Books and literature Mohammad Ghazi; A slice of the life of the father of Iranian translation and his fiction books

January 23, 1977 marked the death of a prolific translator, many of whose translations are still unmatched and valuable; Mohammad Ghazi is one of the prominent translators and writers in the field of Twitter storytelling as a new literary genre

The world today has witnessed many changes and everything in the modern world is changing rapidly. Twitter, in turn, is working hard to change the future of storytelling. In fact, until a few years ag Discover the nightmare world of 1984 Orwell

In the 1940s, George Orwell published a novel depicting dystopian and nightmarish futures. Of course, the future is for its time, because now we have left that future behind. 10 Useful Handbooks for Writers and Writers

Writing is hard. Perhaps not for everyone, but it is an undeniable fact that many writers spend a lot of time just flipping through a blank page to form a whole; If they do not want to delete the same What is microblogging or small blogging? A guide to creating 50 word stories

The purpose of microblogs is to attract attention. It is limited to those social media users who like a simple click to get all the information they need in a simple and short format. Most microblogs Which translation of George Orwell's 1984 book should we read?

We live in a world where the dominance of cameras over every moment of our lives shows that we are either watching ourselves or watching others! Whether we are driving, studying in the university libr Lessons from Alice in Wonderland Learns About Logic

When Alice fell from the rabbit pit, did reason and logic fall with her? . . G.K. Chesterton claimed that "Wonderland is a country inhabited by insane mathematicians." However, he claimed next to him: Philosophy of Emil Choran; Why do we continue to live for no reason?

Emil Cioran was a writer and philosopher born in 1911 in what is now Rinari in Romania. . He is known for his dark, absurdist and at the same time beautiful writing style. He is considered by many to Top 10 buildings in literature that play a central role in stories

There is a proverb that says that everyone has an unwritten novel inside. Perhaps it is not bad to add an appendix to this proverb: every novelist thinks he has an unbuilt structure in his mind. I'm s 7 novels by 'John Lucare' that inspired the making of exciting spy movies

Whenever we think of spy stories, most of us think of James Bond; Agent 007, a fashionable gentleman who loves Martini and whose spy movies are exciting to all of us. But if you want to look at the es Familiarity with 4 classic Chinese novels; From the source of the adaptation of 'Mountain Warriors' to 'The Legend of the Three Brothers'

Classical Chinese fiction is one of the great literary treasures of the world, which, due to the difficulty of the Chinese language and the very large volume of these works, is still to be explored as The book 'Russian Roulette Humor', which introduces Russia to us differently; Temporary marriage history and humor

Russian literature has a lot of fans in our Iran. Fyodor Dostoevsky's books have always been among the bestsellers, and besides him, people are also very interested in Leo Tolstoy and Antoine Chekhov, 3 books about the contemporary history of Iran and the world that enlighten your mind

Many say that history is the mother of science and knowing it is very important for all of us. History can make us interested in reading other books and increase our public awareness of various issues 6 best-selling novels from Cheshmeh and Sales publications

Every person who has read a book has passed through Cheshmeh and Sales Publications at least once. Cheshmeh and Sales Publishing is one of the largest and most active institutions in the field of book The book 'Globalization of Nothing'; A sociological look at the automated process of de-meaning of the world

A 40-year-old man standing on the roof of his house jumps on a trampoline in his backyard to make a little fuss, but to As soon as it lands on the trampoline, its elastic surface is punctured. (620 m 2 new psychological novels in the field of personal development from Backpack Book Publishing

Backpack Publishing is a book publishing institute in Iran that started its activities in 1390 and its main activity is in the field of domestic and foreign literature. This publication is famous beca 8 books of poetry published by Third Edition; Romance for woman and homeland

One of the companies active in the field of book publishing is Third Publishing, which has been officially operating since 1996 under the management of Mohammad Ali Jafaria. Jafaria tried several time Book of regret; Introducing a new work in the field of self-knowledge from Bidgol Publications

The book Hasrat (In Praise of Nazi Life), by Adam Phillips, translated by Meysam Samanpour, has been distributed in the Iranian publishing market. This book was published in 1400 by Bidgol Publication Orhan Pamuk; An author from Istanbul with a worldwide reputation

Orhan Pamuk is one of Turkey's most prominent novelists and the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is a controversial and censored author, yet he has received more than 15 prestigious l Introducing 2 new books in the field of personal development from Milkan Publications

Milkan Publishing was founded by Majid Parhizgari in 2014. The first book to reach the bookstore under the name of Milkan to reach the reader was "The Mysterious Library", by Haruki Murakami and trans BingMag Online Book Fair; Opportunity for local bookstores

Another concern of book lovers is that holding an online book fair is the life of bookstores. Endangers the place. But this idea is also wrong for two reasons. First, local bookstores can also attend Check out three anti-utopia books by Russian authors

Humans have always loved to live in lands where there is abundant prosperity and where one can find peace. Lands where everything is perfect are usually called utopia. The utopia is more of a politica Infinite Book; Improve your brain and find the best way of life

Jim Quick's book Limitless is about brain health. In this book, Quick teaches you how to improve your brain, learn everything faster, and find the best way to live your life.