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Activision: World War II is the reason for the defeat of Call of Duty Vanguard

BingMag.com <b>Activision:</b> <b>World</b> <b>War</b> II is the <b>reason</b> for the <b>defeat</b> of <b>Call</b> of <b>Duty</b> Vanguard

The latest version of Call of Duty, Vanguard, did not get off to a good start and did not meet Activision's expectations. Earlier this year, it was reported that the game had sold 36% less than its predecessor, Cold War, in the first few months of release in the UK.

It has decreased by 40% to last year, and it is even interesting to know that the excitement and noise around the game is less than any version of this series that has been released in the last 10 years. Despite all this, in a new annual report from Activision, the company stated that the reason for Vanguard's lower-than-expected sales was the lack of innovation in the game and the use of World War II atmosphere was not appropriate for players accustomed to modern in-game battles. Is. Following is the full statement from the manufacturer:

While Call of Duty is one of the most successful entertainment series of all time, the original 2021 series did not live up to our expectations. We believe that the reason is mainly due to ourselves. The atmosphere of World War II was not to the liking of some of our users and we could not innovate as much as we wanted in the game.

BingMag.com <b>Activision:</b> <b>World</b> <b>War</b> II is the <b>reason</b> for the <b>defeat</b> of <b>Call</b> of <b>Duty</b> Vanguard

Of course, this game, which was released along with some other popular shooters such as Battlefield 2042 and Hilo Infinite, could have easily attracted a large audience if it had used its potential, but maybe users after 16 The year of the annual release of a series is tired of it and the series needs a break. Of course, there are rumors that the manufacturers' intention is not to release the annual Call of Duty. This news means that studios like Demonware, High Moon Studios, etc. can build other projects. Treyarch, Slughammer, and Infiniti Ward, on the other hand, can spend more time in the development cycle of the Call of Duty series without the help of other studios. And will not make similar mistakes in 2022. This year's version, Modern Warfare 2, is supposed to be the most advanced version in the history of the series, and its publisher intends to pay enough attention to the game space and innovation in this version. The game, developed by Infiniti, is said to include moral systems, weapons defects, and more. Ultimately, how players will react to these new systems will be determined over time.

Source: VG247

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