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Black Holes and Dragons (Part 2): Aboliths

BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

Desktop role-playing games did not succeed in becoming widespread in Iranian culture, but their legacy, namely role-playing video games, made up for this unpopularity, and today role-playing games , Both Western and Japanese, have many fans in our country. It may be hard to believe, but all of these games have the same direct or indirect roots, and that is the root of the Dungeons & Dragons board game, which was released in 1974 and has since become the face of the gaming industry. Always changed. Games like Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, Neverwinter Nights are direct adaptations of Dyandy, and many other titles like The Witcher and Dragon Age are direct and indirect Dyandy games were inspired to take a different path. In this series of articles, we intend to get more acquainted with the world of Diandadi, because getting acquainted with Diandadi means getting acquainted with a large part of the game world. Join us.

"The rise and fall of this breed has taken place over such long periods of time that a standard equivalent to geological time periods must be used to speak of them." Pessimists believe that the Abolites are still building an army and planning to invade the world, but optimists believe that they are going through a period of decline. Whatever the truth, it is unlikely that there will be any change in the activity of the Abulites in the next few thousand years. However, there are always the possibility of unpredictable events. "Just as a great volcano can change the face of the world overnight, a great event can suddenly make the Abolites stronger or weaker." , A supplement to version 3.5 of Black Holes and Dragons

Deep-water depths, from oceans to underground caves, host many terrifying elements. This statement is true of both the real world and imaginary worlds.

Underwater creatures are usually selfish, and underwater life is based on survival, and survival is easier for the largest and scariest of creatures. In some deep water, it may be the scariest Aboleth creature.

Aboleths are bigger, older, and smarter than almost any other creature around them. They live in the dark parts of the earth and feed on the mind and body of anyone who is stupid enough to approach them. Abulsions are a new threat, but sometimes it may be necessary for heroes to stand up and deal with them.>

  • Black Holes and Dragons (Part 1): The history of the game Black Holes and Dragons
  • The history of the release of Abulus

    Abulus is one of the oldest and They are the most popular animals introduced in the history of Black Holes and Dragons and their roots go back to 1981. They first appeared in a module or adventure for the first edition of the Dynasty called Dwellers of the Forbidden City. In this module, a group of Mongrelfolk people worship an Abolite as a god and regularly offer sacrifices to it.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    Image of the Forbidden City Residents module

    was officially introduced in 1983 in Monster Manual 2 and has since been introduced in All cultures of monsters were present in all editions of Dyandy. This is a great honor.

    Over the years, other species of Abolites have been introduced. One of these letters was published in issue 131 of the magazine Dragon in 1988. The title of this paper was "The Ecology of the Aboleth".

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    Image of An Abolition

    Each Abolite has four elongated tentacles that it uses to catch prey as well as shake its body out of the water by pulling the armpits to nearby levels. In the water, Abolites use their powerful tails to advance and look more like snakes when moving than fish.

    An Abolite's mouth looks like a triangle when fully open. And it is 60 cm long on each side. Attached to his body are three long, narrow tentacles with bony spines on the tip, which are used to push food into the mouth.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths p id="caption-attachment-1041714" class="wp-caption-text"> Image of Abolth anatomy

    Abolth's body is filled with a number of large holes. Each of these Holes is used for breathing, sniffing, talking, and mucus secretion. This viscous mucus that Abolith expels from his body is the way for this creature to breathe, and if it loses its ability to produce it, it will suffocate for a short time.

    In fact, Abolith skin is a thick layer of mucous membrane that It can expand a lot, which is why it is difficult to cut or pierce. When abolith is out of the water, the membrane dries quickly, leaving moisture (which is essential for life) inside the abolith's body, but it is extremely painful and paralyzing for this creature. If Abolith stays out of the water for a long time, he enters Suspended Animation, meaning he is aware of his surroundings but unable to move.

    He bleeds and dies, but if someone has nothing to do with it, it can last forever. The Abulusians call this the Long Dreaming, and in their view a fate far worse than death.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    An image of a warrior fighting an obolith

    The inside of an obolith's body resembles a normal fish, but there are obvious fundamental differences. Inside the body, there is a large organ similar to the lungs/gills, through which the body converts part of the food it eats into mucus, which it expels. This contact combines with the water around his body to create a breathable environment, because unlike normal fish, Abolith does not enter water into his lungs.

