Books and literature 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead

Although reading books does not know the season, it can not be denied the pleasure of reading books on long and cold autumn nights. Especially if the books you are reading have an autumn mood. With au Specialty Death Book; How did we all become experts overnight?

In this part of the book review, we have looked at a work that addresses a global dilemma. That most people consider themselves experts in various matters. In this book, Tom Nichols, author of The Dea How to build a library in today's small house?

One of the problems that many book lovers face is collecting book archives and incorporating them into space. It is a modern house. Undoubtedly, the extraordinary collection of books that has been col Books like water for chocolate; A magical love story in the heart of the kitchen

It is enjoyable and fascinating to read a realistic book that can be used to communicate with its characters while reading. The book "Like Water for Chocolate" allows you to connect deeply with the ch Bio Writing Guide on Social Media (Creative Writing Workshop 7)

The term Bio actually stands for Biography, which refers to a brief description of a general situation on social media. Each user has a profile. 7 Tips Every Writer Should Know About Linguistics (Creative Writing Workshop 6)

Linguistics is a complex and in-depth field of study full of technical concepts and extensive theories. But if you are writing professionally, this particular field of study can help you a lot. A book of fragments of a coherent whole; Improving the relationship with what is going on inside us

If you follow Pooneh Moghimi on Instagram, you are familiar with the way he writes about various issues. He used the same technique in writing his book. Moghimi explains that in order to feel better, Ekigai book; Extend your life the Japanese way

Hector Garcia and Frances Miralles, when they met Ikiga, decided to find out what the word really meant and how it worked. They decided to visit Okinawa; An island whose people have a long life of ove Introducing 10 sad books that bring your emotions with you

Have you ever experienced days when the only thing you want to do is read a strong emotional story that makes you cry? Have you ever felt the need to let go of your feelings? What is the meaning of Kafkaesque literature? A look at the philosophy of Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is known as one of the greatest literary figures of the twentieth century. His dark, confusing, surreal, and unique stories are well-known and well-known. In fact, Kafka's writings are so Bezos Books; History is divided into before and after Amazon

You must have heard that many people divide history into before and after an event or the birth and success of a person. Those who deal with the world of online shopping and online shopping will proba Podcast Text Writing and Content Structuring Guide (Creative Writing Workshop 5)

A potential listener who accidentally hears part of your podcast will only become a regular audience member of your program if that effect affects him or her. Take a trip, a long and imaginative journ 8 different books to give as gifts to people with different tastes

A good book can introduce you to a different world, generate new ideas in your mind, and even give you information about yourself; That's why the book is one of the best gifts you can give to family, 'Show, do not say'; What is the meaning of this famous term in the world of writing?

"Show, do not tell" is one of the most popular sentences for teaching writing. .. The author K.M. Weiland best illustrates the difference between the two: Showing the drama makes the drama. "It sums u Audience analysis in writing; Objectives and implementation method (Creative Writing Workshop 4)

Audience analysis is the process of identifying the audiences for whom you intend to write. This knowledge of the audience includes evaluating their desires, interests, and level of knowledge about th Dr. Neurology book;

This video reviews the book "Doctors of Neurology; "Untold Stories of Psychiatry" written by Jeffrey Lieberman. A book that tells you that mental illness is like any other illness and proves it to you Arthur Schopenhauer; Understanding the wisdom of life from the perspective of a pessimistic German philosopher

Arthur Schopenhauer was one of the leading philosophers of history influenced by Kant, Plato and Eastern teachings, especially Buddhism and Upanishads. Inspired by his aesthetics of various artists, h 8 Famous Horror Books You Must Read

We humans are very strange creatures; We do our best to make our world and our environment safer, then we earnestly seek out things like horror movies, bizarre myths, and ghost stories that ultimately Shadowing, a profession based on silence and secrecy (Creative Writing Workshop 3)

There is very little familiarity with the Ghostwriting profession among the general public, especially in a country like Iran, but the truth is that shadowing is the world It covers a large area that 5 fascinating novels about World War II that you should read

World War II is one of the most influential events of the twentieth century that changed the face of the world. That is why it is so important to read the books that have been written about it. In thi How to describe feelings and emotions? (Creative Writing Workshop 2)

Whether you're talking to your friend about your day, writing a diary, or writing a story as a writer, Describing emotions undoubtedly forms an important part of your writing and speaking activities. Top 9 Books on Revenge

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Then man. Maybe he would not have done it if he had known what was going to happen next. In short, Adam and Eve sabotaged, God became angry and 27 Steps to Shaping Your Unique Professional Writing Style

Do you know what sets a writer apart from other writers? In the world of literature, writing style refers to the unique way in which each author expresses his or her ideas in a linguistic form. So sty Typewriter stories; A book written by Tom Hanks with a typewriter

Typewriter Stories is a wonderful book for both movie buffs and book lovers. If you are in one of these two categories, you should definitely have this fascinating book in your library. He also has a