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15 scary characters in the history of video games

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

The story of gamers and horror games is the story of love and hate. A story full of stress and anxiety that is impossible to miss and has its own pleasures. From the very beginning of the video game industry, the horror genre has been able to gain a good place in the hearts of gamers with games that we all already know. Also, after a long time, we see various games in this genre every year that are of good quality and scare us again. However, what has made some of these games even more impressive is the presence of scary enemies and evil characters that have become players' nightmares.

Some of these enemies and evil characters are due to their appearance and movements. They have scared the players a lot and some of them have been able to appear impressive because of the story they have with them and the general atmosphere of the game. In this article, we are going to look at 15 of the scariest enemies in the history of video games. characters that will never leave our minds.

15. Clickers/Last Ace Series

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Clickers are infected people in the popular Last Ace collection. It takes them about a year to develop this shape after exposure to a brain infection, and they are significantly more powerful than normal humans due to long-term exposure to the fungus. Some argue that the real monsters of the list are uninfected humans. While this can not be denied, when it comes to real monsters, the game's nightmarish clickers will definitely take their place. Clickers are blind but sensitive to sound like bats. They put a lot of stress on players in close combat with their extraordinary sound, and they can not be easily eliminated. Players must rely on their stealth skills to avoid making as much noise as possible. However, in case of conflict, shooting them in the head or burning them with fire will be useful.

14. Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

One of the most terrifying killers in recent years Cinema, meaning Jason Verhiz, has finally made its way from the silver screen of cinema to video games. In 2017, this character received his own game. His role in Friday the 13th is as scary and bloody as you might expect. There are many games to choose from in the game, each with its own abilities and capabilities. It's a lot of fun to play Jason and slaughter other players, but escaping and hiding from him is as exciting as it is exciting. Although the game mechanism seems simple, but it is well implemented.

13. Necromorphs/Dead Space Series

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Necromorphs are living, mutated bodies whose sole purpose is to spread disease. And the creation of more necromorphs. They may look like space zombies, but what makes them different is the variety of mutations they make, and it's scary to deal with them all. One type is the divider, which has long limbs and a disheveled face. They are named because they are divided into five small spider-like monsters, just when they appear to be dead. However, perhaps the most frightening feature of necromorphs is their nail-biting screams.

12. The Witch (The Witch)/Left 4 Series Dead

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

The Witch is an infected and special person in the Left 4 series Dead is not initially hostile and is always sitting or crying or walking slowly. However, these cries are a warning and it is better to leave them alone as they are because if something happens and provoke them, their cries will turn into terrible screams. Believe me, you do not want to face a creature with a pale face, red eyes, a mouth full of bloody teeth, and long, sharp claws. It should be noted that these creatures react to light and the presence of ordinary humans and are also the only non-playable infected person.

11. Collectors (The Gatherers )/Amnesia: The Dark Descent

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

games The Amnesia series can create a kind of fear in you that few games can handle. Although it's very difficult to pick a scary creature from the whole set, the Gatherers from the Dark Descent version are still slightly ahead. These are the main enemies of the game and they will put a lot of stress on you whenever they are close. In these cases, your mental health decreases and the simple and clear fact that your main tool in the game is running and It is hiding instead of attacking, making any encounter with them much more terrifying. It is interesting to note that, apart from being merely evil creatures, they are in fact the remains of soldiers who left their station and ran to the forest to be punished as creatures. It has never been determined whether they are really dead or not, yet they are doomed to capture the castle.

10. Xenomorph/Alien game: Isolation

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Alien creature in Alien: Isolation game that Known specifically as Xenomorph XX121, it is a terrifying threat throughout the game. Xenomorphs are inherently violent creatures, and unlike other science-fiction stories that show aliens with advanced technology, they only seek to reproduce and will destroy all species. Usually we see a lot of them in the movies made about this creature, but in this game, most of the time we see only one of them. The player in the base should be aware of various events, and in the meantime hide from prying eyes, and if seen, you can only fire him temporarily for a while. In the end, being in the form of people who were followed in the movies by this alien creature is both attractive and will scare you a lot.

9. Terry Akers/SOMA game

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Terry Akers is the head of PATHOS-II, which is part of Delta is located. In the game, when the main character, Simon, first encounters him in the theta area, he finds him highly mutated, unrelated, and aggressive, and is forced to flee. Although Akers is very ugly and blind, he still seems to have a good sense of smell. He is very similar to the other scary enemies in the game, and while he can not see the light of Simon's flashlight, he can hear the sound on or off. In his presence, it is better to avoid making noise and do not get too close to him because he will follow you. His constant presence throughout the theta lab labs and his terrifying moan can annoy the player a lot.

8. Richard Trager/Outlast Game

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Othello has a lot of scary characters that have terrified players in different versions of this arithmetic series, however the main antagonist of the first part is Richard Trigger on another level. He is a madman who carries out dangerous experiments on humans. Trigger is a killer like the rest of the inmates in the game, but his mental abilities show that he still understands the truth, even if it is small. He also has an interesting story background that you better experience the game yourself to be aware of. It is worth mentioning that the scary scene when you face him, will remain in your mind for a long time, even after the game is over.

