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10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

It was three decades ago that Sonic, this blue hedgehog, was first introduced to the world of video games. Sonic's first appearance was on the Mega Drive console, and at a time when the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo was hot, Sonic was actually a character to compete with Mario. Decades later, even though Sega's consoles are no more, the company is still doing its best to keep Sonic alive in the world of video games. Sonic also has a high potential for performing various and fast movements. So far, Sonic has been moving so fast and fast that he has become a fun and popular character in the world of video games and even beyond. Speed in the Sonic series was an element that Sega used to market the game and maximize the sales of its consoles in the 1990s. Sega, in an effort to overtake the gaming industry of the time and compete with Nintendo, created the popular Sonic character and succeeded in doing so, so that Sonic is still one of the best and most interesting characters in the world of video games. This character is able to do it that could not be performed by any other character for a long time.

Sonic has many interesting moves and masterpieces, not all of which can be mentioned in one article. We have mentioned ten of them in this article. We start this article with a reference to Sonic's latest exciting move in video games, and that is nothing but Drop Dash in Sonic Mania. With "Drop Dash", the enemy can be eliminated faster and easier by jumping and rolling, and as before, there is no need to combine several movements and press several different buttons.

10. Transform from one form to another with the help of aliens (Wisps)

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

Sonic Colors Released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo V consoles. At a time when Sega was no longer offering a console for the video game industry, its only activity was making games. Sonic Colors was in fact Sega's attempt to present an innovative game to compete with its contemporaries' 3D games. In addition to the usual moves, Sonic Colors provided a mechanism for the game's blue hedgehog, Sonic, to transform into another creature for a moment with the help of in-game items. These items, or aliens with different colors, gave Sonic different abilities and were called wisp. The Vespas added capabilities to the Sonic movement, including turning into an orange rocket that launches at breakneck speed and even destroys obstacles passing through them. Or by turning into a yellow drill, it allows Sonic to penetrate the ground and reach inaccessible places. The Nintendo Sonic Colors version had other exclusive features as well. For example, it allowed Sonic to stick to the wall in the form of pink nails, allowing him to access other areas. The use of spin dash was also one of the exclusive features of Sonic Colors on Nintendo V. Players who are new to this game can easily understand the mechanics of using whistles in the gameplay and use it quickly. Vespa gives Sonic a wide range of capabilities to interact with the game world, making it a much more enjoyable experience for the player.

9. Escape from Danger

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

Although Sonic was a popular character in the game at breakneck speed, Sega Do not refrain from the idea that various dangers can be placed in the shadow of this character in pursuit of the shadow. Thus, moments were created when dangerous items and creatures approached Sonic in interesting ways, jeopardizing his high-speed mission. The presence of these dangers during the game gave it more excitement and brought more entertaining gameplay for the audience.

The game designers did their best to create moments of more excitement and get closer to all kinds of possible dangers. They were sonic. Meeting Sonic with these dangers and overcoming them started as fast as possible from the very first Sonic game in this series. Where in the second stage, called the Marble Zone, we see Sonic, who must overcome the lava and save himself from the danger of melting in this molten material. This was also the case in Sonic 3 and in the first phase. Or, for example, in the game "Sonic Adventure", in the first stage, called the Emerald Coast, Sonic is trying to overtake a wall that does not stop chasing, and the stairs behind Sonic or the decks while escaping by this Walls are broken. Another good example of this type of Sonic movement is in Sonic Adventure 2, when the truck starts chasing Sonic with great speed and power. Leaving this truck behind and escaping from the danger of being overtaken by it is accompanied by double excitement for each player. The arrival of the blue hedgehog in escape from adversity is the game camera that does not let you know where you are going until the last moment. This factor, along with the dangers that follow you, is a unique feature of Sonic games in the video game world that keeps every player entertained for hours.

8. Struggles Sonic fights to save his world, but as expected, he has no worthy rivals to fight. And Sonic's fighting power is not well represented in this platformer game series. Therefore, the existence of competitions and tournaments with the presence of Sonic in the world of video games helps to show the fighting power of this popular character. Like many other fighting games of the era, such as Tekken, Street Fighter, and King of Fighters, which showcased the characters' strength and agility during the fight, Sonic deserved to be involved in a fun and spectacular fight. The character first appeared in the fights with Sonic the Fighters in 1996 and later in 2003 with Sonic Battle on Nintendo's Adonis gameboy handheld console. Despite these fights in the world of Sonic, the biggest entry of this character into the world of fighting took place with the game Super Smash Bros. In 2006, Nintendo announced the presence of Sonic in the Super Smash Bros. tournaments, which were well received by Sonic and Mario fans. The game also announced the presence of the Snake character from the Metal Gear game series, who, along with Sonic, joins Mario and other Nintendo characters in the game. In this game, Sonic can show off his fighting power by punching and kicking, as well as his own spin dash or symbolic rotation, and attack them for points.

7. Running on the Wall

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

Walls are a way to run in the world of video games. Something that is impossible for many of us in the real world! Sonic has used this wall-running move like other video game characters, adding to the excitement due to its high speed. After the world of the Sonic game set became three-dimensional, the walls were no longer the usual platforms for two-dimensional games, and one could feel the danger of falling from the sides of the game. However, the high-speed Sonic not only ran smoothly on these walls, but could even maneuver down a lot.

