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Black Holes and Dragons (Part 6): Demons and Demons

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Desktop role-playing games did not succeed in becoming widespread in Iranian culture, but their legacy, namely role-playing video games, made up for this unpopularity, and today role-playing games , Both Western and Japanese, have many fans in our country. It may be hard to believe, but all of these games have the same direct or indirect roots, and that is the root of the Dungeons & Dragons board game, which was released in 1974 and has since become the face of the gaming industry. Always changed. Games like Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights are direct adaptations of Dyandy, and many other titles like The Witcher and Dragon Age are direct and indirect Dyandy games were inspired to take a different path. In this series of articles, we intend to get more acquainted with the world of Diandadi, because getting acquainted with Diandadi means getting acquainted with a large part of the game world. Join us.

"Every devil is proud of his service in the bloody war. If you talk to one of them for a short time, it will show all the wounds inflicted on him during his service in Auvergne, and he will tell eerie tales of the great battles he witnessed up close. If you talk to him a little more, he will tell you that the only reason you are alive is the heroic efforts of the demons, and if true justice reigned in the world, the Multiverse would kneel because of the demons' role in protecting the universe from the nine classes of hell.

The Book of Enemies is the work of Mordecaine

The battle of the good forces against the forces of evil is an anecdote as old as history and an anecdote in the world of Black Holes And the Dragons are repeated in a hurry. There are many creatures in the game world that are known as "evil", but the most numerous and prominent evil creatures in this world are the various Demons & devils.

One who does not know the difference between Demons and devils , May be surprised by the difference between the two, but this difference is very important. In fact, this difference is so important that demons, or Demons and demons, or devils, hate each other, and it becomes a millennium that they have been involved in war. We will discuss the changes of any kind.

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History of the spread of Demons and Demons

Between the two, Demons appeared earlier in the literature than demons. They first appeared in the Eldritch Wizardry supplement in 1976 for demon possession. They make themselves. They all have the ability to teleport, create darkness, and open the door to summon other demons.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of the Strange Enchantment Supplement

In this supplement and in the first edition of the Ideological Monster Culture, Demons are referred to not by their name but by their classification: classifications Which varies from type 1 to type 6. The Type 6, however, is known as the Balor and is essentially an imitation of Balrog in Tolkien's works.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a Type 2 and Type 3 demon

In strange magic, Succubus is also introduced as a unique demon and two prince demons. They are referred to by the names: Orcus and Demogorgon. I'm sure the Stranger Things kids will agree with this statement.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Demogorgon

Over time, more Demons were created, each with its own name and detail, but for the second edition of Ideandy, TSR was accused of Satanism's Satanism. ) Renamed the species of Demons to Tanar'ri. Nothing other than their names changed, and this change was made just so that TSAR could announce that it would no longer have a demon in its game.

But after its release Third edition In 2000, the species' name was changed back to "demon", and the tenari position was changed to just one subspecies of demon. After the release of the fourth edition, the name of Tanari was removed from the game completely.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a demon

Demons first appeared in the first edition of the Ide-Andy monster culture a year after the Demons were introduced. They were described as having demonic traits and abilities, but followed a hierarchical power of rigidity. , There are Greater Devils and Lesser Devils. As soon as you quench your curiosity, Azmodius is also known as the most handsome devil!

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Azmodius

With the publication of the second edition of the name of the devils, Baatezu was changed due to accusations of satanism, and the Batzos became the bloody enemies of the Tanarians. With the release of the third edition, the position of the Batzos was changed to a subset of Demons and then, like the Tanarians, they were completely removed from the game.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of a Devil

Two books have been published in the 3.5-inch edition. One was about Demons and the other was about demons, and in both books these creatures were discussed in detail. Both books were published as the Fiendish Codex, and the cover of Demons is called the Hordes of the Abyss, and the cover of the Tyrants of the Nine Hells.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Picture of the cover on "Abyss Legions" and "Hell's Nine Class tyrants" My source for writing this article is Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, the fifth edition of The Monster Culture, and the book Enemies. (Cases of imaginary magic in the world of demons).

