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The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

BingMag.com The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

Finally, a new update of the ninth generation PlayStation 5 console has been released. The update, which was announced some time ago, offers some of the features that fans have come to expect, including support for additional SSD internal storage, 3D sound for TV speakers, and changes to the user interface.

In addition to all the features of this new update, which we will discuss in more detail below, Sony has promised more support for the PS Remote Play program for mobile phones.

Improvement Playstation User Experience 5

BingMag.com The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

New update of the month September has introduced improvements to the PlayStation 5 user experience that make it easier for players to view, customize, and manage game content and console experience;

  • Personalization Control Center: Players now They can more freely customize the console control center and choose which sections are hidden or shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Game Base Improvement : Players can easily view or send messages directly to their friends or groups via the game base in the console control center.
  • Updates on the games page and page Main: If you have the PS4 and PS5 versions of a game installed, the games will now appear separately in the "Installed" games section of the home screen. The platform of each game is now clearly defined and separated.

New customizations of game sections and social experience

BingMag.com The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

  • Resolution selection for PlayStation Now and speed test: Players can now choose between 720p and 1080p resolutions (may vary depending on the game) and there is also a test to determine the connection speed.
  • Acknowledgments Other players: After an online game or match, players can give commendations to other players. This badge will be displayed on each user's profile.
  • Automatic recording of the best records: When a player enters a game challenge for better time or more points, the best Gets itself, a video of this function will be automatically recorded to have them. Players can also share these videos with other players.
  • New Trophy Tracking: A new trophy tracking system has been added that allows players to easily and quickly access up to 5 trophies. Access each game via the Control Center.
  • How to display trophies: Players can now view trophies vertically as before.

BingMag.com The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

3D audio support for built-in TV speakers

September Update PlayStation 5 Support provides players with a 3D audio experience via built-in TV speakers. Once activated in the audio menu, this feature converts the standard audio of a dual-channel TV speaker to 3D audio and enhances the immersive feel of the gameplay. It has been popular among fans and developers. Now Sony announces that it is very pleased to have been able to bring this feature to life directly for players via the TV's built-in speakers. They have voice access that allows them to customize the audio specification according to their preference.

BingMag.com The big PlayStation 5 update has been released; Increase memory and 3D sound on TV

Ability to install and add internal storage M.2 SSD

By installing this update, PlayStation 5 owners around the world can boost their console's internal storage capacity Increase SSD M.2, a high-speed SSD, in both standard and digital PlayStation 5 models. After installing this memory on the console, you can use SSD M.2 to download, copy and run PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games.

You can play PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 games directly from the internal SSD M memory 2. Run and move games freely between memories. The important point is that this M.2 SSD should have the minimum speed and space required by Sony. It is also clear that the use of such memory requires the installation of a heatsink for it. Remote Play PlayStation Program for Mobile Phones

  • With the Remote Play program, players can play their PS4 and PS5 games remotely on any compatible device connected to the network, switch between games, and View and search your console menus. Players using iOS and Android phones can now use this feature with their phone internet when WiFi is not available.
  • To use this feature, you need at least a high-speed internet connection. You are 5 Mbps (5Mbps). However, for the best experience, at least 15 Mbps Internet is needed.
  • To further control the amount of data consumed, players can determine the quality of the game stream.
  • These are just some of the new features of the September PlayStation update. There are 5, and in general, important features and changes have been applied through this update to make the audience experience better and more optimized from the console.

    Source: PlayStation Blog

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