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12 top bald characters in the history of video games

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Life has never been easy for anyone, and once you get into the realities of life and serious issues, it is as if a virus strikes a person who does not leave. The other half pulled comfortably. It is only then that problems attack you from the left and the right, and little by little you see that the hair of the head disappears one by one and the head becomes empty; Just like the scary scene from Death Stranding where the plants dry out with a special rainfall (timefall). Bald people can be found everywhere today, from movie actors to video game characters. In this article, we try to introduce the most famous and best bald characters in video games.

The world of video games does not have many bald spots and usually The studios are interested in making good-looking characters, but perhaps our most beloved characters are bald and we haven't even thought about it. Hair loss is not a reason to look at others differently, and it is perfectly normal. Haircuts and baldness have been a staple for many years, so if you've lost your hair, don't worry, it might be your next Jason Statham!

Hair also has its problems. For example, sunburn really hurts the scalp, and of course you have to shave your hair every day to look good. No other game studio has gone into such detail and portrayed the life of a bald character and his challenges, but only the action aspects of their lives and of course it is not clear how they lost their hair.

12. Solas

Game: Dragon Age Inquisition

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

The first bald spot we are going to deal with is not from the human race at all and has not had a hair from the beginning. He is Solas, a wizard elf from the Dragon Age game series, and I don't think anyone liked this long bald ear from the beginning. In fact, the further we go, the worse we feel for him, and at the end of the game, we learn important facts about him. He lives in the forest and is not very interested in talking. Although Solas is considered a magician, his magical powers are limited and he turns more to reason and wisdom. Usually, the characters of the series and the game, who get bald, either turn into violent killers or become wise and knowledgeable people. Solas also belongs to the second category.

Most people know Solas as a calm and wise person, and it seems that this bald head has caused him to use his intellect a little more. Fortunately, he has been bald since he was a child and there is no news of long hair in his race, so he does not need daily shaving, and not having hair has made his face dangerous and angry.

11. Bitores Mendez

Game: Resident Evil 4

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Resident Evil 4 is still one of the best games in the series, which opened a world of excitement and fear for us. The game also had scary opponents that were not easy to defeat. One of these opponents was Beatrose Mendes, a Catholic priest who preached the religion in remote areas of Spain. If you have experienced this horrible effect, you are definitely familiar with Mendes bald head, which for the first time, shines like lightning, and next to it, frowning beard and eyebrows, has created an extremely scary face.

Mendes Under the influence of chemical weapons, he became one of the main targets of the main characters of Resident Evil 4, including Leon Kennedy, and was eventually assassinated in Saltzar Castle. Not only is he one of the most well-known bald characters in video games, but he also knows how to rain, and his artificial eyes will keep his look in your mind for the rest of your life. The last moments of Mendes' life showed that he is a stubborn person and does not die so easily, and in the end he became a strange creature that I hope will one day be erased from my mind.

Perhaps Mendes's last words, as a person The bald face of the handsome Leon Kennedy is the heartache of a person who has just lost his hair: The blood that flows in your veins is no different from ours, but it seems that you are not one of us. "Remember that if one day we do not tolerate seeing you, then you will face severe consequences." We are glad that Mendes was killed by Leon and we no longer need to see the nightmare of that bald head and scary face!

10. Zavala Commander

Game: Destiny Collection

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

9. Dr. Eggman

Game: Sonic Series

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

The higher you go and the more you immerse yourself in science and knowledge, the better your chances of losing your hair, at least this is the disaster that befell Dr. Egman 's hated opponent Sonic Come! Dr. Egman is one of the characters created by Naoto Oshima, one of the famous designers of Sega Company, and in its design, the egg-shaped appearance of Naoto characters has been preserved. Egman is a mad scientist who, each time producing a new weapon, quickly seeks to conquer the world and create a new empire.

The process of creating one of the top bald characters in video games is very interesting. The Sega CEO is looking for a character who can compete with Nintendo's Mario. Many designs were recorded, but among them was an egg-shaped figure wearing pajamas, which at first glance bore a resemblance to then-President Theodore Roosevelt, but in the end the winner went to Sonic, and since a The antagonist was not defined for Sonic, the same pajamas were chosen, and he was named Dr. Egman because of his egg-shaped appearance.

