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Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

BingMag.com Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

At first glance, FramSoftore's new game, Alden Ring, may be considered the spiritual sequel to the Dark Souls series. . However, no matter how much the gameplay of this new project differs from other Miyazaki works, "Alden Ring" at the core is supposed to expand the same elements of Souls in the space of the new free world of the game.

On the other hand, The dark fantasy world of the game, like any conventional Sword and Sorcery world, invites you to a role-playing adventure. The difference is that this world - or at least its history - was created by the author of Game of Thrones; A history that can give the historical richness and details that should and perhaps should to this new version of Fram Software.

But despite all this, it seems that the creator of "Alden Ring" wants to go further Take on the challenging gameplay challenges of "Dark Souls" or "Skiro" and take steps to create a world of dynamic freedom. However, this new fantasy world is so big that the developer has for the first time put a small map for players, something we never had in the old FramSoft games. In "Souls", "Bloodborne" or "Skiro", the audience had to constantly spin in the game to remember the corners, but now the world of "Alden Ring" is so large and complex that without a map it will definitely make its way. You will get lost.

BingMag.com Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

When players move in the world of The Lands Between, They encounter numerous black holes, large castles, and dragons that suddenly descend from the sky. In his new interview, Alden Ring producer Yasuhiro Kitao described the creation of a dynamic world of "middlelands" with the aim of presenting "danger and exploration" to the audience, stating that the motivation was not simply to build a large, content-free world./p>

Today we see many open-world games that are exactly big but have nothing to say; Games that take hours to explore on their big map, but there is no content to entertain the audience among the plains, mountains, forests and valleys, and if you are lucky, you may find a side mission or a loot box in a space of several thousand meters. . Alden Ring does not want such a world to be free, and in doing so tries to distance itself from stereotypes - or rather weaknesses - and other limitations of free world games.

Even in terms of artistic design, Alden Ring environments It is very different from what you see in other free world games. For example, if in the world of "Red Dead Redemption 2" we were confronted with the Wild West and saw the real difference only in different climates and seasons, the world of "middle lands" includes different landscapes such as winter plains, autumn forests, submerged city And a ruin grows in the depths of the swamp.

BingMag.com Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

They are known as "Tarnished" - they will encounter all kinds of strange monsters, but this should not be strange or far-fetched for Souls fans. But when we consider such a formula in a free world, our subconscious mind goes to another exploratory sandbox, such as the latest version of Zelda, Breath of the Wild.

Perhaps conceptually and even mythologically behind the creation A fantasy world, "Zelda" and "Alden Ring" are miles apart, but when we consider the core gameplay of each of these games, we see that elements similar to the structures of both games are intertwined. Exploration, unlimited freedom of action, successive challenges, strange monsters and bosses, black holes and dozens of places where all kinds of surprising content are made for the audience and are just a few of these similarities.

BingMag.com Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

For example, the snoopers can use various tactics in the combat section. Whether you want to fight enemies with different swords and weapons, or because of the magic and bows that come from behind them, "Alden Ring" is supposed to give a lot of freedom to the players. Even using the game's stealth system can be very useful in certain situations.

In addition, just like Breath of the Wild, you can move quickly on the big game map with a tool like a crawling horse. One of the elements that came from "Skiro" to "Alden Ring" is the rapid movement of the player along the "middle ground". You no longer need to be afraid of free fall and the height at which you fall, like in Souls games, as players will suffer less damage from environmental damage this time.

"Alden Ring" returns. In one of the game's shows, McDrrw went to Stormwind Castle. When you reach the gates of the castle, a non-playable character advises you not to continue on this path and to move forward a safer second way. If you do not listen to him and go forward, you will encounter endless gunfire as you enter the gate. But if you go to a safer way, the game will lead you to a spiral that you have to go through the movement elements in the game environment and face the enemies that you see along the way. Almost nothing can be predicted in "Alden Ring".

BingMag.com Alden Ring can replicate Zelda's great success: Wildlife

Alden Ring by bringing the formula Dark Souls' Successful, Proven, and Admired Free Space Many fantasy and role-playing games have the chance to make the success of projects such as Breath of the Wild in the dimensions of grim-dark concepts, souls-like games, and minimalist narrative.

Of course, regardless of the game's undeniable potential, we can safely say that Elden Ring is definitely one of the most anticipated games in the video game industry right now, so hopefully the audience will hype. This time it was not unreasonable, and Hidataka Miyazaki once again managed to meet the expectations of his die-hard fans.

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