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10 Disney Worlds We Like to See at Kingdam Hearts 4

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

We still do not believe that the Kingdom Hearts game series is set to continue after a stormy ending. "Kingdam Hearts 4" has just been unveiled and is set to continue the series in the form of a completely new storyline. In all parts of Kingdam Hearts, we travel to different Disney Worlds and meet different characters from these movie series. Kingdam Hearts 3 was accompanied by a very large presence of recent and major Disney and Pixar series, and we think this trend will be followed in the fourth part as well. And are full of different Worlds and characters and references to Disney. In the early games of the series, we came across more of the Disney classic series; Collections Like Peter Pan, Snow White, Demon and Sleeping Beauty. Kingdam Hearts went a step further and even brought Disney series that we never imagined would fit into Kingdam Hearts, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" or "Tran" to these games.

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

After a few minor and major side games in the Kingdam Hearts series, we were more or less convinced that only Disney's creations had a chance to win. Attend the game; That means subdivisions Like Pixar, which started a few years before Kingdam Harts were made, were probably never going to make it to the game series. However, Kingdam Hearts 3 even changed that.

At Kingdam Hearts 3, we saw the addition of Pixar Worlds such as Monster Inc. and Toy Story. . At the same time, instead of the classic and permanent Disney series that were in Kingdam Harts, "Frozen", "Tangled", "Big Hero 6" and a number of other series came to Kingdam Harts 3.

All of this has convinced us that not only is Kingdam Hearts 4 likely to have every Disney and Pixar suite, but we need to look at other Disney subsidiaries as well.

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Disney now owns all Marvel and Star Wars. Disney has even bought Fox since the release of Kingdam Hearts 3; That means Exman movies, avatars, or robots also have a chance to become Kingdam Hearts 4 worlds. Disney fictional deals have even made it possible for Bart Simpson and Peter Griffin to be at Kingdam Hearts; Of course, we doubt that these characters will come to Kingdam Hearts and make friends and comrades.

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We finally decided to take a look at all of Disney's collections and select some of the best. Our criteria for choosing these worlds, the possibility of designing the gameplay and the stage in their world, the capacity to fit in the Kingdam Hearts storyline and the characters' interaction with this world, and Like all the texts you read in your life, are the author's personal taste. Kingdam Hearts 4 has also found a more realistic graphic style as a game for PlayStation 5; As a result, we have taken into account the fact that the selected Worlds are more realistic and less fantasy than in the past. Harts 4 to take place, and which Disney world you would Like to See in Kingdam Harts 4.

10. Zootopia

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Before Kingdam Hearts 3, it was sometimes possible for Sora and his comrades to enter a world Disney, they too will look Like the characters of that world, and their design will have the same style and context as that Disney world. This was the case at Kingdam Hearts 3, and a different model of Sora, Goofy and Donald was designed for each world. This is not the first time that Sora and her comrades look Like animals, but we think the world of "Zootopia" can provide a whole new capacity for designing different characters of Kingdam Hartz.

In terms of design Stage and gameplay, as well as the world of Zotopia can be a very large hub including part of the city. Obviously, thanks to the PlayStation 5 hardware, this part of the city can be reconstructed with a quality close to the original animation and with the same hustle and bustle. Sora, Donald and Goofy can roam the city in the role of three new animals and take the main and secondary stages. A few mini-games can also be present in the city.

9. Robots

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Selecting "Robots" as one of our favorite Worlds at Kingdam Hearts 4 , Made possible by the purchase of Fox from Disney. The film, made by the amazing Bluesky studio, can turn into a robotic world. To Kingdam Hearts; Something we have never seen in a collection. Sora, Goofy, and Donald entered the Tron computer at Kingdam Hearts 2, but the robots movie is quite different from its robotic world. Provide different. In such a world, Sura and his comrades can find different robot items and build different robots or equipment; Much Like what we saw in the world of the Kingdam Hearts 3 toy story, but a little deeper and more complex. The robot world itself can provide the capacity to create various puzzles.

8. Brave

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

We think that the kids who made the Kingdam Hearts series had decided to make "Brave" (Brave) to become one of the Worlds of Kingdam Hearts 3, but probably rendering and processing the hair of Merida, the main character of this movie, has consumed all the processing power of the console, and for this reason, they have become careless. Now that we have more powerful hardware, we can implement this move well. Of course, the world of Brave Film can be even more fascinating in terms of gameplay than what we saw in the Frozen and Knot world. But this time, horseback riding and archery will be the main mechanics of the gameplay, which are not so strange with the set. Fighting magical giants also fits in well with the brave world and is in line with the Kingdam Hearts process.


BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

We chose the movie "Cars" after seeing the realistic world of Kingdam Hearts 4. The fourth installment of the Kingdam Hearts series takes place in a world called the Quadratum. This world represents our real world for the first time in the series and its design is inspired by Tokyo. Tokyo, as you probably know, is one of the world centers for street racing and is full of racing fans. As a result, the car movie could very well fit into Kingdam Hearts 4.

Sora, Goofy, and Donald will probably have to become cars to fit into this world. The stages of the game can be not only pure competitions, but also a bit of exploration; Exactly the same as what Machine Games on PlayStation 2 offered. Characters can move in the role of machines in the world, but action is the main stages of car riding and racing. Fighting giants and large summonses can also come out of the water very quickly and attractively.

