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The best way to experience Zelda Wildlife is in Peru; Play without a map

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

Mini-maps have become an integral part of modern game design. An in-game minimamp often shows you various details of the environment, from interacting objects and the path to the destination to important locations on the map. At a time when many gamers do not have much time to Play and see a lot of time constraints, minimps have been created to avoid "wasting time" - to make the gameplay go faster. But there is a point where some important features like Minimap take away a lot of amazing gameplay opportunities. From the Ocarina of Time or the Breath of the Wild, the Zelda Legend series has a strange and interesting connection to the minimps, which shows how the video game industry has become more and more dependent on it.

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This particular form of minimpe we know today first appeared in 1998 with Ocarina of Time - the first three-dimensional title in the Zelda series - was introduced. Given the depth and space that a three-dimensional environment occupies, it makes a lot of sense to provide them with a small map to understand the location and elements of the surrounding environment. Minimamp in this game is located in the lower right corner of the image so as not to disturb the natural focus of the gameplay; It also has a shape similar to the area you are in and has a simple and clear design. The Link character is displayed using a yellow cursor in the minimamp, the red cursor indicates your entry point into the area, and finally, if you have a special black hole compass, treasure chests will also appear on the map. Compare all this with Zelda's first game approach to the mini-mamp; The map was displayed in the upper left corner of the screen and showed a small dot showing the position of the link. The rest was not so clear to the player and you had to explore the environment yourself.

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

Ocarina of Minimamp Time only gets a lot of attention in the Hyrule Field, often because the steps are designed in such a way that a novice player needs guidance and help. With the exception of Hyrule Field, other parts of the game world and game black holes avoid this problem; Here the developers have used clear designs and visual clues to guide the link. You can turn off the minimamp whenever you want by pressing the L button. In many ways, the Ocarina of Time minimamp has done just that; This map is abstract enough that the specific design of the steps does not spoil and does not provide environmental details to the player so that the player's eyes do not go in the wrong direction for no reason. Majoras Mask uses almost the same Ocarina of Time minimamp and has only a few minor improvements. The gameplay and minipamp cycle of the black holes in this game is also extended to the surface world, and you have to either buy the maps from Tingle or get them through the treasure chests.

One of the important differences of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, compared to the rest of Zelda's titles, is that Minimamp is completely inaccessible in black holes without special maps. While these details may seem trivial, such black hole maps are of great value in the game. Also, without a compass, the link will not be displayed on the map. Therefore, when the minipump is not present in the black holes, players should immediately become familiar with their surroundings. The minimamp comes to the player when he is fully acquainted with the design of the stage and understands the purpose of the developers. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask consider the minimamp not only as a vital element, but also as a lasting tool in the gameplay. It becomes. This small map goes to the bottom left of the image and, with its square shape, shows the tongue in green and the water in blue. When traveling in water, this map is disabled, but in black holes it no longer depends on the specific map of that area. Finding a map of a black hole actually shows more details. The fact that you can not see the map while traveling on the water makes the "Great Sea" more immersing and fascinating than ever. However, the element that made the Ocarina of Time black holes unique disappears with the change of the minipump. These changes in The Wind Waker do not make a significant improvement in the gameplay and only the comfort of a series of players is discussed. The Wind Waker Follows, except for some appearance changes that resemble Ocarina of Time. Minimamp is once again like an area where the main character is present, but much more detailed and crowded. The grass is green, the water is dark blue, and everything that matters is red. Here, just like The Wind Waker, the link is seen with a yellow arrow in the minimamp. Inside the black holes, the Twilight Princess Minimamp is a square box located at the bottom left of the image. Outside the black holes, you can see the minimamp in the center and left of the image, which unfortunately catches the player's attention too much. Similar to The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess provides too much information to the player and does nothing to compensate for this huge flaw in making the gameplay more appealing.

Maybe that's why Skyward Sword He completely abandoned the minivan and relied solely on geography and visual details of the steps to guide the player. Dowsing capability is technically supposed to guide you when you get lost to enter an area for the first time. However, this ability in practice is completely optional. More importantly, the design of the Skyward Sword stages is so flawless and memorable that the minimamp seems practically unnecessary and useless. Each area has been carefully designed and the progress in them is not unlike black holes. Puzzles, battles, and attention to detail make exploring and adventurous in the world of games without a minivan and Dowsing very easy and engaging. Maps of some areas are still available, but hiding them behind a menu page will make you rely on your own solutions before you go to it. It does not have a minimamp, we must not forget that its areas are relatively small and limited. For one thing, the game does not require a minipump because the player can not get lost in the relatively small environments of different areas. The massive Hyrule design in Breath of the Wild automatically requires a minimamp, but Nintendo is once again pushing it too far. The game's minimamp is much more than a general help and guide, and is designed in such detail that the player's senses are drawn to the image more than the environmental elements. The only positive thing is that you have to get a map of each area through its Sheikah tower.

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map so you can follow him as he hides. By activating each mission, a golden indicator will appear in the minimamp so that you can easily find it. This mini-mamp has other details as well; From the time of day, the temperature and the amount of sound the link produces to the weather forecast.