7. Laura/The Evil Within

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Laura is the sister of Royk Victoriano, who has evil and deadly powers Brought. A creature born out of the memory of his tragic death and Revenge's revenge, who is the boldest character in the first version of the Inner Devil series. He is almost immune to the bullet, but reacts strongly to the flame, a sign of a warehouse fire that severely injured him and led to his eventual death. As a result of the fire, Laura's altered form is no longer beautiful and becomes a players' nightmare. The creature's constant screams are probably a reflection of Ryuk's last memory of Laura screaming as she burns in the fire, and will not leave the players' minds for long. It is worth mentioning that Laura, in addition to the first version, also had a short presence in the second game of the series.

6. Slenderman/Slender: The Eight Pages

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Few can be found in stories Frightened to be interested but not to know Slanderman. Although various games of this scary character have been made over the years, Slender: The Eight Pages has been able to scare the players better. This is a first person horror game in which your only goal is to find eight cards about this supernatural being. However, they are not easy to find, and after finding each page, a noise appears on the page, notifying the player of Slanderman's presence. Seeing his white face and height from a distance is terrifying, but when he appears right in front of the player, he nails the player more than ever. On the other hand, finding one or more tabs does not save the game, and each time you are caught in the trap of Slanderman, you have to start the game from the beginning. This mechanism has caused many to give up the game due to the high pressure of the game.

5. Mr.X/Resident Evil 2 game

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

T-00 or Mr. X, Tyrant Was Who was sent to the city during the 1998 Raccoon City destruction. He was flown into the city on a mission to retrieve a sample of Sherry Birkin J virus and kill any surviving officers and civilians at Raccoon City Police Station; Where the murder operation of Lian S. Kennedy and Claire started Redfield trying to escort Sherry to safety. His steps alone in the remake of Resident Evil 2 had caused many to drop the game. On the other hand, the scene of his entry into the game, especially in the mentioned version, put so much stress on the players that we have seen it in less horrible effects so far.

4. Lisa (Game) .PT

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Time did not become a complete game, we will see. During her pregnancy, she was shot and killed by her husband in the right eye and abdomen. A message in the game states that her husband regrets his murder, apologizes and claims that there is a monster in her womb. It is said that Lisa's husband may have committed suicide after this incident. Lisa chases the protagonist through a corridor that is often crossed by a ring. Seeing him at the end of that deserted and dim corridor of the game had become a nightmare for many players. You never knew when he might show up, but if you were close to him, he would conquer you.

Alma Wade/.FEAR Series

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Alma Wade is the key character and main antagonist of the horror game series FEAR is a powerful psychologist who seeks revenge on Armacham Technology Company for using him in a series of inhumane experiments and secret projects. It can be said that Alma Wade is a testament to the fact that being scary does not require being tall and gigantic. Each time he appears, he hits the player and his presence is marked by supernatural activities around him. Undoubtedly, this character appeared in the best possible way in the first version of the series and scared the players a lot. Over the years, with the release of various editions of this series, Alma has been well received by critics and audiences and has often been praised for its terrifying nature.

2. Pyramid Head ( Pyramid Head )/Silent Hill Series

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Pyramid Head One Silent Hill is a scary monster that was introduced as one of the main antagonists in the second version of this series. In that game, he appears as a symbol of repressed sin, and the protagonist, James Sunderland, becomes angry at the murder of his wife. Throughout the game, the pyramid head wanders gently in Silent Hill, tormenting us. In addition, with his giant weapon that kills anyone in front of him with one blow, he has no problem killing other enemies in the game. He harasses enemies with the female sexist, kills the appearance of Miles's dead wife, and does not even give you the privilege of defeating him in battle. The use of pyramid schemes and indescribable violence is unlikely to leave the minds of players so easily.

Nemesis/Resident Evil 3 Game

BingMag.com 15 <b>scary</b> <b>characters</b> in the <b>history</b> of <b>video</b> games

Nemesis was one of the experimental bio-organic weapons developed by Laboratory No. Six Umbrella organizations were established in Europe. The Nemesis project was actually formed by the successful implantation of NE- parasites in T-103 hosts. When Umbrella reported the T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, it began sending its creatures to the city to take advantage of the crisis. Wanting to avenge the destruction of the T-002 Tyrant, Umbrella sent Nemesis to kill members of the S.T.A.R.S. He was flown in by helicopter with heavy weapons, including a rocket launcher. He eventually met the only surviving members, Brad Vickers and Jill Valentine. Vickers was able to warn Valentine, and although he was not killed by Nemesis, he was captured by zombies. In the end, Nemesis devoted himself to destroying Valentine.

He is the king of sudden fears, or jumpers, and follows you throughout the game. You can not kill him, you can not stop him, but at best you can escape, and even that is not always effective. Although Nemesis is smaller than other Umbrella tyrants, it has much higher intelligence and physical skills than its counterparts. He is the nightmare of many gamers, especially as a child, and there are few players who do not know him.

Source: IGN.com

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