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Bionta 3 will be directed by the game developer Skilband

BingMag.com Bionta 3 will be directed by the game developer Skilband

After a long wait, a few days ago Nintendo finally released the first official gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3. It is now known that the game will be directed by Scalebound senior designer. Announced the news. "Yosuke Miyata was the chief designer of Scalebound and he is a very talented person," he wrote. "I can't wait to experience Bionta 3 anymore because he will be directing the game." The fascinating mechanics shown in the Bionta 3 trailer, which allow players to control the monsters directly, are very similar to one of the features of the skill game. "Controlling the monsters summoned in the trailer was very similar to one of the mechanics we had in mind for controlling the drag-and-drop game, Thuban," he says. Now I have to watch the trailer again, I'm so excited about it. "

BingMag.com Bionta 3 will be directed by the game developer Skilband

Bayonetta 3

Yusuke Miyata, in addition to being the chief designer of Scalebound, has also worked as a game designer on works such as The Wonderful 101 and Astral Chain - each of which Two of the best works are Platinum Games - worked. However, he did not play a role in the previous episodes of the Bionta game series, and this is his first experience as a director. Was shown and attracted a lot of attention because the new game was the creator of Bionta and Doyle MiCray, Hideki Kamia. However, 3 years later it was officially announced that the production of this game has stopped.

BingMag.com Bionta 3 will be directed by the game developer Skilband


In 2019, VGC asked about this game in an interview with Atsushi Inaba, CEO of Platinum Games. Inaba replied that both sides of the story, namely Platinum Games and Microsoft, had made mistakes in the game and were to blame. "It was not easy for us to see that the fans were sending all their anger to Microsoft to stop making this game," he said at the time; Because the fact is that when any work encounters such a problem, both sides of the story are to blame and have made mistakes. "I think there were things we could have done better, and I'm sure there were things that Microsoft, as a publisher, could have done better because no one wants a game to be canceled."

Anyway It happens to be interesting in its own way. Although it looks like we're not going to see a band anymore, now that the game's chief designer has taken over directing Bionta 3, we can expect some of the gameplay ideas and mechanics to be seen in Bionta 3.

Bionta 3 is set to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console next year.

Source: VGC

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