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Bloodborne Cosmology (Part 3): Gray Blood

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

Bloodborne is an amazing phenomenon from a worldview and narrative perspective; A phenomenon that exists only in the structure of video games. The world that Bloodborne puts in front of its audience consists of many layers and understanding it requires analysis of different symbols and points; Tips that are not clearly presented to the audience. Bloodborne's unique narrative structure is formed without dependence on dialogue and interlude, and relies on elements such as environmental storytelling. In order to analyze and study the vast and deep world of Bloodborne, in the series of articles on "Bloodborne's cosmology", we will deal with the beliefs, beliefs, gods, city and environments and personalities of Bloodborne. Join us in the Bloodborne World Series.

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Chapter 3: Jora, barrels of gunpowder, Gray blood, and the old Yarnam

"The old Yarnam, set on fire and abandoned by the people, is now the court's only home. They do not harm the superiors. "Otherwise the hunter will face the hunt."

- Jura, retired hunter

He meets the old assistant when he enters. There, Jora warns the hunter to return from the way he came. When the hunter refuses to do what he wants, he is dissatisfied and becomes aggressive in defending the old name. But to find out who Jora really is, let's first look at the history of the workshop apostates, Powder Kegs.

To begin with, I will only use the information and evidence found in the game. . I will share my personal impressions and beliefs at the end so that you, dear readers, can reach your conclusion based on the evidence presented.

Gunpowder barrels were a group of hunters who They loved to show off and had a great interest in sophistication, elegance and luxury in their image. They deviated from the "simplicity of design" hunting style created by German, preferring weapons with an ambitious design (extreme depending on how you view the issue).

Influenced by interest in fame. Highly motivated by destruction and arson, they built their main weapon, the Boom Hammer, which is described in the game as follows: "A trick weapon used by ancient hunters and Workshop apostates, gunpowder barrels were made. A large hammer mounted on a miniature firebox. When the fire is lit and the weapon is used, a rain of fire descends from it, which explodes when it hits the target. Smash the demons and then burn them - the brutal simplicity of Boom Hammer was a favorite of hunters who hated demons. "

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

A rarer weapon made from gunpowder barrels was Jora's favorite weapon, the Stake Driver. Gunpowder. "Stake Driver allows high-impact attacks but is difficult to use and leaves the user defenseless, but neither should be a problem for a barrel of gunpowder."

These two new weapons, along with other weapons such as The Rife Spear and Whirligig Saw were completely different from the previous hunter's workshop designs. However, the barrels of gunpowder were not limited to these distorted weapons, and even tried to increase their weapons power by adding Cannon and Gattling Gun. We can also give Rope Molotov Cocktail design pride to gunpowder barrels as the Powder Keg Medal gives access to this item in Bath Messenger. Gunpowder barrels are thought to no longer exist externally because all references to them are made using past verbs, and even their medal descriptions refer to this group as the late gunpowder barrels.

Most likely they were in the distant past. They have been disbanded or killed, especially since no one seems to be referring to them. The barrels' dependence on the workshop only validates the party idea that the group is relatively old, because the workshop itself has long since ceased to be an institution. In the description of the workshop in the Saw Hunter medal it is written:

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

There is no other workshop and no group He does not recognize this meaningless medal except for the Messengers who are aware of its value. Only traces of gunpowder can be found in the retired hunter Jora. So we come to the question of who Jora is? In describing his character, we read: "An old-fashioned hunter who is said to have extraordinary skills. "No one has seen him for years, and he seems to have been in isolation for some time." We get more information by reading the description of the Gray Wolf Cap item:

This worn wolf skin hat was his badge. Jura is known for his connection to gunpowder barrels, workshop apostates. He is said to have been too kind and terribly naive. "Jora was disillusioned with the status of the old surname and gave up her oath of allegiance." Among all the Bloodborne characters, Jora is the only one who sympathizes with the victims of the demon plague.

"The things you hunt are not monsters. "They are people." It is interesting to note that the description of his hat refers to him having a relationship with gunpowder barrels and not a member of them.

Was aware of or had become friends with gunpowder barrels. The fact that he holds a Powder Keg medal shows that he was at least an honorary member of the cult. He definitely traveled with barrels of gunpowder because the description of the Gatling Gun weapon states that Jora had three companions and the youngest of them used the Gatling Gun. However, the most important feature of Jora is that she, like the player hunter character, was once a member of the Hunters Dream.

"I no longer dream, but once I was a hunter."

" You have time all night to sleep. Use it well.

He also knows full well that killing a hunter has no effect other than delaying it. If a hunter is killed by Jora, he says, "I think you're still dreaming, aren't you?" Well, the next time you dream, think a little about the hunt and its purpose.

I do not believe that every hunter is like a player hunter and Jora is a special case. If so, there would be more information and general knowledge about Hunters Dream.

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

Some hunters They are special, they are chosen by German and connected to Hunters Dream. The title I have given to these special hunters is The Bloody Hunter. The Doll admits that the player hunter is not the first:

"Over time, countless hunters have had this dream. The tombs you see here are built to commemorate them. I feel like a long time has passed since then </</p>

Jora was once a pale-blooded hunter, like a player hunter who gave up hunting and gave up his oaths to live in isolation. This brings us to the old name. Although the Old Yarn is an optional location in the game, the player is guided there by German to find the Holy Grail.