6. The Brave Little Toaster

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Years before "Toy Story" depicts objects far away They come to life from the eyes of their owners, another Disney movie came up with the idea. The Brave Little Toaster depicts the long, high, emotional story of a toaster's adventure, and can bring that adventure to the world of Kingdam Harts in the best possible way. The story of the toy was one of the best in the world of Kingdam Hearts 3, and the brave little toaster is no exception, so Sora and his comrades can be turned into strange versions of these household items.

Movies can be very diverse. From indoors and using or combating various household appliances to outdoor environments and creatures, each of which can become a giant; How to fight these giants and find a way to defeat them is designed based on the means they are and can be an attractive arithmetic. For example, to break a vacuum cleaner, you have to pull the power cord or put a brick in its mouth or something Like that.

5. Kim Possible

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Kim Possible made the TV series two decades before Disney and It aired simultaneously with the main episodes of Kingdam Hearts. The fact that the creators of Kingdam Hartz did not find out probably suggests that we should not expect Kim Passibel to appear in these games, but it cannot be ignored that Kim Passibel, as an action spy series, is one of the best options for a Kingdam Hearts world.

Kim Passible's character in each episode of this TV series, undertakes a large spy mission, fights with different enemies and solves various riddles; It also communicates with the base wirelessly and receives the necessary commands and information. Basically, Kim Pasible's world can be brought to Kingdam Hearts and the steps can be designed quite Like a metal gear. Kim Passable parts usually have industrial backgrounds or take place in laboratories and military bases and are ready for use in a video game. Gameplay can also be a combination of melee action and stealth.

4. The Incredibles

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

The Incredibles with its superhero world, great giants and artistic style And a more modern animation that Is perfectly aligned with the Kingdam Hearts series; So we should probably expect to See the wonderful world at Kingdam Hearts 4. Various characters, including superheroes and great anti-heroes, can easily fit into Kingdam Hearts' "Darkness" and "Lightness" groups and become the game's companions and enemies.

He does not have an open plan to roam freely and help people Like a superhero and fight various enemies. This style of stages has been in the series before and is well suited for an amazing world. Sora, Donald and Goofy must also become superheroes and find their own powers and abilities and even wear superhero costumes; So that the world of wonders can be played in one of the different and fascinating worlds.

3. Marvel

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Now that the Marvel movie world has become one of the largest collections in the entertainment industry in the world, and Of course, Disney also owns it, and the creators of Kingdam Hearts should seize the opportunity and bring this comic world to their game collection. However, we do not know exactly whether we have to deal with single characters, or we can have a separate Marvel world that accommodates several different Marvel characters.

From a gameplay design and stages, with Considering that there are hundreds of Marvel heroic and anti-hero characters, one can imagine infinitely different modes for the game. You can go into the space world of the Guardians of the Galaxy, enter the mythical world of Thor, recreate the real state of New York and put Spider-Man and Daredevil in it, or use in any other way the dozens of other characters that have been in Marvel's cinematic world. . However, we think it's better for the Square Enix game development team to add a Marvel world to the game and add a few characters from the comics or Marvel movie world, rather than having a few Marvel Worlds at Kingdam Hearts. It is better to leave space for the presence of other collections.

2. Star Wars and Indiana Jones

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

Converted to multiple assets, the Star Wars series has made a big comeback; This return has taken place in the form of movies, games, series and novels and many other media and has had a very good quality. We are almost certain that Kingdam Hearts 4 will have a world based on Star Wars. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the teaser shows the unveiling of an environmental game that accurately represents one of the Star Wars planets.

The Star Wars world could be great for Kingdam Hearts; Especially since this series has never experienced a space world Like this. Kingdam Hearts' main weapon, the "keyblade", is also quite suitable for becoming a Star Wars or Light Cyber light sword. The various Star Wars characters, the fight against good and evil, the theories and dialogues about darkness, the costumes of separation, and much more from the Star Wars series all fit Kingdam Hearts. The similarities are so close that it can be said that Kingdam Hearts himself was probably inspired by Star Wars.

In addition to Star Wars, Locasfilm has another great movie series. Indiana Jones, with its adventure style, is perfect for becoming the world of Kingdam Harts; So that one can even imagine a Kingdam Hearts world Like Tom Reader or Uncharted.

1. Treasure Planet

BingMag.com 10 <b>Disney</b> <b>Worlds</b> We <b>Like</b> to <b>See</b> at <b>Kingdam</b> <b>Hearts</b> 4

We said a little higher than the lack of a space world at Kingdam Hearts and introduced Star Wars, but Better yet, the space world is a "Treasure Planet"; A world with more roots than Disney in Star Wars and its artistic and animated style can be beautifully implemented in Kingdam Hearts. But what makes Disney less surprising and appealing to Kingdam Hearts is its gameplay capabilities in delivering galactic pirates.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Kingdam Hearts 3 is one of the best gameplay experiences of this year. Presented the game; The fight against pirate ships was very well designed, and we think that bringing this style of combat to a spaceship in the form of the world of a treasure planet could make it even more fascinating. The world of treasure planets also extends from large forests to dangerous planets and crowded cities, and can be great for gaming. On the other hand, riding on the floating and space surfboard of Treasure Planet will probably be one of the fascinating parts.

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