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An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

Some time ago, Electronic Arts made a lot of noise in cyberspace with the introduction of the remake of the first Dead Space game, but if you You are the audience who do not know why so many players are suddenly so excited about this remake, so stay tuned for a review of the "Dead Space" game series.

The story started where Electronic Arts's Redwood Shores studio, now known as Visceral Games, decided to go for a Go brand new effect. Of course, at the time, Holding was opposed to doing so, which is not at all surprising for EA and its controversial and ridiculous policies. Fortunately, Redwood was finally able to bring the System Shock sequel project closer to the scary Dead Space space. The extraordinary success of Resident Evil 4 was one of the key factors in Electronic Arts' agreement to develop the game. - which later led to his selection as director and producer of Call of Duty games - owes to Dead Space and its bizarre success.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction At that time, Scofield and other Redwood team members aimed to make the scariest game possible, and these talented people were inspired by elements such as Silent Hill and Resident Evil to realize this vision. . Michael Condrey, who co-directed the game with Scofield, says the Redwood team at the time did not seek to create a successful or acclaimed work, but all members of the team, as newcomers to the video game industry, sought to do so. In many ways, Dead Space really does feel like experiencing Resident Evil games, except that the world created by Visral takes place in a sci-fi space. . If years ago someone had asked me to summarize Dead Space in one sentence, I might have said to him: Star Wars with Resident Evil! It was a world you could easily sink into. Even the game HUD was designed in such a way that its existence in the form of narrative has an explanation for the audience. On the other hand, due to the fact that the game genre was scary, the creators limited the resources available in the game so that the player is constantly struggling. The game's combat system was designed around a third-person shooter, but the goal was to strike a balance between high-speed shooting games and a much slower model of horror games. The design of the Dead Space world and the narrative that carries this world on its shoulders has been done with the utmost elegance and each of its elements serve to make this sci-fi environment believable for all gamers. From the laws of human space colonies to the reason for wearing special space uniforms, just like the Mass Effect triangle, the game gives you an interesting explanation on almost every subject, big or small.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

But unlike many science fiction works, the main inspiration of" Dead Space "in his narrative is still focused on the supernatural. Scofield based the game's story on Escape from New York, albeit on a galactic scale with a prisoner on a large planet. About five months after the game began to develop, Scofield concluded that the overall concept of the game lacked something. This led to the creation of Unitology; A religious and extremist group that is causing trouble for the Union of the Earth and has many supporters around the world. Paul Anderson's hugely popular and influential film Event Horizon - which draws heavily on the power of visual storytelling - was another source of inspiration for Dead Space. Even the name of the protagonist, Isaac Clarke, is a combination of the names of two science-fiction writers, Isaac Azimov and Arthur C. Taken from Arthur C. Clarke.

As you should have noticed by now, DeadSpace was not just a pilot project, and the construction process cannot be traced back to the Resident Evil success. 4 accused. From the very beginning, Wiesral stepped forward with the utmost seriousness to create a unique science-fiction work, using the greats of this speculative genre to pick up their bricks and blocks. Eventually, the new game was released in 2008 and became one of the industry's greatest immortal works. The success of Dead Space was such that it justified the production of two more sequels for Electronic Arts, which is why Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 were released in 2011 and 2013, respectively. Although the last two games of the trio could not replicate the success of the first game in terms of quality, but due to the new name fitting into the popular culture, they had significant sales.

Now, 13 years after the release of the first game. And 9 years after the release of the latest game in the series, Electronic Arts wants to inject Dead Space into the veins of Dead Space in the form of a remake of the first version. Given the knowledge we have of this collection and its potential, we can hope that this endeavor will be fruitful, but before we can assess the chances of this remake in today's market, we must see what DeadSpace is all about and the so-called What is his account?

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

Dark future for mankind

But the key element of this strange and mysterious object is an unknown space substance. So scientists are forced to use a known element or bismuth to complete their project, causing human "markers" to be red instead of their natural black color. It did not take long for these scientists to realize that the "marker" electromagnetic fields lead to paranoia and delusion in humans, and bring the dead back to life in the form of zombie-like creatures called the Necromorph. One of the main researchers, Michael Altman, reveals the existence of this super-secret project to the world, and the government of the planet Earth kills Altman in order to destroy the media coverage.