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

The black hole in the game means that there are no special maps for them, however Breath of the Wild has things like Shrine and Divine Beast to Play the same role. Shrines completely remove the minipump from the equation (along with Champion skills and the ability to link up); Divine Beasts, on the other hand, are a complete redesign, replacing the minimamp with a rotating, three-dimensional map. Beyond these two special cases, the Breath of the Wild minimamp goes too far into the details of the environment, details that the developers could have conveyed to the player in other ways. They damage a game: exploration and search. This is seen almost throughout the Twilight Princess game. The mini-mamp in this game is exactly where the stage designers tried to guide you naturally; As a result, you no longer focus on the game environment, you just look at the minimamp. All the information you need is in a small map, and you can easily create "over-dependence". You no longer react to the events around you in the game, but you are already aware of them and ready for them. Skyward Sword avoided this fate, but Breath of the Wild embraced all that a minimamp has to offer. The world of this title does not use the element of surprise because Minimamp is providing you with all the necessary information; From leading weather events to the exact location of the destination. That makes minipump an important element for They know more about entertainment and who has limited time to Play - it turns into a smooth and challenging experience. Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask prove that it is possible to have an effective minimamp that does not give too much information. The more detailed a minimamp is, the more you are drawn to its constant use - that is, it always pays attention to the map and not to the environment around you in the game. Hyrule is more crowded than ever in Wildlife, but Minimamp actively competes to steal your attention and keep you from drowning in its beautiful and mysterious world.

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

Nintendo seems to be aware of the problems of the Minimal Zoo, as it includes Pro Mode. Turning on this mode disables the minimamp and all related information and almost everything on the page except the health of the link. Pro Mode helps you properly understand and appreciate the steps in Hyrule. Logic may say that an open world game like "Wild Beast" can not be experienced without a minimamp, but this game has subtle tips for you and you will never get lost in it literally.

Hyrule Castle is the center of the whole map It turns out well, and Divine Beasts are often in the corners of the map. The tall towers of Sheikah draw you to different areas and glow with blue and orange light at long distances. Different geographical areas such as mountains and waterfalls along with safe stables or dangerous enemy camps can also be a good guide to your environment. The absence of a mini-mamp leaves you with no choice and you have to rely on gameplay and game world design elements. Little by little you realize how different roads lead you to civilization; How the shrines are placed in their own small environments and their presence in the map is not random; How Steps Design Takes You From the Great Plateau to Kakariko, to Hateno, and then to Vah Ruta.

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Pro mode teaches you to pay meaningful attention to the world around you. Before you know it, the Breath of the Wild experience looks perfectly natural without a minimamp. Instead of relying on the minimamp and the details in it, you learn to focus on the details of the environment or get the information you want through other characters. You will definitely be amazed at the amount of information that NPCs provide to you very soon. Most importantly, NPC guidance often takes into account geographical conditions and travel route, rather than simply pointing to one destination. Pro mode encourages you to explore new things and does not allow you to be constantly distracted by the minimamp.

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

Unfortunately, the Breath of the Wild experience without a minimamp reveals some of the flaws in the design of the world and the open world genre as a concept. Towers are a logical guide for any new area, but the player can easily get caught up in the usual rhythm of Ubisoft games and just go to the towers to fill the map with surrounding information. The natural design of the Hyrule steps almost contradicts the philosophy of the Sheikah towers. The developers have made an admirable effort to make each tower unique, but before activating each one, you often get involved in a repetitive gameplay cycle. The fact that you can travel anywhere in the game world means that after a few hours of exploration and adventure, the difficult curvature practically disappears. Even without a mini-mamp, the fascination and convenience of "Fast Travel" can be overwhelming, especially when there are 120 different points across the map to do.

With all that said, one The thing seems obvious; That Wildlife gameplay is so much more engaging and fun without a minipump. When you keep your eyes on the bottom right of the screen, you can better understand the environmental elements and design details. without a flood of information, any player can better focus on pure gameplay. Breath of the Wild is so immersive that the developers have designed every meter of the map with a specific purpose. Ride a horse and enjoy the beauties of the environment and the world around you as you pursue your next destination alone. Climb a high mountain to get a better view of the area. Try to let go of abstract information and connect directly to the world of "wild beasts". This feature has become an important element in open world games for a variety of reasons. But I think not all games need a minimamp. On the other hand, developers should focus more on designing their steps. Nintendo did a good job with Skyward Sword, but unfortunately took a step back with the beast. In my opinion, Pro mode proves that this game does not need a minimamp. Not every player can predict the comfort of the compass, the weather And pass other game tips, but all of this information can be put into the game naturally. The character of the link shows a physical reaction if it gets too cold or hot; Stealth is not something that the gameplay basically wants to determine for you; Also, understanding which side the "north" is on should force you to mentally map it to find it through other important points on the map (points found throughout the map). All in all, the creators can turn the compass into a portable item for the link, instead of having a part of the minimamp in front of the player's eyes.

BingMag.com The <b>best</b> <b>way</b> to <b>experience</b> <b>Zelda</b> <b>Wildlife</b> is in <b>Peru;</b> <b>Play</b> <b>without</b> a map

Minimps are a modifying element. The more detailed they are, the more the player will be tempted to stare at them during gameplay. Minimps are at their best when they have a general function. Ocarina of Time implemented this in the best possible way. Older Zelda 3D titles use minimamp as a genuine tool in gameplay, as if it were an integral part of what the link has. Apart from Skyward Sword, Zelda's newer games with their minimamp have reduced focus and immersion. Breath of the Wild is a great game with or without a minimamp, but your experience can help. Pro mode is richer, deeper and more immersive. This shows how a seemingly small and insignificant feature has the ability to transform your relationship with the world of a game. When minicomputers are used as a tool (like Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask), exploration is greatly improved. The beast attaches the minimamp to the towers, but the information that comes from it is so great that few can ignore it. Here, Minimamp is no longer just a tool, but affects all parts of the gameplay. There are not many games like Breath of the Wild that respect the amazing spirit of exploration and adventure. As a result, do yourself a favor and activate Pro mode while experiencing wildlife.

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