gate of Yahargul opens and the hunter enters the invisible village. There, the hunter defeats One Reborn and finds Mikula's body, using his body as a gateway to the nightmare. When he reaches the final bass of the game, he loses Mikulash's consciousness: Nanny Mergo. Farahmandi is fully formed, the midwife of a ruthless enemy who rules over and has taken over this part of Dream Lands. After the midwife fails and the baby no longer hears the nightmare screaming, the heartbreaking words of slaughtered nightmare fill the screen. When the midwife is defeated, the hunter returns to the hunter's dream and finds the workshop burned. The doll tells the hunter to meet German, and the player confronts him under an ancient tree. There, German warmly congratulates the hunter on doing the job: "Good hunter, you did the card well. The night is nearing its end. Now I'm showing you mercy. You will die, you will forget the dream and you will wake up under the sun at dawn. "You will be freed from this dream of a terrifying hunter." The hunter turns and kneels in front of German, who gets up from his chair for the first time and executes the hunter. The hunter wakes up from his nightmare, tired and weak, while the sun rises above the altar. At the end, the final credits are played.

    When Bloodborne is described in this way, the game seems very linear and simple, doesn't it? German gives the hunter a mission to kill the dead. To do this, he must go to the nightmare, and to go to the hunter's nightmare, he must go to Yahargol. To reach Yahargol you have to go to Birgenworth. To get to Bergenworth you have to go to the Healing Church. Reaching the Healing Church is the first mission the hunter sets for himself after meeting Gilbert for the first time.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    What is Moon Princess looking for? The answer is simple: he wants to kill Morgo and uses German to guide the hunter on this mission. The moon princess, the orphan, and the nanny are all the only well-formed pharaohs that the hunter encounters. Although the hunter encounters the amygdala, as we have already examined, it is not clear exactly whether the hunter is confronting the amygdala in their true form. Dreamers, Dream Lands creatures, all have their own motives and goals. They are not in the same direction as humans are not in the same direction.

    "When the red moon appears, the line between man and demon blurs. "And when Farahmandan descends, the womb becomes pregnant with a child." Note found in Birgenworth Mansion

    This note found in Birgenworth is the first alarm for the player that we are facing something much bigger than a hunt in Yarnnam. The way the note is written is also interesting because it describes a connection. The red moon appears and the line between man and demon blurs. Farahmandan descends and a womb is conceived with a child. They come down. But in the notes to This cause-and-effect relationship is not explicitly stated. Now what if we consider the opposite order? That is, the benefactors come down and the womb is fertilized with the child and in response the bloody moon arrives and the boundary between man and demon blurs. Why does the bloody moon appear? Why is a hunter chosen and captured in a dream?

    "Find the nightmare baby." - Unknown

    This message appears in a noticeable way, directly after the death of Ram and the appearance of the bloody moon. The source of the message is not listed. This message is neither read aloud nor presented as a note, it only appears in the mind of the hunter. A message and an instruction. Every benefactor loses his child. But Why does every benefactor lose his child? Perhaps this is the wish of our princess, the death of Farahmandan infants using pale blood hunters to achieve this important.

    Although the motives and reasons for Farahmandan's actions are too inhumane for us to understand them They have a very understandable purpose. The most obvious goal is that they, like any other living thing, want to reproduce. "Every benefactor loses his child and then seeks a replacement" The order of the structure of this sentence is important. It is not as you think, that the caregivers are looking for a replacement, which means that a human mother gives birth to their child and then loses the baby as a result. This event certainly happens but it is not their goal. Instead, every beneficiary loses his child and then seeks a replacement. It is clear that the birth of a new caregiver is very difficult.

    Mergo In childbirth, the orphan never had a chance to be born and the brain of a rotten, incapacitated and deformed meniscus was born. Farahmandan always has a problem during childbirth and that is why Farahmandan is looking for a replacement for their lost children. We know that this is not the first hunt and the hunter is not the first hunter in the hunter's dream. Other people have come before the hunter, the bloody moon has appeared in the past, and Moon Princess has led the hunters to complete their missions through German, his replacement child.

