All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

Sony recently unveiled a new demo of the much-anticipated Horizon Forbidden West game that has caught the attention of many gamers. It not only showed the high graphics and the next generation of the game on the PlayStation 5 console, but also introduced us in detail to some of the new gameplay features of this episode. All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

Sony recently unveiled a new demo of the much-anticipated Horizon Forbidden West game that has caught the attention of many gamers. It not only showed the high graphics and the next generation of the game on the PlayStation 5 console, but also introduced us in detail to some of the new gameplay features of this episode.

However, a few days after the show , The game's director and writer have spoken in various interviews about the show and the various details of Horizon Forbidden West. These conversations will make us more familiar with some of the features shown in the new game trailer and answer some of our ambiguities and questions.

Release Date

Although the exact release date for "Horizon Forbidden West" has not been announced yet, it has been repeatedly emphasized that the game is going through its normal development process and they have reached the final stages of development so far to reach their goals. Achieve themselves. This means that if there is no problem and the development process continues in the same way, the game will most likely be released in 2021.

The director of the game says about this issue: "According to the predetermined date, we will We have successfully completed the beta phase of our game development. We are now in the final stages of game development. This means that we are currently polishing the game and fixing its bugs. We are also completing and summarizing some aspects of the game; Like building some robots that are behind schedule because they take a long time to build. In addition, we are working on the final cinematic sequences of the game. So, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. "Given the size of the work, we still have a lot of work to do, but we are now in the final stages of development." All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences


The story of Horizon Forbidden West takes place six months after the events of "Horizon Zero Down" and the adventure of "Aloy". As a robot hunter, Eloy traveled west to discover information about the mysterious and deadly disease the world is facing and the causes and mysteries of its occurrence. In these undiscovered areas, Iloi sees a new and strange tribe and also encounters more deadly robots. Together with his old friends and new companions, he must bravely step on these dangerous frontiers to find the answers he needs to save life on earth.

World All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

You may encounter certain animal species in certain areas. For example, there will be specific animal species in drier or wetter areas. In addition, the same is true for robots. For example, Snapmaw, which was present in the previous episode and has a crocodile-like appearance, is found near the water. Of course, the same is true for some of the new special robots.

In general, the game developers say about the game map: "The map is a bit bigger than the previous part, but in general our goal is to increase the density of the Horizon Forbidden map. West and we've added more content to make sure players can do a lot more throughout the game map. "This content on the map is able to engage the player more than ever before by narrating sub-stories and establishing better communication."

The director of the game also comments on the degradability of the environment: "Part of this destruction We saw vulnerability in the game demo, and there will be a fairly scattered number of this type of vulnerability throughout the game environment, especially specific missions and scenarios. There will also be degradability in the face of trees, rocks and other smaller ruins and buildings. So, you will definitely get a better and more advanced destructible system during the game. However, the world of this work is really big and wide, so you are not going to see massive full-scale degradability, and we have not gone for that. "

Some new features < Horizon Forbidding West

Moving and hiking items

Mountaineering and free climbing: This is one of the most requested items There have been players. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Iloi was able to climb certain areas, but this activity was not available freely in many areas of the game. Now this feature will be available in all or better to say most of the game areas. And that means you can climb almost anywhere in the game. Of course, it is mentioned that this issue will be limited to the cities where the player is not going to fight. "In cities, there are manually designated and controlled places to explore the environment, but outside the big cities of the game and in the wide open world of Horizon Forbidding West, you can climb anywhere," says the game's director. So you do not have to climb a mountain to reach your destination. "If there is no hand place to climb, you can cross it in a straight line, which is great." All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

In the game view, it was shown that some points and places to climb are specified through the Focus feature. It is explained that this is only for situations where the lighting is done in such a way that you may not notice the specific point to climb well. For example, at night you may not be able to immediately find a point to climb, and with this feature you can see it more clearly. However, even without this feature, you can always climb different places.

Feature Pullcaster : This It was the special hook that Iloy had in the new gameplay show, which increased his speed in moving and climbing from some points. This feature can also add more mobility and depth of horizontal and vertical movements in the environment during combat.

Feature Shieldwing : This is the same glider you saw in the game show and helps Iloi to descend safely and safely from very high altitudes or even surprise enemies from above.