Contrary to what he imagined Most people in the world see Altman as a hero, and this leads to the formation of a new cult religion called Unitology. The followers of this religion believe that they should worship "markers", because by doing so, the secret of human creation can be revealed. They also think that "markers" will one day unite human beings and give them eternal life. As a result, the government quickly covered up all the clues to the project so that none of them could reach the extremist cult. Hundreds of years later, in the 26th century, a Planetcracker spacecraft was sent to Aegis VII to extract resources. But he finds one of these red markers in one of the human colonies there. The captain of this ship, who is a follower of the religion of unitology, instructs his crew to bring the marker into the ship, but the effects of the electromagnetic field of this device cause paranoia between the members of the group and war and fights between them. Eventually, the contamination of necromorphs (living things) spreads throughout the spacecraft. Meanwhile, a medical officer named Nicole Brennan sends a mysterious message to her partner and an engineer named Isaac Clarke, asking him to come to the aid of the ship. The main story of Dead Space begins with the arrival of Isaac Clark on the planet Aegis VII.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

Characters of Dead Space

Isaac Clarke ( Isaac Clarke )

Isaac, He is the protagonist of Dead Space Games and a spaceship engineer. When Nicole's message turns her life around, Isaac must use all her information and skills to survive and survive the plight of necromorphs. Isaac Clark's scientific background allowed Visral to design multiple puzzles for the game so that the Dead Space experience would not be limited to moving from corridor to corridor and shooting zombies. Isaac is a silent protagonist in the first game but is voiced by Gunner Wright in the second and third games.

Nicole Brennan )

Nicole is the chief medical officer on the abandoned USG Ishimura spacecraft and the person who sent the encrypted message to Isaac, drawing him to Aegis VII. Nicole helps you through difficult times in the game, but in the past with Isaac, she seems to be hiding things from her partner; Secrets that players slowly discover by moving in Dead Space gameplay.

Nolan Stross ( Nolan Stross ) Nolan is one of the characters in Dead Space 2 and one of Isaac's companions. He also appears in the animated Dead Space: Aftermath. He was one of the world's leading scientists before one of Nolan's red markers drove him crazy. After suffering from cerebral palsy, he is imprisoned in a psychiatric clinic, but in the second game, he has to work with Isaac to fight the threat of the red marker, but in the end, his story will be less predictable for few. Just like Isaac, Nolan Strauss is named after two great science fiction writers, William F. Taken from William F. Nolan and Charles Stross.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

Ellie Langford ( Ellie Langford )

Ellie Langford is one of the most important characters in the two sequels of "Dead Space", the second version and It is the third. In Dead Space 2, Ellie and Isaac work together to escape The Titan Sprawl, a human space station. Between the two games, Ellie becomes Isaac's mistress, but because of Isaac's unwillingness to fight the markers, Ellie distances herself from him until, in the third game, after finding the mother planet of all the markers, Ellie asks Isaac again to Help him to destroy these strange space creatures.

John Carver )

Carver is one of the characters in Dead Space 3 and the protagonist of Dead Space: Liberation. He used to be a loyal soldier of the planet Earth government, but after his wife and child are killed by the villain of the third game, Jacob Danik, Carver joins Ellie to stop this evil character. Although Carver is normally a non-playable character and only helps Isaac complete his missions, if you experience the effect as a co-op, John Carver is the second character to join Isaac. In fact, if you experience the third game in the form of a co-op, even a few personal stages open up for John Carver that will acquaint you with his background.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

GameSpace DeadSpace

With all these definitions, you might forget that the game" DeadSpace "is based on elements Designed for the horror genre. Therefore, this trilogy cannot be considered a third-person shooter in general. Yes, the camera follows almost all areas of the game from behind the scenes or other playable characters, but all components of the user interface serve the technology of the gaming world itself, not helping the player to advance on the stages. For example, one of the features of Isaac's special clothing is that when you step into the outer space of the spacecraft, it shows you the amount of oxygen remaining, just like the mechanism we saw in "Metro" games. In these sequences, no sound effects are emitted to simulate real space without atmosphere.

Another noteworthy point about Dead Space battles goes back to the nature of necromorphs. As mentioned in the story section, these are dead creatures that come back to life by the power of markers, but none of the vital organs, including their hearts and brains, actually work. So like many other shooting games, your priority should not be to headshot these zombies, but to strategically target parts of their bodies to prevent them from moving. For example, you can defeat many necromorphs by hitting them with your hands and feet, while shooting them in the head and chest will not do anything. Put a random and irregular face in front of you. That way, you can no longer be prepared for what awaits you by anticipating the steps. In other words, every time you go through a stage, the enemies that stand in your way show up in different places. The combination of this element with the lack of resources and ammunition not only contributes to the horror of "Dead Space", but also creates a very attractive and exciting challenge for many players. Even the weapons you have in the trilogy are not necessarily weapons. As an engineer, Isaac uses any tools in the environment as a weapon to defend himself. This allowed the creators to make exemplary innovations and innovations in the main character's tools and weapons.

BingMag.com An overview of the Dead Space trilogy; Forgotten Electronic Arts Science Fiction

The remastered version of Dead Space will be able to remind everyone of the success of the first game and fix its technical flaws, it is unlikely that in the near future Electronic Arts will consider developing a fourth game or even a major reboot.

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