Historically, the Old Yarn was the site of a terrible disease called Gray Blood. Antidote pills are described as: "Small medicine pills that neutralize the poison. They were used to treat Gray blood, a miraculous disease that devastated ancient Yarnam in the distant past. "These pills were just short-lived painkillers." The pills were given to the victims of the disease to give them a greater chance of being healed by the then-healing Church. Becomes. With the possibility of curing any disease, the Blood princes of the healing church quickly became active. However, the antidote pills also note: "Gray Blood disease eventually led to the outbreak of the plague of demons." The ancients used in this method of treatment were carriers of the disease. A disease was cured, but this treatment led to the birth of the plague, just as it happened in the Ailing Loran dungeon:

"Traces of medical practice can be found in parts of Ailing Loran. "Whether these measures were an attempt to control the demon plague or the cause of the spread of the disease is unclear." We now have three puzzle pieces: Jora, Gunpowder Barrels, and the Old Journey, but these three pieces only connect when a player goes to a building hidden in the Old Journey.

Near the Jora Tower It is hidden and can be accessed by jumping down from an edge. Inside the building, all the pieces are put together. Here the player finds two bodies. One of them is holding a Rife Spear and the other is wearing a Charred Hunter costume. Next to them is a note:

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

"The red moon has appeared and the court rules the streets they do. Do we have no choice but to burn everything?

What follows is only my impressions and beliefs based on evidence. Do not take these perceptions for granted, but look at them only through the eyes of my views so that you can reach your own conclusions.

After Mary's death and German's voluntary retirement, the Healing Church Azami lost his power. The school of Mensis was seceding from the church, and everything seemed to be falling apart.

As the healing church continued its missions and excavations in the Sumerian Labyrinth, they discovered a swamp in the Forbidden Forest. Located directly behind one of their clinics, the lagoon was deadly poisonous and full of strange parasitic leeches. The venom probably originated in the Hintertomb dungeon in the labyrinth, where we can see swamps similar to this one. We also find in this lagoon what look like wood giants, much like the people the healing church later employs as its mercenaries. It is possible that the poison in the lagoon caused humans to jump on these creatures. However, the Church of Healing discovered parasites that secreted toxic substances. "It is not a cure but a method of research, and some knowledge can only be gained by infecting oneself with disease." It so happened that the church produced Gray Blood using parasitic leeches and released it in Old Yarnam.

With the outbreak of Gray Blood disease in Old Yarnam, Lawrence and the church arrived with ancient Blood They cured all diseases. With the beginning of their special bloody miracle, they became known as the saviors of the people of Yarnam, and their power and position were strengthened. However, as we know from the description of the antidote item, the Gray Blood brought with it the plague itself, because those who were treated with Blood fell victim to the plague and became demons.

He, the church needed a new workshop to deal with the victims of Gray blood; So the Oto Workshop was set up, and the hunters were hired en masse to solve the growing problem of the demon plague.

These hunters, unlike the silent German warriors, brutally killed the demons. The old hunter's garment worn by oto hunters tells us that the number of hunters was very high in this age. So we can conclude with certainty that during the period of the Gray Blood epidemic, the citizens were probably repeatedly confronted with groups of hunters looking for the victims of the plague in the streets.

This period is undoubtedly a period of fear and panic for the people. Yarnam has been unaware of when it will be their turn, who will be the next victim of the disease or who will die innocently in these incessant bloodshed.

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

As the epidemic got out of control, the streets became a constant battlefield between the hunter and the demon, and countless citizens fell victim to the demon plague. Otto's workshop quickly took on a different nature. As the number of demons increased and became more dangerous, barrels of gunpowder were born, and with them came a young man named Jora.

Jora, like the player hunter, was a pale-blooded hunter with German guidance. Jura woke up in Hunters Dream when the hunt for the old man began. He was a hunter-gatherer player of his time.

He had a not-so-strong start, but as much as he could echo Blood and become more powerful through puppets. He turned on the lamp, took notes, kicked the bass, and probably lost his life many times in the process, waking up next to the lamp again and trying again. It was at this time that he met the barrels of gunpowder. He became accustomed to using their weapons and tools, and they accepted him as an honorary member of the cult and possibly a friend. However, with the advent of the Old Testament, it became more and more contagious, and as a result, the plague was killed at a remarkable rate. As the boundary between man and monster blurred, a red moon appeared in the sky. Looking at his comrades-in-arms, Jora opened his notebook and left a note.

"The Red Moon has appeared and the courts are ruling the streets. Do we have no choice but to burn everything?

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

The plague of demons was very powerful, and Barrels of gunpowder could no longer change the status quo just by hunting down demons. Barrels of gunpowder were not kind to the show with their interest in ostentation, their flamboyant nature, and their love of fame and explosion. The city was cleansed. As the bloody moon and the demons became too powerful, the hunters had no choice but to burn the city in front of them.

"People wearing these clothes hunted the victims of the plague, who survived the rebellious flames and the bloody massacre," it said. A man, a woman and a child were hunted and killed.

The whole city was cleared to prevent a further outbreak of plague. Jora participated in this cleansing. It is possible that Jora tried to stop it or was voluntarily involved in the massacre. In any case, the old companion was dragged to the dust and Blood and never pulled his head out from under the ashes.

BingMag.com <b>Bloodborne</b> <b>Cosmology</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>3):</b> <b>Gray</b> Blood

As dawn approached, Jora returned to the Hunters Dream. Where German, the first hunter, met him near a tree. He, whose existence was filled with guilt and shame from the devastation he had caused, fell to his knees and accepted his death. It so happened that Jora lost contact with Hunters Dream. When he woke up, the sun had risen and the hunt was over. Now, the gunpowder barrel workshop had recognized and condemned him as an apostate. The barrels of gunpowder that were not killed in battle were so addicted to bloodshed and killing that they beheaded Hunters Nightmare.

The only one left was Jora. He went to the old Yarnam, where he had shed innumerable bloods, and abandoned his oath of allegiance. If someone does not care about the demons of the old Yarnam, he will take care of them himself.

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