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Why should you read the novel "Dune"? A world of sand, politics and danger

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>read</b> the <b>novel</b> 'Dune'? A <b>world</b> of <b>sand,</b> <b>politics</b> and danger

A mother and a son are walking in an endless desert. They are not worried about dying of thirst, wearing tight and sticky clothes for heat dissipation and moisture recycling. Their concerns are about bigger things. They try to walk uncoordinated and irregularly so that the vibration of their steps is the same as the movement of the flowing sand. But soon the sound of the desert is pushed into the background by a louder hiss. When a sand dune runs towards them, their unnatural walk turns into a high-speed run. Two travelers are struggling to pull themselves up from a nearby rock because a four-hundred-meter sandworm jumped out from under the desert.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>read</b> the <b>novel</b> 'Dune'? A <b>world</b> of <b>sand,</b> <b>politics</b> and danger

world of "Dune". The Dune, written by Frank Herbert and published in 1965, takes place in the distant future, where humanity rules the stars with its vast feudal empire. Of course, this medieval role is more than just a government. Unlike many interstellar sci-fi films, the humans of Dune world have conquered the stars without the help of computers. After an ancient war with robots, humanity has banned the creation of any machine that "thinks like a human". But rather than stopping humans from progressing, it has evolved them in other surprising ways: biological computers, psychic wizards, and futuristic space pilots. And the aristocratic and noble families, in the competition to gain power and new planets, regularly and continuously recruit the members of these superpower groups.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>read</b> the <b>novel</b> 'Dune'? A <b>world</b> of <b>sand,</b> <b>politics</b> and danger

Nearly all of these French skills rely on one valuable resource in common: spice. This mysterious product, which is also known as "alloy", is essential for all space travel and the cornerstone of the galactic economy. Amalgam is found only on the desert planet of Arrakis, a dangerous and hostile world whose native inhabitants have long rebelled against the Empire. Arrakis, also called Dune, is the space where we follow the main character of the book, Paul from the noble house of Atreides. The story of this book begins with the control of the planet Dune falling into the hands of Paul's family, but this is only part of an elaborate plan by their sworn enemies, the slave-owning Harkonnen family, to bring them down. The conflict between these families disturbs the delicate political balance in Arrakis. Before long, Paul finds himself in the midst of a planetary revolution, where he must prove he can lead and survive this hostile desert world.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>read</b> the <b>novel</b> 'Dune'? A <b>world</b> of <b>sand,</b> <b>politics</b> and danger

But Arrakis is not just an endless sea of sand. An avid environmentalist himself, Herbert spent more than five years creating the dune's complex ecosystem. The planet is full of climatic belts and wind tunnels that have shaped its rocky surface. Different temperate zones produce different desert plants, and almost all elements of the dune ecosystem work hand in hand to produce the planet's essential export.

Herbert's cosmopolitanism also includes a rich web of philosophy and religion. Jessica, Paul's mother, is a member of the Bane Jesrit, an ancient sect who have gained psychic and telepathic powers with the help of fusion. The members of Baneh Jesrit, sometimes called sorcerers because of their mysterious abilities, have been trying to lead society towards clarity and righteousness in the form of a hidden government for thousands of years. Voters are just as ancient human computers capable of processing incredible amounts of data. Voters, despite being bastions of logic and reason, are not mere calculations, but a stream of ever-changing possibilities. However, there are no sects and factions as central as "Hareh Mardan" in Tamaseh. The Horremen, the natives of Arrakis, are the guardians of many of the planet's secrets. Paul's journey draws him into the heart of their exclusive fraternity, where he must prove himself trustworthy by passing through a series of deadly challenges, each one more difficult than the other.

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>read</b> the <b>novel</b> 'Dune'? A <b>world</b> of <b>sand,</b> <b>politics</b> and danger

Throughout the text of the book, there is information about the past and the deep history of all these groups, and Herbert has shown the scale and greatness of the history and story of the dune in the structure of the book: each chapter with a quote It begins in a historical book written in the future, long after Paul's story ends, and gives the reader clues about the events that are about to happen. The book also includes in-world appendices that further explore the history of the Empire, as well as a glossary to explain words such as "the Mighty People" and "Sha'i Khulud." The epic story of the dune continues in six volumes of the book that cover the events of thousands of years, but the starting point of all the adventures of the dune is here: where Paul stepped on a difficult and dangerous path and at any moment the next storm could swallow him.

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