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Atari's new game on the occasion of its 50th anniversary deals with the history of this company

BingMag.com <b>Atari's</b> <b>new</b> <b>game</b> on the <b>occasion</b> of its <b>50th</b> <b>anniversary</b> <b>deals</b> with the <b>history</b> of this company

Digital Eclipse company (Digital Eclipse) together with Atari (Atari) introduced the game Atari 50: The anniversary Celebration (Atari 50: The anniversary Celebration). This game will be released for 8th and 9th generation consoles along with Nintendo Switch and PC. The exact release date has not been announced. However, it is supposed to be available in the market this winter at a price of 40 dollars.

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Not long ago, the Atari brand turned 50 years old. This brand is currently the oldest in the gaming world and has a long history. Of course, the Atari company has had many ups and downs and is no longer as popular as it used to be. The most famous console of this company can be called Atari 2600. This device made home consoles meaningful and gamers could experience video games at home.

Atari 50 is basically a long journey for users. This game shows users the 50-year history of Atari. The content in this title includes documentaries, interviews, art notebooks and of course more than 90 games. Digital Eclipse has made every effort to make these old titles run in the best way on new consoles.

BingMag.com <b>Atari's</b> <b>new</b> <b>game</b> on the <b>occasion</b> of its <b>50th</b> <b>anniversary</b> <b>deals</b> with the <b>history</b> of this company

This package shows the history of Atari and its consoles and games by showing and performing various games, videos and interviews.

Atari 50 is designed in a special style has been In this way, it combines all its content together so that you can fully understand the story of Atari. From the problems that arose after the recession of the gaming world to the changes that were made in the Atari company along the way. There are various documentaries about the process of making games and even interesting pictures of these titles.

In addition to the classic Atari titles, Digital Eclipse has also included 6 new games in this collection. For this reason, the Atari game will have 50 new contents. new games available on Atari 50 are:

  • Swordquest: AirWorld
  • Haunted Houses
  • Neo Breakout
  • Quadratank
  • Yars' Revenge Reimagined

In general, this game is designed in such a way that everyone will get to know the Atari brand. Definitely, Atari could not have a lasting success in the gaming world, but the impact it had on this world was more than any other company.

Source: Gematsu.com

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