She is wearing something special. The big figure, the bald head, the round glasses and the thick mustache are the opposite of what you would expect from a hated character, but the IQ 300 has definitely made him one of the most dangerous people. Being bald is really good for Dr. Egman, and it is not clear where these thick mustaches came from, after all, he is crazier than these professions who care about appearance; Power and empire are the only thing that pleases his heart.

8. Max Payne

Game: Max Payne 3

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

I struggled with myself several times to put Max Payne on this list, because he deliberately shaved his hair and after two dark games and killing hundreds, he decided to New faces, start your life anew. But that does not mean we should not consider him one of the top video game players in the world. Max has had a very painful past. He has lost his family, which was the meaning of his life, and he is looking for salvation, and he cannot save himself from this torment.

After various events, Max Payne decides to leave the United States and Forget old memories. In the first step, he decides to give up alcohol and get rid of his miserable condition. He then goes to the shaving machine and shaves his thick and beautiful hair, and it turns out that he turns into a bald person, whom it may not be easy to get in touch with at first. Anyway, bald face has turned him into a ruthless killer who knows no friend or foe.

One of Max Payne's most interesting quotes is a great lesson for us, and I think it's entirely related to his baldness. "What I think is that we have two kinds of people, those who spend their whole lives trying to build the future and those who spend their whole lives trying to revive the past," he says. It seems that by shaving his hair, he has decided to escape from the reconstruction of the past and become a new person.

You may say to yourself that Max Payne is not really bald and should not be on this list. But he is the only bald character on the list who we know how he lost his hair and we have also seen the details of his hair loss face to face. After all, if you are looking for Caspley and you do not have hair, who is better than Max Payne? Finally, we have to say to people who have just lost their hair: Be brave and free like Max.

7. Psycho Mantis

Game: Metal Gear Solid

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Metal Gear Solid game series has strange and remarkable giants, each of which is designed in a new and very creative way. These last giants pose a very difficult challenge for Snick, and perhaps the most difficult of them is Psycho Mantis. This mind control expert with extraordinary powers makes life difficult for Snick and maybe the moment of fighting him is one of the most memorable in the history of this series. Psycho Mantis is one of those bald video game characters who, unlike the rest, is neither a wise man nor a professional and cold-blooded killer; He probably has all the qualities that make a person hate us.

The life story of Psycho Mantis is as strange and mysterious as his presence in Metal Gear Solid. Born in the Cold War to a small village, he kills his mother at birth, and the first person he hates is his father. He was born with a strange and deformed face and it seems that he has not had any hair since the day and has been bald. Anyway, one day he discovers the power of mind-reading and realizes how his father feels about him and decides to destroy the village like crazy, and this is how his father dies in the flames.

Psycho Mantis He is one of the characters in video games that no one has ever seen, and since he always has a gas mask on his face, only his hairless head can be seen. It is interesting to know that the reason for using the mask is to prevent people from entering the thoughts and feelings of people and he does not want to be influenced by the thoughts of others at all and uses the ability of mind reading only when necessary. He was a KGB agent for a long time and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he immigrated to the United States and worked as an interrogator for the US Federal Police. Came.

The last minutes of his life are interesting and shocking in their own way. Snick finally removes the mask from his face and we see that ugly and strange face and that is when we get to know his hard and difficult life. His last words are very interesting in their own way and he tells Snick that he is not a bad person and Snick is the devil in his mind and for the first time, he uses his powers to help Snick.

