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Atari 2600 is a beautiful logo and adheres to the original console

BingMag.com <b>Atari</b> <b>2600</b> is a <b>beautiful</b> <b>logo</b> and <b>adheres</b> to the <b>original</b> console

The Atari 2600 console can be considered the starting point for home consoles. This device was very popular and very advanced for its time. Now, the Lego company has tried to keep its memory alive with the construction game of this device.

The Lego made from this console is originally the 1980 version. Also, it has 2532 pieces and will cost $240. This building game will be available in the summer. Exactly at the same time as the 50th anniversary of Atari. The Lego company has done such a thing in the past.

It was about two years ago that Lego designed the building game for the Nintendo NES console. The only difference here was that the NES console was smaller than the Atari. For this reason, there was a TV in the game along with it. However, the Atari lego is more exclusive and only deals with the console. It is. When you build the Lego and open it inside, you will come across a 1980 style house. Also, this Lego will have 3 different games in the form of cartridges, which are very interestingly designed.

Lego has tried to keep old things like cars and game consoles alive in this way. These construction toys have many fans all over the world, and for this reason, the creation of each new item is very popular. The Atari 2600 console is also one of the most important devices in the history of gaming.

Although this device was very basic, it was the beginning of the release of game consoles at home. The Atari 2600 console was released in 1977. After 3 years in 1980, it had a renovation in terms of design. This device has a controller in the form of a pilot, which made the experience of many titles more enjoyable than before. Also, despite being simple, there were good titles on the Atari. Of course, with the wrong decisions of the Atari company, the popularity of this company gradually decreased until it disappeared completely.

BingMag.com <b>Atari</b> <b>2600</b> is a <b>beautiful</b> <b>logo</b> and <b>adheres</b> to the <b>original</b> consoleBingMag.com <b>Atari</b> <b>2600</b> is a <b>beautiful</b> <b>logo</b> and <b>adheres</b> to the <b>original</b> consoleBingMag.com <b>Atari</b> <b>2600</b> is a <b>beautiful</b> <b>logo</b> and <b>adheres</b> to the <b>original</b> console

Source: TheVerge.com

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