    Two hunters who experience this cycle by them We know that Jora is a retired hunter and Eileen is a raven. Jora does not seem to remember much of the dream: "I no longer dream, but I was once a hunter." Eileen, on the other hand, remembers almost everything. If a hunter attacks Eileen the Crow and is killed, he asks the player:

    "Are you still dreaming?" Say hello to the little doll Think about how to experience dreams. When we wake up, we remember it clearly, especially if it is a nightmare. As the day progresses, the details become blurred, and eventually we no longer remember the contents of the dream at all, and only know that we have dreamed. They forget their terrible nightmares, but they do not have to accept it in the end. If the hunter rejects German's mercy, he enters into battle with him. The teacher and the student, the parent and the child, face each other so that the former can be liberated and the latter can prevail. With the defeat of German, the prince's successor son, the princess, lands. Look at how he spins around the hunter, as if he is protecting him. She lovingly embraces the hunter like a parent embracing her child. The screen goes black and we see the doll pushing the German wheelchair. But German is not on a chair, but a hunter is sitting on it, and as the final credits show, we hear the puppet say, "And the hunt begins again." The hunter has taken German as his successor, but this is not the only option. The cycle does not need to continue. You can go beyond hunting.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    "Find pale blood to go beyond hunting."

    A handwritten note found in the first playroom, the room where the hunter wakes up in the Yusufka Clinic. After waking up, the hunter wears the Foreign clothing and does not recall anything that happened to him before the blood transfusion: "The clothing is not common in Yarnam, it may have foreign roots. Finally, it is said that the traveler came to Yarnam from a distant place. "Without memory, who will know?" Without memory, the hunter finds this note and the player naturally forms a goal in his mind: to look for pale blood to go beyond hunting. But what is pale blood? The hunter apparently asks Gilbert the same question, to which he replies: "Pale? I have never heard his name. "But if you are looking for blood, you have to go to the healing church." Gilbert himself admits that he does not know much about blood and leads you to church. The healing church, however, has no information about the pale blood. Apart from talking to Gilbert, only four other hints of pale blood can be seen throughout the game. The first hint is the note found at the beginning of the game.

    The second hint of the note is in place Remaining by an anonymous author in Yahargul: "Look! "The sky is as pale as blood!" The note is placed towards the moon, and if you find it before Ram's death, his message will seem a little confusing. After the death of Ram, when the bloody moon appears and the sky becomes a nightmare, it becomes much easier to understand the text of the note. "The color of the sky is revealed after you defeat the empty spider and the secret ceremony of Mencis. "The sky there is very pale blue, like a body emptied of blood." This quote from Miyazaki describes a sky that can be seen after the curtain falls between the world of awakening and Dream Lands.

    "The anonymous princess was summoned by Lawrence and his colleagues. Pale blood. "

    In Miyazaki's interview, he whispers," Yes, that's another impression. "Pale blood is another name for a monster that comes from the moon." Moon Princess, Farahmand pale blood. But as Miyazaki points out, there is more than one perception of pale blood. Pale blood is not just a design but a Bloodborne theme. Another hint is the pale blood in the game, a hint that players will probably forget because it occurs in the beginning of the game.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    "Oh .. yes pale blood you came to the right place. Yarnam is the home of the Emirate of Blood. "It is only necessary to reveal the secret." - Amir Khoon

    This is the first sentence that is said in the game, by the doctor who performs the first blood transfusion of the hunter. This doctor is only called Amir Khoon. Let's take a moment to look at Bloodborne and analyze it, and instead talk about a very simple topic: What is blood?

    I'm not a doctor, nor do I claim to be a doctor. So I'm probably simplifying a lot of things, so accept my explanation with a little thought. Blood contains three significant components. The first is erythrocytes, commonly known as erythrocytes.

    Erythrocytes travel throughout the human body and carry oxygen to the body's tissues. Red blood cells are the most important way to receive support and nutrients for body tissues. The second component is plasma. About half of the blood is made up of plasma, the fluid that acts as a carrier of blood cells that do their job of supporting the human body.

    When blood is centrifuged to break it down, we Here is a very interesting case of plasma. Plasma isolated from clotting proteins and red blood cells is actually an amber or yellow liquid. This fluid is called serum or sometimes pure blood because the liquid blood does not contain any other substances in it. The third component is leukocytes or white blood cells. White blood cells are part of the human immune system. They attack infectious invaders and foreign substances and clear old or dead cell structures.

