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Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Hilo; 2021 was the year of first-person shooters

BingMag.com Battlefield, <b>Call</b> of Duty, and Hilo; <b>2021</b> was the <b>year</b> of <b>first-person</b> shooters

If you are a fan of first-person shooter style, be sure to Call it Battlefield, Call of Duty and Halo ) You are familiar. From 2000 to 2010, when these three titles were released in one year, it was very important in the gaming world. At that time, consoles finally had the ability to play online and were a good way to connect with friends.

The peak of the first person shooter style was from 2007 to 2010. When the fans of this style increased dramatically. In the field of computer, there were many exclusive games such as Counter-Strike: Force or Team Fortress 2. When it came to consoles, we ended up with three games; Battlefield, Call of Duty and Hilo. The question has always been which game is the best for consoles.

The last time we saw the competition of these three series in one year was in 2010 (2010-2011). That year saw the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, and Halo Reach. In that year, the debate between which game is more fun and interesting was very hot.

Now we come to the year 2021. Where all three series have introduced a new title. In Battlefield, you can search for enemies on the big map, ride future Halo Infinite cars. There is even a Call to Duty in the context of World War II so that you do not forget this war. Now the main question is what is the best shooter of 2021? Vanguard, 2042 or Infinity?

BingMag.com Battlefield, <b>Call</b> of Duty, and Hilo; <b>2021</b> was the <b>year</b> of <b>first-person</b> shooters

Competition has changed

Although many media outlets tend to choose a winner from among these three, there is no winner at all. Because the meaning of the word winner has changed a lot since 2010.

None of these three games were originally meant to be the biggest shooters right now. We all now know that the biggest shooters are Fortnite, PubJie, Varzon, Apex and Valorant. Titles that are free and have gained momentum over the years. So, in principle, there is no competition between the best shooter among the games offered in one year. Rather, the main competition is between cases that have been around for several years.

If a developer's goal is to make a shooter game and compete for the best, he has a definite formula. You have to make a first or third person shooter game. Also, it must be either Battle Royale or a hard tactical shooter, but do not forget that it is free.

BingMag.com Battlefield, <b>Call</b> of Duty, and Hilo; <b>2021</b> was the <b>year</b> of <b>first-person</b> shooters

Despite the problems with the release time of the Battlefield game, it will provide you with one of the best shooting game experiences.

This formula is about three games. Our argument is not true. Of course, the Hilo multiplayer section is free, which attracted the attention of many audiences, but it still does not follow our formula. The situation is extremely unfavorable for Call of Duty. Because for the second year in a row, the original Call of Duty game is less popular than Varzon. The situation is not so good in the case of Battlefield, and due to its poor supply, it caused it to lose many fans. Of course, this is another problem that has become commonplace among games. Sorry!

We are in the age of game support. So that the release date is just an excuse to sell a lot and basically a one-year plan is designed for each game. Each game survives only if it is supported by the developer and a lot of content is provided within a year. Another problem is the presence of fraudsters. So that if players feel that they can not fully experience a game or can not easily win, they Call it a dead game.

Games are still alive

Many so-called dead games are not in this situation at all. There are many cases that continue to work and progress despite the adherents. Making games with long-term support like Fortnite makes competition extremely difficult. However, different games still have something to say.

Hunt Showdown, for example, is exactly the opposite of Fortnite. This game is not free, it is not Battle Royale, and it also has a small map so that there is no need for vehicles. However, about 32,000 people are experiencing it and enjoying the game. This number may not be very large, but the game developers still support it and the game continues to improve.

BingMag.com Battlefield, <b>Call</b> of Duty, and Hilo; <b>2021</b> was the <b>year</b> of <b>first-person</b> shooters

Hunt game developer Crytek has been supporting the game for years. As well as receiving a very good profit. The interesting thing is that a series of this game is going to be made soon.

Did you know that Payday 2, which was released in 2013, still has active players? Also, this game is constantly receiving various updates. Another case is Dead by Daylight. In general, this game has nothing special at all, but even with the presence of cross platform, it has a lot of players. If these items had been released in 2010 when there was no support discussion, they would have been almost a month old.

Cross-platform is a feature where PlayStation, Xbox and PC players can play together . This means that the server is no longer limited to companies and everyone can experience the game with each other. Where is the Call of Duty Vanguard, Hilo Infinity and Battlefield 2042? Our answer is middle class. Where very large games are not present and these newly released items can be present. Of course, it should be noted that titles such as Hilo or Battlefield may move up to a higher position next year. Is it suitable for them? Call of Duty essentially uses Vanguard as a promotional item for Varzon. Hilo will also use its story section to promote its free multiplayer section. For this reason, the status of Battlefield is unclear.

No one knows what Electronic Arts Map is for Battlefield, but we may see Battlefield become free in the future. However, as we said, the title of the best shooter available has changed a lot, and due to the new generation of gamers, it is extremely difficult to give the cup of the best shooter to a game.

Source: PCgamer.com

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