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Battle Royale mobile game Final Fantasy VII will be released next month

A few months ago, Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier for mobile phones. They have now announced the release date of this game.

Until last year, we might have jokingly talked about the idea of a fantasy finale in a Battle Royale game, but the current trend in the video game industry has surprised us once again. And this idea is no longer a joke and is going to come true.

According to the official announcement of Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will be released in November for iOS and Android phones. The company also plans to pre-register for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier this month, though no exact date has been announced. The news was announced during the Tokyo Game Show. In addition, a new trailer of this work was shown during the event.

BingMag.com Battle Royale mobile game Final Fantasy VII will be released next month

The events of this game take place about thirty years before Final Fantasy 7, where you can play the role of one of Shinra's advanced fighting forces. As mentioned, it is clear that this effect has a space similar to Battle Royale games. For fast movement in the game environment, you can, as always, ride a Chocobo and of course a motorcycle. Weapons equipped with weapons will also be available for this purpose.

In addition, there are several classes to choose from. These classes will include items such as Warrior Wizard, Monk, Ranger and Ninja. Interestingly, Square Enix also incorporates elements of player combat against the environment (PvE) into Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. As a result, there will be monsters in the game map that you must fight as well.

Square Enix has released other details about this effect, which you can see in the description below. p>

BingMag.com Battle Royale mobile game Final Fantasy VII will be released next month

Category Support: Connect your phone to the monitor and then Feel like you are playing on a home console! Easy to play even if you are not great with virtual pads! So you can try out the game categories.

Practice section added: To practice and test different weapons, materials and styles, you can access a special training map

Modified tutorial: Modified tutorial The game rules are divided into two parts: one includes the main controls and the other includes the battle rules and the general flow of the gameplay.

Collecting feature: The piece exchange system that the participants enjoyed in the beta phase of the game, but this time bigger and better! Collect pieces of monsters, hidden boxes and and replace them with different items (items)! These items will be updated in each season!

New fighting style - Ninja: This style focuses on player mobility Has been! Use shuriken for close combat, which makes some clever war tactics possible. You can also use the "Hide" feature to become invisible and launch covert attacks.

Source: TheSixthAxis

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