Special swimming mask: One of the new and exciting parts of the game, which was also evident in the game show, is swimming underwater. According to the new trailer, perhaps one of the questions that arose for the players was how Ilyoy swam underwater easily and without time constraints. The answer is to use a special swimming mask that allows him to swim underwater as much as he wants and search for different things. All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

New riding robots:

As you can see in the game view, new and more robots have been added that you can ride on. The new robot that Iloi mounted at the end of the game is called Clawstrider. There still seem to be more robots to ride, but the makers have not announced further details. It has also been officially announced that you will not be able to ride on Tremortusk - the same giant mammoth-like robot. According to the creators, the reason for this is the construction process of the previous part. At the time, they had tried such a feature for giant robots, but at the time realized that when the camera went behind Iloy during gameplay, he became very, very small in the image, so they ignored the decision. "We also have techniques for game weapons that give more depth to the fight," says game director Metas de Jung. Each weapon class in the game has one or more special techniques. One of the special weapon techniques that we showed in the gameplay trailer of the new game was visible in the last moments of the trailer and the last blow of Ilo. For the final blow, Elvy bends over one of his knees and sits down to point a very powerful arrow at Tremortusk, killing that giant robot. This was, in fact, one of the Illyrian weapon techniques that the player could acquire through the skills page. "As you progress in the game and acquire more techniques, you can switch between these techniques."

He goes on to talk about one of the other interesting systems and techniques, of course, which is related to the Ivy spear. The game director mentions this feature as the Valor Surge system. "During a close-up fight, you saw a pause in a movie scene, and Iloi inflicts a powerful blow on his enemies by placing a special object on his spear," he says. This is one of the efforts of "Guerilla Games" studio for one of the action aspects of this role-playing action game. "Players can unlock these Valor Surge moves throughout the game and use them to their advantage in battles." All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

He adds: You will. As XP increases, the Valor Surge bar fills up, allowing you to perform one of these powerful and amazing moves in a cinematic format. The move shown in the game demo is called 360 Blast, but you can unlock other moves during the game. "They are designed to be compatible with different ways and styles of players playing and are a good reward for your tactical game."

In addition to weapon movements and techniques, more general game weapons have been announced. Weapons selection UI capacity has increased from 4 to 6. New arrows, such as the sticky grenade seen in the demo, have also been added to the game. We also saw a new weapon in the game called Spike Thrower, which was actually the same spear that was fired by Iloy and exploded shortly after.

Fighting humans

One of the Horizon Zero Downey's weaknesses were superficially part of the human struggle. However, due to the new trailer for Horizon Forbidding West, there have been some changes in this area. "Now the Illyrian enemies can wear armor," says Matais de Jung about this section. You saw this in the trailer after defeating one of the enemies by Ilvi. After approaching the next enemy, he first hit his armor to destroy it. "These armors can be exposed to the player and destroyed by arrows or spears."

Hand-to-hand combat

in Horizon Forbidding West This section is expanded from the previous game. Has been found and transformed. Now one of the branches of the game skill tree is completely dedicated to close combat and you can gain new moves and combos with your points during the game. All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

One of the moves you saw in the game demo was called Resonance Blast, in which you repeatedly hit the enemy with a spear, which charges the spear bar. It becomes. The move is even more intense.

The creators say of close combat: "Weapons and combat systems have become very widespread in Horizon Forbidden West. We now have several combos that will be unlocked through the skill tree, and each of these combos has a specific purpose. The combo you saw in the trailer consists of several consecutive blows, the last blow of which causes more damage to the enemy. "

Desk to upgrade weapons and clothes

In Horizon Forbidding West, you can Find desks in the big cities of the game through which you will be able to upgrade your weapons, clothes and armor using the materials you have collected in the game environment. Many tools have several levels of upgrades that not only increase the overall number of those tools (weapons or armor) but can sometimes give you a new skill or type of shot.

