10 video game characters who would make good comedians

A good comedian is someone who is funny, has great passion and skill for performing live. A good comedian must be smart, a good writer and a good actor at the same time. He must be able to impress and entertain the audience. Comedy is hard work. That's why we only have great and terrible comedians and the middle ground is rare. But the great ones are really great, and no one should watch George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Jon Stewart, Bill Meyer. Bill Maher, Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Dennis Leary and Sarah Silverman.

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

A good comedian is someone who is funny, has great passion and skill for performing live. A good comedian must be smart, a good writer and a good actor at the same time. He must be able to impress and entertain the audience. Comedy is hard work. That's why we only have great and terrible comedians and the middle ground is rare. But the great ones are really great, and no one should watch George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce, Jon Stewart, Bill Meyer. Bill Maher, Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Dennis Leary and Sarah Silverman.

What are the candidates for the best stand-up comedian in the world of video games? Read this list to find out the answer to this question.

Note: To make it humorous, I got a little creative and wrote the list as if these characters were real comedians and not video game characters.


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10. Duke Nukem from Duke Nukem Series Blue

Golden dialogue: "Oh... your butt is in the grass and the lawnmower is in my hand."

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Duke Newcome specializes in two things: rudeness and self-deprecation. Like Stephen Colbert and Sarah Silverman, he pretends to be the thing he's trying to satirize and then magnifies it to a humorous, surreal scale to make the audience laugh. For example, one of the things he mocks is the "action hero" image, so he has all the characteristics of an action hero in the most exaggerated form: muscular body, stupid blonde hair, cigars, extreme arrogance, disregard for humanity and sense. Righteousness and exceptionalism that is specific to Americans. Also, he satirizes the extreme objectification and sexualization of women by the media, because he himself does it in a more extreme and ridiculous way. He portrays himself as a grumpy person, but maybe too grumpy! For this reason, his humor includes rude statements, words with sexual content and grandiose rants.

Some people may criticize his comedy style for being too rude. This notion is partly true; His sense of humor is completely dependent on toilet, sexual, and perhaps even childish jokes. But he deserves your respect, because his comedy is brave, sardonic, and hilarious.

Duke Newcom Roy's high-pitched voice and charisma make him impossible to ignore when he's performing stand-up.

h2>9. Dante from Devil May Cry Series (Dante from Devil May Cry Series)

Golden dialogue: [to his brother]: Well, at least we have something in common. My family is hot too.

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

If the Duke is a character who pretends to be a jerk rather than being a jerk. Come on, Dante is a real jerk and he knows it. Knowing this, he mocks every poor person who is in front of him. He mocks his many lovers and family members, especially his brother, because they had a big fight. Also, anyone who criticizes him will not be safe from his stings and sarcasms. Whenever someone in the audience jumps at him (and you can be sure it will happen a lot), he will put him in his place with a witty insult. He is from no one and He is not ashamed of anything and ridicules the people for their ugliness or stupidity.

Dante is very proud, but no one scolds him for this. Because his humor is always accompanied by a sense of justice and honor. More than anything, he mocks people for their hypocrisy and immorality. He has always been a brave preacher of justice and has defended the weak.

Unfortunately, after a tragic incident, he lost his sense of humor and became a very serious person. This is a great loss for the world of comedy.

8. Bayonetta from Bayonetta Series Golden: You know, you don't look so ugly when you're screaming.

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Bayonetta is similar to Dante in being a jerk, and like him is a cruel sarcastic who excels at insulting those he doesn't like. He was nothing more than an outsider. However, the difference between him and Dante is that the content of his stand-up routine is much darker and targets those who are less deserving of ridicule. One of his constant victims will be angels and persons who are servants of the light. This made his shows very controversial, as he would describe himself as a "sinister" comedian.

He became famous for his stand-up acts at a comedy bar and club called the Gates of Hell. He is also a very good dancer Seth is not afraid to show some nudity from time to time, as she is very attractive to her male audience. For example, one of his famous jokes goes like this: "I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that one of the reasons I'm hunting your species is because you're so ugly that I'd rather you stay alive." Or "You know, you don't look so ugly when you're screaming."

7. Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII (Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII) Gaya

Golden dialogue: "We are going to launch a basic Shalap Sholop." Therefore, hold your underwear tight and don't wet yourself!" There was Cloud and Tifa - famous J-pop singers - Sephiroth - male underwear model for Calvin Klein - and Erith - tragic victim of serial murders by the Manson family. He was once a pilot, but then turned to stand-up comedy. His style of comedy is angry comedy. He is very rude and swears constantly and loses his temper. He's at his best when he suddenly starts yelling at the audience, sweating and shaking with genuine rage and cursing every second. However, every line that comes out of his mouth is pure comedy gold. He is a chain smoker and smoking is a constant part of his jokes. His comedy, like Dante's comedy, is associated with a sense of honor and moralism, and he is a very kind person inside. His audience and fans know that he is angry about losing his dreams in life and because of that they identify with him more. Global warming and pollution are among his biggest concerns and he mercilessly mocks those who hide these issues.

He is also famous for making fun of his own friends. Cloud and Shinra are his usual targets, but his pranks never ruin his friendships, because his friends know not to take his insults personally, and there is a kind of kindness and genuine love between him and his friends. He even named a plane after his friend Shinra.

Once he was invited to host a show at Disneyland, he created a huge controversy because he maintained his rude comedy style. Because of this issue, television has banned him from filming. I think they shouldn't have taken him seriously when he said: "Yes, I also participate in children's programs".

6. GLaDOS from Portal Series (GLaDOS from Portal Series)>

Golden Dialogue: When I said 'deadly neurotoxin', the word 'deadly' was in big quotation marks, which implied sarcasm. I can bathe in this neurotoxin, put it on my breakfast cereal, rub it on my eyes. Honestly, it's not fatal at allfor me, of course. But for you, it's going to be a lot less funny being deadly.

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Gladus is very quiet, tired and almost It looks sad. She speaks in a monotone voice and reminds you of a lazy woman who is always grumbling. But his attraction is no matter what age It showcases most of his comedic abilities, as he fires off a succession of witty, sarcastic, and hurtful insults. You'd better pray you're not the target of his attacks, because he'll let you know in that quiet voice that you're bored and ugly and fat and better off suffocating and dying. He lies a lot and tries to embarrass you in every way by using his fancy language and complicated mind. He exposes all your flaws - real or not.

He is absolutely vile. He does not care about your person, human dignity or political decency. He just wants to annoy you by throwing insults at you. What makes his comedy so unique and interesting is the deep contrast between his formal language and polite tone and the insulting and brutal content of what he says.

He is a comedian you should pay attention to. His jokes are sophisticated and clever, and sometimes you have to think about them to understand their true meaning. But when you get the necessary understanding, you will see that it is worth it.

5. The Bard from The Bard's Tale (The Bard from The Bard's Tale)>

Golden dialogue: "The latest trend I'm following is involving myself in a story I don't know what it is."

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Naqal is lesser known than the rest of the comedians on the list, but he is as good as any of them. His specialty is satirizing the role-playing style by discarding its rules and stereotypes and pointing out its illogical and incoherent aspects. Long before Skyrim's logic was questioned by memes, Naqal was doing something similar in a smarter and funnier way. His comedy style is a gold mine of satire and can be compared to the comedy of Leslie Nielsen's films. But his literary and elegant speech style and the intelligent short sentences he says make him appear much superior and smarter than his peers.

He is like comedians such as David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. Brien) has someone with whom intelligent words are exchanged. This person is none other than a voice called the narrator (The Narrator) whose talent in the field of comedy is well conveyed and the dialogues that are exchanged between them are a unique example of comedy. Also, Naqal makes fun of his audience from time to time and tries to put them in their place.

His main subject for making jokes is mocking ideals such as chivalry and heroism. He exposes the stereotypes and shortcomings of such concepts and in this respect he is not only like Dante, but he is also kind of anti-Dante. Also, he often jokes about the differences between men and women. He is very pessimistic about the possibility of a real hero and romance in the world, and his job is to destroy people's dreams and fantasies.

4. Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango (Manny Calavera from Grim Fandango)

nickname: Angel of Death p>

Golden dialogue: "This is my rule: I will never touch anything that is more complicated and delicate than myself."