    Blood is one of Bloodborne's central themes, everything revolves around blood, even the title of the game. Especially Game title, Bloodborne. A blood pathogen, a disease of the blood, this is the nature of the demon plague. Plague is an infection, a disease that is transmitted from person to person through blood transfusions. Master Willem admonishes Lawrence:

    "We were born of blood. We became human with blood. "We will be torn apart by blood." The plague infects the victims by attacking and soiling their blood and destroying them. Now look at Kane, the exalted human beings who have attained the degree of cosmic Kane. They escaped the plague and went beyond it. Yes, their blood is amber liquid or more precisely serum. Cosmic hatred has cultivated their blood from the infected plague. They have broken it down into other parts and turned it into pure beings. And finally we have white blood cells, pale blood cells. White blood cells are the body's immune system. They seek out the infection and destroy it. But this is how I destroy the infectious agents, which is very amazing to me. White blood cells grow and swallow the infection, drawing it in and isolating it. The similarities between these cells and the character of the hunter are striking. "Look for pale blood to go beyond hunting." Maybe this note is not for the player at all. Perhaps this note is for Amir Khoon.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    Jora probably suffered from a terrible incurable disease. It is possible that Jora had some form of fatal anemia, which meant that she had a significant lack of iron in her blood, as well as much less hemoglobin in her red blood cells. Anemia was a serious problem in the Victorian era, especially affecting young women. This disease is known as virgin disease in that period and is associated with severe pale skin. The lack of hemoglobin meant that the red blood cells carried less nutrients in the blood, the blood was pale and yellow, and the skin of the body suffered the same fate. Those suffering from anemia are pale, They were getting tired and weak.

    So Dr. Jora found someone with pale blood, who had antibodies and the potential to fight the demon plague. He discovered a pale blood. When pale blood was treated by ancient blood, they were reborn as hunters, not just any hunter but a specific hunter. The sign of the hunter was engraved in the mind of the hunter with pale blood, and he captured them in the hunter's dream and forced them to serve. But Jora was not strong enough to catch up with Moon Princess. He was executed by German and cut off from the hunter's dream. Later, German finds a new student in the form of a sick woman from the boys, Eileen the Crow, but once again the pale blood fails.

    "Lawrence, why are you taking so long? I am too old and incapable of doing this." In addition, the message of hair on the body can be heard, but the cause of this dialogue is not clear at this time: "Oh Lawrence Master Willem Someone help me .. Please release me "I've seen enough of this dream it's blocking the night's oh, everyone, please." It is Lawrence Lawless and the art of blood that can find someone to end this nightmare, so that they can find pale blood strong enough to be free from the contamination of Farahmandan. The player's hunter character comes to the fore. Yarnam is the home of blood. "You just have to unravel the secret." - Amir Khoon

    Meets Amir Khoon here. After injecting blood, the pale blood becomes a prey. Remember that at the beginning of the game a Scourge Beast rises from the blood and approaches the player. As soon as the player comes in contact, the plague demon catches fire. He is unable to touch you because the first blood transfusion is in your veins and he is producing the antibodies needed to fight the plague. Then the messengers arrive. Here we come to the last puzzle, or rather the last puzzle we will talk about. German is not the only citizen of the hunter's dream. There are other people. Messengers are strange little creatures that honor and worship predators. The other citizen is the puppet dream.

    It's really interesting, when a player starts playing Bloodborne he has no idea what the rules of the game world follow. He does not know what is possible and what is impossible, and everything is easily accepted by talking to the doll. "Oh, so there's a talking doll in the game, of course it is." He does not question or think about how this happened, but only accepts it as an event in the world.

    Now let's think about the doll for a moment. With a little reflection, we quickly realize that he is more than just a doll. There is no magic in Bloodborne. We do not have wizards and sorcerers in the game world. There are only human beings, and the commanders are God-like beings who can perform actions that can only be considered magic because understanding their mechanism is too complicated for us humans. Some people have managed to use the powers of the Commanders in a small way, but they are not magicians, they are scientists and lunatics.