    Abolith has two hearts. One of these hearts is used to pump blood through the body, and the other heart is used to pump blood exclusively to the large brain of the urethra.

    The method of reproduction of the urethra is asexual and asexual. They lay several eggs every five years. These eggs are laid in a secluded area and covered with a layer of mucus.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    An Image of an Abolition

    The Zionic Capabilities of the Abolition and the Mental Control of Others

    However, the most important organ of the Abolition is the brain. About one-fifth of Abolt's mass is in his large brain. The main capability of the Abulusians, the Psionic Capabilities, is accomplished through their brains. Among Zionic abilities are the following:

    • Mental connection with another being
    • Inducing delusions in the minds of others
    • Slaving one's mind (Which is their scariest ability)

    Aboltz can enslave any number of people with weak wills. They have different reasons for doing so: from protection and entertainment to food preparation. If Abolith uses this method to make a number of newcomers to himself, he can expand his sphere of influence in the world and thus become a very dangerous creature. It causes their young to change shape over time, and if they are terrestrial creatures, they can live underwater thanks to this change.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    Image of abolute novices

    The identity of abolute novices is usually rooted in the environment and communities around them. For example, Abolite novices living in a lake close to human civilization will be of civilized races, but Abolthian novices living in the Underdark area will most likely be Drow or Dark Elves.

    Of course, not all nouveau riche idiots are mentally enslaved, as some people may be willing to serve the females of their own free will because of the deal they have made. In addition, a successful Abolt will control a series of human beings born solely for the purpose of serving him. These humans are called scum.

    Absolute Memory of Abulites and Their Ancient Civilization

    Abolites, in addition to the cognitive abilities bestowed on them by their brains, also have perfect memory. An Abolite not only remembers all that he has experienced (and there are so many of them), but he also remembers the memories recorded in the memory of previous generations of Abolites, as well as part of the memories of every creature he swallows.

    This capability has made the Abolites have a vast knowledge of the world and their minds to be an unlimited source of information about the universe and its creatures. The frightening point is that the Abolites have memories in their minds that date back to before the creation of the universe and even the gods. Whether or not these memories are true is a separate issue, but one fact is clear: Aboliths are one of the oldest creatures in the world. They witnessed the rise and fall of countless nations, civilizations, religions, continents, and so on, and in the end remained just themselves. they did. During their reign, they enslaved every creature that was created and created a world empire of darkness.

    BingMag.com <b>Black</b> <b>Holes</b> and <b>Dragons</b> <b>(Part</b> <b>2):</b> Aboliths

    Image of an Aboltus

    The empire eventually collapsed due to reasons lost in the corridors of time. Some say slaves succeeded in revolution; Some say a great natural disaster struck and destroyed them; Some say that the Abolites died together. But the most popular reason is that slaves prayed to a greater power. Their prayers led to the creation of gods, and these gods destroyed the Abulthians.

    Whatever the reason for this, it seems that the Abulthians really hate the gods. They look at the gods as powerful beings, not real gods. However, it is said that many Abolites want to revive their ancient realm and regain control of the world. Immigrants and settlers are of the Abulth race, who have been separated from the Abulth cities by their own choice or due to exile. In the deepest parts of the sea, there are the big and scary cities of Abols, which are made of stone and nightmares. If you are familiar with Lovecraft, you can imagine these cities.

    Abolites sometimes approach the land to catch a few slaves and take them to their city. This is a worse fate than death. Very few adventurers have been able to see the city of Abulthos up close, but the Abulthians hope to rebuild their kingdom through these cities. They do and are able to breathe both air and water. There are also a number of aerobic abscesses that always live above the clouds.

    As mentioned above, HP Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos are a great source of inspiration for the creation of the Abulites, and this inspiration is not limited to "underwater monsters" and "alien cities"; "They do not care about human life." But their knowledge and sphere of influence is vast, and the presence of an Aboltus close to a civilized society may not always be directly apparent. He has a lot of knowledge and, as the saying goes, knowledge is power.

    Source: Exploring Series

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