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Manny Calavera is perhaps the funniest and darkest comedian on this list. Thinking and mentioning the essence of death. Most of his jokes are about this subject. He has a very sarcastic, pessimistic and deterministic approach to this issue. One wonders how he can be so funny and dark at the same time. He is very funny and intelligent. Despite his cynicism, he has a heroic secretary and a rigid ethic about right and wrong. He's also very competitive and always compares himself to other people in a funny way.

It's pretty clear that Manny thinks he's being bullied. He feels that the world has misplaced him and he feels the injustice of the universe on his shoulders. Also, he portrays his relationship with women in a sarcastic way, and in his opinion they are comedic seductress.

Also, Manny has a special interest in thriller and film noir style and constantly references and teases the classic works of the genre.

3. Sam and Max from Sam and Max Series Rabbit

Golden dialogue: "The toilet daddy's grave." I have to go get some water!

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Max (the rabbit-like creature) is cute and he knows it. He mentions it constantly ("I'm cute and marketable!"), but never trust his pretense. He is more rude, sarcastic and cynical than all the characters on the list; Other than that, he's completely insane and unstable. His jokes are violent and show that he has no value for human life and dignity. He never hides the sadistic pleasure he derives from the pain of others. Also, he pretends to be dumb and pretends to be misunderstood in understanding simple words and rules. However, his dialogues are so funny and clever that you're willing to forgive him for being crazy.

His best friend is Sam (a dog-like creature). He is also a comedian and these two together form a comedy couple. They often appear together on age. Sam is usually expected to be a little wiser and keep Max's madness under control, but Max usually tempts him to join in on his pranks. The totals of these two together are among the best in history. They make fun of each other and throw in bits of genius. Their relationship is one of the best two-person dynamics imaginable.

2. Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins: Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins ; Bitter, but rich

Golden dialogue: Apparently everyone agrees that the best time to start killing each other is when the plague is everywhere. It's really amazing.

BingMag.com 10 video game characters who would make good comedians

Morrigan is one of the most controversial comedians. He often mocks religion and social norms. His comedy, while occasionally crude, is known more for sharp satire and dealing with taboo issues than for being crude; This is the difference between his comedy and that of Sid Highwind and Duke Newcome. He is a staunch atheist and supporter of the free love movement. His specialty is exposing the hypocrisy and absurdity of society by targeting its core: the core called morality and tradition. He ridicules concepts such as love, charity and social justice and thus exposes the true face of society. He is very pragmatic and straightforward, and with his pragmatic behavior that has almost a Machiavellian aspect, he exposes and mocks society and its foolish ideals and its double nature.

He had a very bad childhood and his mother was very cruel and strict. He mentions his mother a lot in his jokes and makes her the target of jokes. Apparently, he has a love-hate relationship with his mother. It means that he both dislikes him and looks up to him as a role model at the same time.

He is the master of all things, because he has the best possible answer for anyone who taunts him, and that's why he always defeats his rivals. He puts them in their place. Of course, there is no need for anyone to provoke him to do this, because he insults everyone on his own without any particular reason. She has a very strained relationship with Alistair, a televangelist. The two once appeared on a show together, and when a dog was brought on stage, Morrigan remarked, "How weird. Bring a dog here... But Alistair is still the dumbest creature in the room."

He is considered a great comedian, because he makes us laugh and makes us think.

1 . Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island Series (Guybrush Threepwood from Monkey Island Series) Between the pirates

Golden dialogue: "I see the depth of the world's children who are living in peace and freedom. No, wait, that's certainly not what I see. It's too dark to know what you are. He is very naive; However, it has an ingenious twist on the satirical discourse. On the surface, he seems like a dreamer and naive (his tagline is: "I am a powerful pirate!"), but the complexity and depth of his genius is revealed when he deals with jokes and reacts to situations and with Educated language raises some insightful points. His comedic style is subtle and he pokes fun at everyone, including himself. His comedy is not cruel, but it is very intelligent and thoughtful.

Of course, he is not always a moral person and from time to time he shows it by entering the realm of questionable morality. He is also a proud and self-confident person. Aside from his quick wit, Guybrush seems very literate. He can read long paragraphs of literature and pronounce very difficult and complex words correctly without stuttering.