    Slowly So how did he come to life? We know that German is deeply interested in his student Maria because of his mania. The doll's dress tells us:

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    "A deep love for the doll that can be "She guessed what was done in sewing clothes and how important it was to maintain it." Let us return to the explanation of the Tear Blood Gem: "Created from the brilliant silver tears of the doll, it is the bloody gem of silent but unbreakable friendship that constantly replaces HP, the essence of a hunter's life. "Perhaps the creator of the doll was just looking for such a friendship, though in vain." The old hunter's bone finds a doll set and, most importantly, a blindfold. "Every kindness loses its child and then seeks a replacement. "The third facilitator umbilical cord facing the moon turned pale, calling the hunters and conceiving the hunter's dream." The word "embodied" is of particular importance here.

    There are two meanings for the word "embodied" in the dictionary. The first meaning: to think, to imagine . This means that the player picks up the above sentence. Another meaning of the word: to be fertile, to conceive . Given that Bloodborne is largely centered on birth, rebirth, pregnancy, and motherhood, it is hard for me to believe that the use of the word "pregnancy" in the description of the blindfold occurred entirely by chance. girl doll . Perhaps Farahmandan noticed German's madness and his love for the doll he was his only helper. After all, those who live in nightmares have a sympathetic conscience. German, overwhelmed with despair and heartache for his beloved Maria, was willing to sacrifice anything to get her back. When a benefactor promised to bring Maria back to life, German surrendered for the rest of his life. But the doll was not Maria.

    What is a doll? What is it really? What is a creature, a creature with thoughts and feelings that occupies an artificial body? And why in the sanctuary of the old workshop, where German surrendered his life to the worshipers, is the umbilical cord of a benefactor, a blindfold?

    Let us ignore the moment of these questions and refer to the creatures called We know to look at winter lanterns. Winter lanterns are one of the most dangerous or perhaps the most dangerous enemies in Bloodborne.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    Winter lanterns are tall, slender women who sing out of tune and their bodies are covered in bloody cloths. They have no head and instead have large, brain-covered brains that blink and spin around their heads. Arms protrude from their brains, which they use to catch and hold the predator steady. It is not difficult to get rid of winter lanterns on their own. What makes them so dangerous is that even the slightest eye contact with winter lanterns causes an uncontrollable increase in frenzy, which in turn causes great damage to the hunter. What is a frenzy?

    A frenzy is the effect of a situation that occurs when the hunter interacts with the breathtaking theme of the hunter. The amygdala causes panic by catching the hunter and forcing him to make eye contact. Cosmic larvae, hybrids, cannibalistic predators cause panic by raising on the hunter. The garden of the eyes clings to the prey by jumping up and catching it and filling his ears with a scratching sound and a scratching mind. The guards of the cathedral can hold the hunter in a state of shock by holding a broken wooden cross that has become a symbol of the commanders. Winter lanterns cause shock to the hunter just by looking at him.

    From the above explanations, we conclude that shock is a condition that occurs when a person is forced to understand the nature of Al-Darichi, the universe and the universe. In other words, insight is a condition in which a person gradually learns, discovers, and then understands information about believers. Frenzy is a situation in which a person is forced to process information.

    The onslaught of winter lanterns is so powerful that many players avoid fighting them completely. They are forced to stand in the corners so that these women can pass by while singing. Do not just look at them no matter what you do. The game even offers mechanics for doing this, and has built-in ways to bypass lanterns or edges that a hunter can move over. Slow down or stand under them to avoid looking at the winter lanterns.

    As a result, many players do not see the winter lanterns well. They are enemies whose solution is not to look at them. The presence of winter lanterns remained largely unexplained until a player named chim_cheree managed to take a high quality screenshot of one of the winter lanterns. After looking at the winter lanterns, he came to a terrifying conclusion:

    They are wearing doll clothes; the comparison between the bloody cloth on the winter lantern and the doll clothes is at its most optimistic. Although the costumes of the lanterns are stained with blood and they do not wear the shawl on the doll's shoulders, the rest of their costumes are quite similar. Sleeves, pleats, skirts, seams are all one hundred percent similar and this is only part of the overall picture. By taking more screenshots of the winter lanterns by the players, it was possible for us to examine them more closely. Although a little difficult to see, many players have pointed to the grooves in their hands, which are very similar to the doll's clasped fingers. This discovery excited me a lot. Just like everyone else, I wanted to take a picture of winter lanterns. But when I took a picture of the head of the lanterns, which instead have only a brain filled with eyes, I discovered something else something wonderful. This brain may look like a brain, but it is not made of the gray matter of brain tissue. This brain is not made up of human matter at all.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    I, like a few others, realized that the head They are not the brain at all, but the message They are helpers . "Oh, those little dream dwellers, they will find hunters like you to worship and enslave them." "They do not talk, but they still do not look lovable?" The brains of winter lanterns are made up of the bodies of messengers that come together to form an organ. It's really amazing and amazing. The only enemy in the game who can give us the most al-Drici truth by looking at him is what we try our best not to look at him. Of course that winter lanterns are a cause for concern. How can we not go mad when we see the intricate form of a creature who alone in the whole world can give us comfort and warmth? How can our minds tolerate the terrifying fact that dolls are so closely related to these creatures?

    Have you ever attacked a doll? Or rather, did you take Saturn by the hand and tear him to pieces ? Many may even feel bad about attacking the only character who helps you through the horrors of Bloodborne. Well, let's make your job easier. If you attack the doll, you will notice that she is bleeding. His blood is not red like that of humans or benefactors. His blood is not like my cosmic Kane. His blood is pale almost the color of bleach. The doll has pale blood. Strangely enough, a closer look at the messengers reveals a similarity. When the messengers left a note, did you know that they were in fact bleeding? Of course you knew.

    When it's a Specter, we see a red blood stain, but when it is a note, it's completely white, the messengers' blood and the doll's blood. If the hunter kills the doll, the next time he returns to the dream, he will see the doll standing there: "Hello, good hunter. "I am a doll, here in this dream to take care of you." He does not remember us.

    "Over time, countless hunters have seen this dream. These graves are their memorial. Everything seems so far away

    Countless hunters? It does not make sense at all. Far away? Not so much in the past. German was imprisoned for a maximum of one hundred years, and in connection with the pale blood I can name them one by one: Jora, Eileen, and the player.

    However, we do know that the bloody moon appeared in the past. Is. In ancient Sumer, people fell victim to the plague of demons. What if only four bloody months did not occur? What if hundreds of bloody months have occurred? What if during the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, the bloody moon rises and the hunters dream with the hunter's mark engraved in their minds to finally surrender to Our Princess? These are all part of a cycle, and the doll is present throughout it. Many players have seen the doll in a dream. When you wake him up, he takes a deep breath, apologizes for falling asleep, and then engages in his normal dialogue. However, there is another situation in which the hunter can find the doll. Occasionally, dolls can be found kneeling in front of a grave.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    Flora, from the moon, from the dream. O little ones, the fleeting e-mail of the ancients Let the hunter be safe, let him attain comfort. And let this dream take her hostage the promise of a pleasant awakening until one day, a distant memory will be pleasant

    If the hunter interrupts the doll's words, he wakes up startled and He falls asleep and apologizes. He will not remember what he said. Maybe he was not always a doll. He may have had hundreds of other forms, but he was always there when the pale blood struggled against the Moon Princess. Perhaps, in the distant past, she was a girl in black. Remember we talked about how white blood cells destroy contaminants: they swallow contaminants. During your first meeting with the hunter, he tells us, "You will hunt the court ... and I will support you to cheer up your pale spirit." Pale . His white blood reinforces this metaphor because he strengthens our immunity to the plague and empowers us. Very powerful and immune to his influence. The order that has followed humanity since its inception has finally fallen.

    nightmare SLAIN

    (nightmare was slaughtered)

    We find ourselves next to a doll that reaches out to catch the hunter in its new form. Remember that not all cultists belong to the same front, species or even ideology. Farahmandans each have their own motives and desires that are incomprehensible to us humans. By swallowing the plague and the benefactors, we excel We are found and reborn, ready to take humanity to the next stage of its evolution. And all these events are due to the doll. The doll that treated us, reckless, strengthened and cared for us. The doll holds us in her motherly arms and laughs.

    BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne's</b> <b>cosmology</b> <b>(part</b> <b>ten</b> and <b>final):</b> The <b>end</b> of the nightmare

    "Are you cold?" "Oh, a good hunter."

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