It is our desire to make the weapons of the game more attractive, which makes you have a stronger connection with these weapons. By investing your time and resources and upgrading weapons, you will feel that you have really spent time and space on which you can improve this weapon, not just put a simple upgrade on it. With this system, we wanted to find this feeling in the face of weapons. "

Underwater exploration and gameplay

One of the exciting and new parts of the game is the ability to explore underwater. This section has different functions. One of the most important is the way it was displayed in the recent demo of the game. This means that it can be useful for chasing mice and cats and escaping from enemies and robots.

The director of the game says about this part: "This is a completely new part that has been added to Horizon Forbidding West and to Allows you to swim underwater. Now you can swim not only on the surface of the water but at greater depths. With the special mask that Elvi gets, you can stay underwater as long as you want, so you do not have to worry about the oxygen strip underwater. You can really spend time in these unknown parts and explore beautiful underwater places. " All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

Given that the game takes place thousands of years in the future and after the apocalypse, the water level has risen significantly and therefore certain places are buried underwater. Many places have been flooded and submerged. Therefore, by exploring these areas, you can sometimes see a sunken city in the water. According to the game's creators, there are specific scenarios, missions and even special activities that take place in these places and underwater. These scenarios are designed to uncover certain secrets or even help certain people.

He adds at the end: "In addition to climbing heights, we also considered descending, so we decided that Add this part to the game. We wanted to create a beautiful underwater world in which players are eager to explore. For this reason, we designed a special swimming mask and other special swimming capabilities for Elvi. Dodging mechanics have also been added with which you can dodge robots underwater. You can even use smoke bombs in the water to blind enemies and escape from them more easily. There are more tools for use in the water that help you move and navigate away from enemies.

New robots seen so far
  • Bristlebacks
  • Clawstriders
  • Shellsnappers
  • Sunwings
  • Tremortusks
  • Burrower
The difference between the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions

As you know, Horizon Forbidding West is an intergenerational game and will be available for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, but it is clear that these two versions are not going to be on either The two consoles run the same way and there will be differences in graphics and visual details.

The PlayStation 5 version will have two different graphics modes, one of which focuses on performance and frame rate, and the game with It runs at 60 frames per second. The other mode focuses on visual quality and resolution, in which the game will run at 4k resolution and 30 frames per second.

Also, different things will be rendered on the PlayStation 5 at a higher resolution. If you have watched the gameplay trailer of the game, you have probably noticed a special lighting effect while moving Ilo. This effect is known as cinematic lighting or even the lighting of the hero. It slightly highlights the character of Iloy in the game. This makes it possible to better identify the main character's position in crowded environments full of different effects. This is always the case on PlayStation 5, but on PlayStation 4 it only appears in the middle. All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

The technique used to render the underwater environment on the PlayStation 5 will be different and specific and will have more details and systems. Also, the wave technique will be better on PlayStation 5. In addition, the PlayStation 5 version will support the PlayStation 5 batch capabilities, as well as the PlayStation 5's 3D sound. We are already demonstrating a beautiful visual experience with this console with Horizon Zero Dawn, and our artists and engineers have shown their great ability with that game. Horizon Forbidden West is supposed to be even more beautiful on PlayStation 4 than the previous episode, and this will be obvious. However, the PlayStation 5 has higher graphics processing power, and we can go even further on this console. "

Let's do this on PlayStation 5, which is not possible on PlayStation 4. "

Graphic feature of beam tracking (retrying)

The game director says about this feature:" We use beam tracking technology for We have used many things in the game. We have used it for sound engine, physics and rendering. After a series of different techniques we have used in retrying. "I'm not a tech engineer, so I can not give you more details, but yes, I've taken advantage of this graphic feature."

And the game was initially being built on this console. So we can assure the owners of this console that the Horizon Forbidden West experience on the PlayStation 4 will be great. For the PlayStation 5, however, the experience will go even further and visually enhance the results.

About flying flying robots

One of the biggest fan requests for add-ons Has been this feature. The existence of this feature has not been confirmed or denied so far. : . .

. Horizon Forbidden West 4 . 4 (Joris de Man) (The Flight) (Oleksa Lozowchuk) (Niels van der Leest) . (Julie Elven) .

Horizon Forbidden West . All Details Horizon Forbiden West; Story, gameplay and console differences

Source: This article was written based on interviews with the director and writer of the game with various sites, and its translation is based on a collection of these interviews in the forum ResetEra done.

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