The factor that made Guybrush take the top spot on the list - apart from his comedic quality is unrivaled. - His complexity. He is kind and mischievous, intelligent and naive, a lover and an opportunist, and polite and rude, and he moves smoothly between all these opposite poles. Whatever you expect from a comedy, Guybrush will somehow meet your expectations.

Other characters that could have been on the list

All the names below You see (with one exception), the community members' suggestions are the "Top Ten". I have commented on each one and as you can see, I have no valid defense for not including these names in my list.

Wheatly Portal 2: Date Was originally supposed to be on the list, but in the end I decided that Gladus was cuter.
Kefka Final Fantasy VI: Could have been on the list JC Denton Deus Ex: Could be on the list. Earthworm Jim ):
As the poster pointed out, he experiences funny things more than he is funny himself.
Varric Dragon Age 2: It was originally going to be on the list, but I ended up deciding that Morrigan is not only funnier, but a better choice.
Jansen Lost Odyssey: Could have been on the list.
Quina Final Fantasy IX: I don't like this character. Apologies.
Gordon Freeman Half-Life: The poster who suggested him is a real comedian.
Nathan Drake Uncharted (Nathan Drake Uncharted): Looks a lot like Dante.
Wobbufet Pokemon series (Wobbufet Pokemon): I think it's funnier in anime adaptations than in games.
Joker Mass Effect: Could have been on the list, but may have fallen victim to my bias towards the Mass Effect series.
Zack, Phat And Pik - Star Control (Zoq, Fot, Pik - Star Control): I have to admit my ignorance. One of the posters introduced them and my research turned up nowhere.
HK-47 - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: strong> could have been on the list, but I didn't want the number of robots to be more than one.
Spider-Man & Joker Batman Arkham Series : None are video game characters
Roman & Brucie GTA IV: Could have been on the list.
Dexter The Jack Collection Dexter Jak Series): Could be on the list.
Gala Legend Of Legaia: Could be on the list.
Xigbar/Braig & Axel/Lea Kingdom Hearts: Sorry, I didn't like them.
Barry Stackfries The Collection Barry Steakfries: Not enough information about him I heard.
Voodoo Vince: I didn't know enough about him.
Kurt Hectic - MDK:> I didn't know enough about him.
Lo Wang Shadow Warrior Collection: I didn't know enough about him.
Glider Skies of Arcadia ( Glider Skies of Arcadia): Could be on the list.
Grayson Bulletstorm: Could be on the list, but too similar to Duke Newcom.
Eddie Riggs Brutal Legend: Could be on the list.
Zeke Infamous: Could have been on the list.
Travis Touchdown No More Heroes: Could have been on the list, but something special for I had nothing to say about him. Prince of Persia):
I didn't think he was supposed to be funny.
DeathSpank: There are many similar characters on the list.
Scooter - Borderlands: I didn't find him funny.
Announcers - MadWorld: Not a real character.
They are funny, but they are not funny outside of the game. That means they can't do stand-up.
Conker Conker's Bad Fur Day: Definitely could have been on the list. If the list was longer, it would have been 11.
Calypso Twisted Metal: It certainly could have been on the list. If the list was longer, he would have been ranked number 12.
Abisumaru Mystic Ninja with Game Goemon (Ebisumaru The Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon): I have no information about him.
Damon Baird Gears of War: Could be on the list has, but is very similar to Duke Nukem.
Nuke Usagimaru Hack Collection (.hack): His true profession is as a stand-up comedian, hence his inclusion in the list. It wasn't creative.
Scout (or even half of the game's classes) Scout Team Fortress 2: They're funny for what they do, otherwise they have no stand-up potential. .
Hades Kid Icarus Uprising: Could be on the list, but it's too similar to me.
Mirror Bay Pokemon Coliseum (Miror B. Pokemon Coliseum): I didn't know enough about him.
Gregg the Grim Reaper Conker's Bad Fur Day:> could be in the index
Zanthia Legend of Kyrandia: I am one of her biggest fans. Maybe if the list was longer, he would have taken the 13th place. But there are many characters from this genre in the list.
Fawful Mario & Luigi: I didn't know enough about him.
Nick Kong - True Crime: Los Angeles (Nick Kang - True Crime: LA): I think he was too simple and shallow.

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