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Battlefield 2042 received one of the worst scores in Steam history

BingMag.com Battlefield 2042 received one of the worst scores in Steam history

Contrary to the little reviews that were released at the time of the early access of Battlefield 2042, some parts of the game, including the Portal Definition section They did a lot, with more criticism and of course the experience of the game by the audience, the reactions to this work and its technical problems became very negative. Battlefield 2042 is currently one of the games that has received the most negative reviews and one of the worst scores on Steam.

Out of 31,000 reviews received by users for this game in the digital store Although there is a steam, most of them are negative. In fact, less than 10,000 positive reviews have been received from users for this game. Steam250, Battlefield 2042 is on the list of the worst games in the history of Steam in terms of user ratings. This shows that no matter how enjoyable sections like the portal are, the technical problems of the game have made it unbearable for players. According to the list, only GASP, Identity, Spacebase DF-9, Kinetic Void, Uriel's Chasm, Uriel's Chasm and, of course, e-Football released by Konami this year performed worse than Battlefield 2042. p>

BingMag.com Battlefield 2042 received one of the worst scores in Steam history

One user complaining about the game wrote briefly: "This is an unacceptable release for a big game. And it is expensive. It's a shame. "

Another user commented on a good brief review of the game:" I've played all the Battlefield series games on my computer since BF1942, and I can say with confidence that this is the worst part of the series. To date. The problems of the game are endless. Released for Battlefield 2042, and two more updates are scheduled for release next month.

Martin Robinson wrote in an article on Eurogamer last week: "It's accustomed - however, to the core of the series and the crazy moments that set it apart from other shooting games in its sandbox environment - but the chaos at Battlefield 2042 was far more boring and annoying than expected."

"Since Battlefield 2042 became available on Friday, I've been experiencing sudden outages, server problems, and complete overnight stays that are practically so bad that the effect is playable." is not. This is another Battlefield that is seen with such a situation and problems at the time of release, and reminds us of the infamous start of Battlefield 4 at the time of release. However, in my personal experience with the Xbox Series X, the situation here is considerably worse. It could indicate that Electronic Arts and Dice Studios have been forced to rush the game development process to bring the game to this year, and to publish it regardless of the quality assessment and problems of the effect. This is a work that, according to many, can find a better situation several months later with various updates. So if you want to have a better experience of Battlefield 2042, you better not rush to buy it now.

Source: Eurogamer

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