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons


Let us first introduce the demons. Demons are the epitome of chaos. These monster creatures belong to a temporal and dark space dimension called The Abyss. The abyss is the source of chaos, and a separate article can be devoted to exploring its infinite layers, but most importantly it produces this dimension as a branch of the Demons themselves. Thus, Demons are born in the midst of filth, destruction, and most importantly, chaos, and feel an institutionalized hatred of living beings and order and peace in themselves.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons p id="caption-attachment-1065486" class="wp-caption-text"> image of a demon

There is no law between the people of the court, so it is only the power that determines the legitimacy and The more powerful Demons control the weaker Demons through terror and intimidation.

Demons often come in the form of a lowly creature called The Dredge. Degrees are among the weakest demons, although an ordinary degree can easily break an ordinary serf.

One of the interesting features of the degrees is their very low intelligence, so they are not suitable for anything but simple tasks. And often more powerful Demons sacrifice them for various purposes.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a ladder

from other abyssal boxes can be referred to as mane. Mines are believed to be the altered spirit of every evil creature sent to the abyss after death. Mines accumulate in large numbers in the abyss and attack any other demon they find, until either the more powerful demon eats them, or someone summons them to the material dimension of the world using dark magic to spread death and chaos. .

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

image of a mine

Over time, a demon can become a more powerful demon if he manages to survive and continue to kill, or if the powerful demon deliberately changes his form. A lucky entry might turn into a Barlgura over time. Barlegora is still dumb and stupid, but he is two and a half meters tall and has the power to amputate a person's arm by force. BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a Barlegura

a Barlegura, if he succeeds in cutting it off enough , May become a Hezrou. Hezro is also a simple creature, but he can more easily follow orders Thousands are among the most common soldiers in the abyss because they have a passion for unreasonable destruction and the ability to wreak havoc.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Picture of a thousand

a thousand who have high talent and ability May become a Glabrezu. Glaberzoo has more power than any of his predecessors to subdue the enemy, but he has more intelligence beside him, and for this reason he has the power to use magic, and he also has something to say in the field of deception and trickery.

Giving and deceiving mortal beings is a lot of fun, especially witches with a weak will who try to summon them.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a swallow

swallowing that can cause bleeding and destruction for a period of time may turn into a Nalfeshnee. The intelligence of snipers is equal to that of globers, but they have more power to deal with more enemies. The slingshots are also equipped with wings that allow them to fly over the battlefield. Nelfshni can easily destroy his enemy from behind his armor.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of a nymph

In the higher position of the demon species are creatures such as Mariliths. Marilith's lower body resembles a snake and her upper body resembles a human body with six arms. Marilyts are smart and shrewd and have the ability to lead an army of demons. But even the only ones can defeat the most capable adventurers, and thanks to their six hands - each holding a sword - and their deadly tail can hit the target seven times at once.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a Marilyt

in a higher position than the captains of the army of demons, generals - creatures Like crystals - they are. The Belaurs are similar in appearance to Balrog (belonging to Tolkien's world), and even their name is similar to Balrog. Equipped with a huge whip of fire and a sword, they are considered one of the most terrifying creatures in the world of Dandy. Do not have.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

image of a beaver


This position belongs to the Demon Lords. They spend as much time plotting and fighting against each other as they conspire and fight against all other beings. Due to the fact that the thirst for power is institutionalized in each demon, the demon lords are constantly competing with each other for complete control of the abyss. But this competition is not easy at all.

Demon masters generally control one or more layers of the abyss, and the personality and temperament traits of these masters change the shape of the layer under their control.

The number of demon lords - like the Demons themselves - is more than enough to cover them all, but there are a few more prominent lords who are introduced below.