This stressful run was first seen in the Sonic Adventure; The moment when the player in the role of Sonic escapes from the top of a tall building while robots are chasing him. Later, in other games such as Sonic Adventure 2, we also saw this movement, such as escaping from the building walls in the City Escape stage in Sonic Adventure 2. These exciting moves of Sonic in Sonic Generation are the source of design inspiration for many stages and create interesting and exciting moments for the player.

6. Grinding

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

It was in Sonic Adventure 2 that Sonic stepped on the railings With his acrobatic moves, he found his way by jumping over fences and rails. Sonic had a good balance of movement on the railings without the need for a skateboard, and only with the strength of his feet and those Michael Jackson shoes. Maintaining balance in these moves is well designed for Sonic and the other characters in the game, and in Sonic Adventure 2 we see a large amount of this slipping off the railings by Sonic and other characters. Sega used this move in subsequent games as well, and was very helpful to Sonic and his friends in completing missions and passing various stages.

5. Super Sonic

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

It was in Sonic 2 and the Sega Genesis console that Sonic's character first appeared. Became Super Sonic. In this situation, we are faced with a more powerful sonic that can have twice as many capabilities as normal. The idea for Super Sonic, in other words having a superpower in the game, was inspired by the popular anime series of the 80's called DragonBall. In this anime, a number of main characters could become "super-ups" and thus gain multiple and even supernatural powers. Of course, becoming a supersonic is not that simple. The player must collect all the items called Chaos Emerald in the game to be able to activate this feature. This item found its way into other games, and in many cases, such as the final stages of Sonic Adventure 2, integrates well with the gameplay and story of the game. In the game "Sonic and Knuckles", the player can collect six more items than normal by taking the Super Chaos Emerald item, and as a result, he gets closer to becoming a Super Sonic.

4. Casino machines

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

Casino If in the real world it is risky and expensive, in the world of Sonic is an idea It is interesting to get golden rings and fill with lifeblood. In Sonic 2, this fascinating pastime with popular springs, pinball machines and neon bumpers is popular. Popular mini-games like Bingo were added to the game. Using slot machines, the player can gain or lose a significant amount of the ring, and the interesting thing is that Sonic does not lose his life by losing the rings, and can continue to play, which is a generous move. Due to the type of entertainment that is limited to adults, in the Sonic world, there was no age limit for experiencing it!

3. Acceleration like a bullet (Spin Dash)

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

The head of this move for the first time in the game Sonic 2 was discovered and became one of the most famous and repetitive movements of the blue hedgehog. It all started when Sonic could hit obstacles in the game with a swirling motion and destroy them. The same sonic roundness and rotation is actually derived from the real-world hedgehog. In the game world, Sonic destroys them with a spin and hits the enemy with the help of his thorns and removes obstacles. Of course, if you did not succeed in performing this move in the game for the first time, you are not alone! That's why Sega introduced "Spin-Dash". By pressing the button and jumping in the game, the spin-dash movement can be charged and used. Spin Dash also appeared in the next Sonic games and was never removed from the Sonic world.

2. City Skating

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

Sonic Adventure 2 in the Sonic world is one of the most iconic and popular episodes in this series. Is. Sega at the time, considering that it had not released a new console, did not stop making games for its Dreamxt console and tried to compensate for its weakness in the console market by offering good games. The Adventure series is a relic of that era that is memorable for many of us. In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic is charged with a felony and is fleeing a police helicopter. In this chase, Sonic blows up an iron door and uses it as a large skateboard on the city streets! This move became one of the most interesting and exciting Sonic moves in this game series. With the help of other elements in this stage, such as spectacular music and graphics and colorful environment, City Escape stage became one of the most enduring stages of the Sonic series, and in other games of this series, such as Sonic Generation, return to this region and create We are mini-games with this theme.

1. Running in the Rings

BingMag.com 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games

If you're an old Sonic fan, this is probably the most interesting and iconic The movement that you remember from this character is running fast through the rings in the game path. This move has been present in this series since the first Sonic game and is still one of the fascinating and inseparable moments of this game series. We all remember the first time Sonic ran into the ring in Green Hill. We knew what a horrible move running inside the ring was, and we all wanted to try it. This was the moment when Sega showed itself and proved that "Blast Processing" is the power of Sega Genesis and what Sonic can do. Players take control of Sonic and are accelerated from the start, allowing them to spin inside rings and collect the rims.

Sonic has a lot of interesting moves in different games. With one turn of his enemy, he defeats Dr. Egman, knows how to skate, can break breaks during his victories, and many other interesting moves that are fascinating and memorable. Sonic is a lovely hedgehog who, of course, can not swim like the hedgehogs of our world! Sonic can even ski and can snowboard on snow. The first time we saw Sonic on a snowboard was in Sonic 3 at the Ice Cap Zone stage. The game was released in 1994, when spending the winter holidays in the mountains with snowboarding became very popular, and everyone welcomed the idea of being able to experience such moments in the game world. So Sega stepped in and increased the popularity of the Sonic series with this move. The idea came to fruition even later in Sonic Adventure, dragging Sonic back to the snowy hills, this time giving players an even longer snowboarding experience. The story of Snowboard and Sonic did not end there, and Sega once again, this time in collaboration with Nintendo, introduced snowboarding to Sonic, Mario and even the friends of the two characters in Sonic and Mario at the Winter Games. This game is an experience for the rivalry between Mario and Sonic in the common world.

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