Psycho Mantis Once in his life, he has not experienced the feeling of love and has only been ridiculed; Reminding people who make fun of others for their appearance and not his final words, they report deep pain: "Humans were not created to make each other happy, and from the first moment we are thrown into this world, our destiny is that something We bring nothing but pain and misery to each other. "

6. Rude

Game: Final Fantasy Series 7

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Rude is exactly the bald character in the video game we expect to see on this list. In fact, he has the form of a person who has lost his hair over time and, for this reason, has decided to give himself a charismatic and scary look. He is one of the characters who usually has a very good type and wears stylish and attractive clothes and uses his hair properly./p>

Rude's character belongs to a group of Xinra's special agents called Turk. He is a calm and at the same time ruthless person who has no hair on his head. If you remember the beginning of Final Fantasy 7, you will see that he always shaves his head and seems to like being bald. The use of special glasses has also given him an attractive appearance, which is in addition to the Turk uniform, which is a well-embroidered black suit with a black tie, which perfectly suits his personality.

He is a very serious and very regular person and he does all his duties on time and is known as one of the villains who behaves quite professionally and even Aerith thinks that he is a person with good intentions and himself. He believes that he is not a bad person and has a good nature and should only do his job, and this may be cruel. He was with Reno for eight years, always watching over him and his bold actions, and the battle scene with him in Final Fantasy 7 is very epic.

We first said that the bald characters in video games They usually have a series of characteristics that are close to each other, or they are crazy and warlike people who want to conquer the world and come out of unpleasant events, or they are wise and knowledgeable people and the last type of them are cold-blooded and ruthless killers. Giving hair to Rude has made him the number three type, who is also extremely skilled in his work. Since he prefers hand-to-hand combat, he may think that if he shaves his hair, the enemy will not be able to use it and knock him down.

5. Quan Chi

Game: Mortal Kombat Collection

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Mortal Kombat game world is full of bald characters. You know that most Shaolin fighters do not have hair on their heads, and this style seems to be for them. One of the bald characters in the Mortal Kombat series is called Quan Chi, who is evil in every sense of the word. He is one of those people who appears as a negative character and also appeared for the first time in Mortal Kombat game Mythologies: Sub-Zero. He uses black magic and martial arts to attack, and although he is a fierce fighter, he is in fact more known as a cool and intelligent person who tries to guess all the opponent's next moves. This has led enemies such as Subzero and Scorpio to try to stop him. Mortal Kombat is better known and has a completely hairless head, and it seems that his race has made him not have hair. Mortal Kombat game designers have made many changes to the appearance of Quan Chi character and we have seen various clothes on him. Kwanchi is exactly one of those video game tricks that has the characteristics of all three types of tricks. On the one hand, he is a warrior and crazy, and on the other hand, he is cold-blooded and ruthless, and on the other hand, he is smart and intelligent. The presence of these traits in his character has made him an enemy and it is unlikely that you will be able to find this bald model in reality. has done. He does not seem to be happy about being bald and has filled the void with creative ideas! If you are also a brave and courageous fighter, you can use your baldness.

4. Futoshi Shimano

Game: Yakuza Series

BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

Yakuza game series is full of interesting and remarkable characters with incredible design style. Few games can be found that pay so much attention to the shape and image of characters and facial animations, and this size, introduce charismatic people to the game industry. Futoshi Shimano is one of the characters in the Yakuza series who is exactly the right person for our list. He is exactly one of those big bald people that one gets poisoned when one sees him. You may think of characters like Magima as yakuza, but Shimano is just one example of a villain who can finish your job with a handful. It was Dojima and later became part of the Tojo family. He appeared in various versions of the game Yakuza and for the first time appeared in Yakuza 1 as a villain. Yakuza fans may know him better because of his presence in Yakuza 0, as he was an important figure in shaping Majima's story and overall character. Fotoshi is one of the bald people in the game world who intentionally shaves his hair and likes to be bald so that everyone is afraid of him and no one dares to make any extra moves.

Shimano always wears a suit, except when Who wants to show his yakuza tattoo to the other side, and this move has only one meaning: that the other side is going to be beaten as much as possible. Shimano is a very cruel person and understands no language other than violence. He believes that everything should be in order and that the person who rises up against him will have a painful fate. He started his career with the Dojima family and was able to quickly rise to the top and then decided to start separate families. Kazama believed that he was a fool and hated him very much. !

3. (Sagat)


BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

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2. 47 (Agent 47)


BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

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1. (Kratos)


BingMag.com 12 top bald characters in the history of video games

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