Baphomet, the horned king that resembles a large miniature, rules over a series of wild animals such as miniatures, giants, and ogres. Baphomet is the embodiment of savagery and intends to turn the material world into a savage realm in which the animal instinct plays the first and last letter.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Befoot

2. Demogorgon is one of the most powerful demon lords and has chosen the title of "Prince of Demons". Demogorgon looks like a combination of a large, double lizard, a snake, and a gorilla. Each of his heads has a different personality. This personality conflict generally drives Demogorgon crazy and makes him one of the most chaotic creatures in the sea of chaos.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Demogorgon

3. Lolth, the queen of spiders, is a female and spider-like demon who is less chaotic, but much more vicious than her counterparts. He spends most of his time plotting sinister plots and plots, and the dark prefixes or Drow have a god-like status. Therefore, we will pay more attention to him in the article on reapers.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Lolth

4. Orcus plays the role of the god of the underworld and the immortals among demons. Orchis has goat-like heads and legs, bat-like wings, and a very large human body. Many Various species of immortals as well as living beings who want to overcome death (such as wizards who want to become Lich) worship Orex as a god. Orchus possesses a valuable and powerful object called the Wand of Orcus (Wand of Orcus) that is capable of destroying any living thing just by touch. From time to time he intentionally causes this object to fall into the hands of damp creatures to create chaos.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Orex


Now we come to the devils. In some ways, they are similar to demons. For example, they also struggle with anything that is considered "good" and have a lot of room to show cruelty. But it is their differences that make the fundamental difference.

The moral orientation of all Demons is the lawful Evil. If you are unfamiliar with other moral orientations, knowing Demons will give you a good idea of how a creature can be both evil and law-abiding at the same time. Demons are undoubtedly evil, but they have their own rules, and Each of them has a place in the hierarchy of power that has remained almost unchanged throughout history.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

A picture of the gathering of Demons

Just as the power of Demons lies in their insane chaos, the power of Demons lies in their discipline and eloquence.

Demons The humble serve the great devils without reason, because they all know they will be rewarded for their loyalty. The tendency to discipline is institutionalized in demons, just as the tendency to riot is institutionalized in demons. So you might be able to guess why a conflict between the two species is inevitable.

The Demons prefer to conquer and subjugate the Multiverse instead of witnessing its destruction. Wisdom is behind the demons' plan to conquer the world. Azmodius's position as leader of the Demons has not changed since 1977. Another major - lower power in the hierarchy.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of Azmodius

Azmodius is extremely shrewd, cunning and hard-hearted, and whenever the dying person decides to deal with the so-called devil, Azmodius will take the terms of the deal very seriously, and if these conditions are violated, The soul of that dead man will be sent directly to the nine classes of hell (Nine Hells). The abyss is not wide, because as its name implies, it has only nine floors. Each layer of hell is controlled by an Archduke or Archduhess, and these layers are layered on top of each other, with the Styx River from the first layer called the Avernus to the ninth layer with The name Nessus continues.

Demons, instead of being randomly made from the building blocks of their home, are all created from the souls of mortal beings. Of course, all mortals are sent to the nine classes of hell after death, and whoever violates the deal with the devil will be sent there, but one of the pleasures of the devils is to corrupt everyone they can so that the army is not the class of hell.

After the soul of a mortal creature enters hell, it becomes the lowest form of Demons called Lemure. Lemurs are amorphous masses of flesh and teeth and have almost no use other than enslavement and enslavement by more powerful demons. If a lucky lemur is loyal and determined, he may be promoted to the rank of demons.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of a lemur

Imps are small, deformable creatures that are one of the creatures to which lemurs can be promoted. . Imps are often used as invisible spies.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a bearded devil

Spinagon often as messengers among the great Demons Are used.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of a spingon

Hamachulaha (Hamatula) are commonly used as guardians of dukes, duchesses, and treasuries.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

A picture of a Hamachula

Osyluth are the masters of the nine classes of hell and enjoy commanding the lowly Demons in a cruel manner.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of an oscillator

Usually lemurs are upgraded as needed They find, not have high value and merit, because lemurs seldom do a remarkable job. So if a great devil needs more spies, messengers, or soldiers, he will upgrade the lemurs accordingly.

However, when it comes to promoting a lowly devil to a great devil in In between, value and merit play a big role. All demons, except their leader Azmodius, try to gain power and control by promotion, but not all of them deserve or even have the potential to be promoted.

The lowly Demons that succeed Between the heads, they may turn into a Cornugon or horned devil. Cornioguns are flying soldiers who can strike the enemy with both their tails and the forks they hold, or fire large flames at the enemy.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a cornegon

The Erinyes also have the power to fly, but in appearance with more Demons are different. Legend has it that they are fallen angels. Their task is to punish any devil who disrupts, and some of them carry ropes of entanglement with them to catch enemies.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of an Gelugon

Gelugons or icy Demons are mostly lowly Demons who They serve one of the great Demons of the icy layers of the nine floors of hell. The Glygons are the commanders of squads of the infernal army, and because of the deep jealousy they feel for the Pit Thieves - creatures more powerful and self-respecting than themselves - they persistently seek promotion.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of a glycogen

Pit Demons The highest devils - of course, regardless of spindles and Duchesses - are and only respond to the great Demons and take their commands and convey them to other demons. Enemies advance by flying, biting, and hitting in the army.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

An image of a pit devil

As mentioned, all the various layers of hell are under the command of one of the dukes, and all of them are constantly struggling to gain absolute control of Azmodius. . Next to him, dukes, duchesses, and pit Demons struggle to seize control of the layers, and this happens from time to time. It was not until the devil took over his supreme pit called Bel. Zaril regained his position. After a devil reaches the position of senior duke, he remains in that position. This is not because the rest of the devils have a special respect for this position and are not willing to attack its owner; Does not fall to shake their position.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

image From Zaryl fighting Beilor, one of the demon lords. So their purpose is similar, but they are not the same. There has been animosity between the two groups since its inception, and the conflict between them is known as the Blood War.

The blood war has not stopped or ended since its inception, but Its course has its ups and downs, and the battlefield, the strengths and weaknesses of both sides, and the intensity of the war are factors that change over time. Although much of this struggle takes place either in the first layer, not the layers of hell, or some layers of the abyss, it is occasionally extended to other parts of the world, including the material dimension.

Fortunately, given that this war It has nothing to do with the myriads, and the Styx River leads from the abyss to the first layer of hell, usually between Demons and demons. Remains.

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>6):</b> <b>Demons</b> and Demons

Image of war between Demons and Demons

Demons usually launch attacks on Aurnus via the Styx River. Sometimes their attack is repulsed and sometimes not. If they succeed in advancing deeper into the nine classes of hell, some of the other great Demons will send more armies to repel them. Also, when the attack is going on, they look for weaknesses in the abyss and send a number of troops to the abyss so that war can break out there as well. This cycle goes on forever and no end can be imagined for it.

The army of Demons is about 20 times bigger than the demons, because the abyss is constantly producing new demons. But the demons' trump card is that they are organized and know military tactics, which is why the war between the two factions is relatively equal. They were not at war, it was likely that one of them would eventually succeed in achieving his goal and take control of the material world.

If the scope of this war extends to the material world, neither of them. The faction will not care about the damage done to the material world and is ready to destroy a small town and achieve a small victory. However, Demons and Demons both seem to have a limited range of power in the material world and can have a profound effect on them, except for the cults that occasionally arise for their worship.

If Demons or Demons To be killed outside his home, his killing is only a momentary sickness, because the extract of his existence is sent back to his home to be re-formed. In order for Demons and Demons to really be killed, they must be killed in their own home, and a bloody war helps.

One of the common terms is "My enemy is my friend." But this term can not be applied to Demons and demons. The correct term in this regard is: "The enemy of my enemy is also my enemy." And filth. Both are interesting and powerful enemies for good forces.

Source: Exploring Series

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