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Which translation of George Orwell's 1984 book should we read?

BingMag.com <b>Which</b> <b>translation</b> of <b>George</b> <b>Orwell's</b> <b>1984</b> <b>book</b> <b>should</b> we read?

We live in a world where the dominance of cameras over every moment of our lives shows that we are either watching ourselves or watching others! Whether we are driving, studying in the university library, or hiring a nurse to take care of our loved ones at home. Now if you want to choose a book that finds prophecy about this time? How do you choose the best translation for a book that predicts this space and behavior? How do you choose the best 1984 translation?

Author's Prophecy

Years ago, when cities were still full of World War II ruins, a book by George Orwell about perpetual surveillance of life Published daily. A warning book that seemed terrifying at the time. He had imagined thirty years later in Which the lives of all people were under the control of a "screen" or "television". A page that announces all the instructions to the people and monitors the moment of their lives. The book "1984", originally called "The Last Man of Europe", was published in London. When the book was published in 1949, some considered it a science-fiction work, believing it would be just an anti-utopian image of a future in nowhere. It was not long before this tragedy and the rule of the "Big Brother" took place in the countries under Stalin and Communism, and later in most of the dictatorial countries. This was the ninth and last book that Orwell wrote and published during his lifetime. It was with this book that some terms became entrenched in the dictionary, such as "Orlin means a totalitarian government", "police of thought" and "older brother"! This book challenged many basic mathematical concepts, such as how 2 + 2 equals 5, or how it can be understood with thirteen strokes of the clock that it is one o'clock!

1984 How was it created?

book (1984). an image etched memory - stalin, churchill roosevelt meeting tehran 1944 before end war. told division world between these leaders. when 1984 book; tension excruciating, got worse as story progressed. castle lives success. spent most time villa darjeeling, scotland. finally died january 21, 1950, few months after publication book. some believe great thirst for its creation killed orwell. did not take long author's desperate ideas become part everyday life other countries, while still way go until 1984.
This book was welcomed worldwide and translated into more than 65 languages. became. In the first days of publication, more than 46,000 copies were sold. In all these years, it has been performed many times in that theater and opera, millions of copies of it have been sold, and several adaptations of it have been turned into films. Especially the films that Michael Anderson and Michael Redford have directed separately, have been critically acclaimed. have . It is the middle of the war between the inhabitants of Onchia and Eurasia. The man, Vincent Smith, is the novel's main character in a country whose people are divided into three categories: workers, ordinary party members, and high-ranking party members. He is a regular member of the party. He has a small apartment and by finding an office he likes to start writing down the memories and moments he spends. In his country, reducing the chocolate quota from 30 grams to 20 grams is important news, and the execution in the city squares is a happy event for children. His job is to write, but writing is different. By writing and imagining, he removes the past from newspapers and books.
This work was first translated and published in Iran more than forty years ago, considering that Iran It is not a party to the Berne Convention and does not respect copyright. More than 20 different translations have been published in recent years. In this article, we will discuss some of the translations of this book.

First Letters

The first name we find as a translator for the 1984 book is "Jila Sazgar". . In June 1980, this book was translated by him and published in "Ataq" in 307 Page published. Jila Sazegar is an Iranian writer, translator and screenwriter. He holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of San Jose, USA. He worked in Iranian radio and television before the revolution. Two years later, this book will be reprinted in two different volumes at a price of 3330 Rials (regular volume); 480 riyals (supreme volume); 450 Rials (first edition, regular volume); 450 Rials (second edition, regular volume) could be purchased. It may not be easy to find a paper copy of this translation in bookstores, so reading it may seem a little old-fashioned to us, Which is full of clutter in other languages, but it is an opportunity to come across a Persian text from decades ago.
In 2005, in the library of Hosseinieh Ershad, this work was read to the blind with the voice of "Maryam Khalaji" and made available to them.

Part of the book

Each floor stared at the image of a large face on the wall as the elevator stopped. The image was so powerful that even after passing it, you thought the two staring eyes were still following you. Below it was written in large letters: Your elder brother is watching you.

Footnotes for new words

  • Saleh Hosseini
  • Niloufar Publishing
  • 312 pages

BingMag.com <b>Which</b> <b>translation</b> of <b>George</b> <b>Orwell's</b> <b>1984</b> <b>book</b> <b>should</b> we read?

It was in 1982 that "Saleh Hosseini" completed another translation of this work, Which was published by Niloufar and published in 272 pages. . Saleh Hosseini is undoubtedly one of the most famous Iranian translators who was born in Songor in 1325 and received his doctorate in English from George Washington University.
In his career, he translated works such as "Towards the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf has "Wrath and Pandemonium" by William Faulkner, "Macbeth" by Shakespeare and "The Black Book" by Orhan Pamuk, etc.
Some readers find that the words are not easy for them and they use it less in everyday life. It seems that they have a strange request for a classic and well-known text. The translator had a lot of taste in this text, for example, he could have used the word "poster" very simply, but he had chosen "painting". He also used the word "great observer" instead of "big brother", a term different from other Translators. He has also chosen footnotes for all the new words in the book. He kept in mind that Orwell's words were self-made, and some of them did not exist in the dictionary. He has tried to be faithful to the official tone of the text. Some of the terms in this book, such as "Karamat al-Katabin" and "Hiz-e-Utfa" may not be very familiar to today's audience.

Part of the book Old translation with new edition

  • Mehdi Bahrehmand
  • Jami Publishing
  • 352 pages

"Mehdi Bahrehmand" first translated the 1984 book in 1982 by Farzan book Publishing, Which was published in 367 pages at a price of 45 Tomans. In 2017, the fifth edition of this book, edited by Qasem Dehghan, was published by Jami Publishing and in 347 pages. The number of pages and their price changed in each print. This translation is one of the first translations of "George Orwell"'s masterpiece in Persian, Which is easy to read and has the least omission. .

Part of the book

A translation of several publications

  • Mehdi Saemi
  • Wet rain
  • 364 pages

BingMag.com <b>Which</b> <b>translation</b> of <b>George</b> <b>Orwell's</b> <b>1984</b> <b>book</b> <b>should</b> we read?

Another translation of this book Mehdi Saemi has done. In 2017, this book was published in 364 pages with a price of 25 thousand Tomans. The same book from the same publication is offered on different sites at different prices, even at a price of 95 thousand tomans. This is a dubious contradiction, raising the question of whether the price change was due to rising paper prices or due to multiple editions during the year, and another question is why Per Publishing could not. Is to replace the PDF version with the new print. But there is something else about this translation. In 1399, the same translation was published for the fifth time with a paperback cover in 357 pages and a price of 68 thousand Tomans in "Baran Kherad" publication. However, this item can be purchased at different prices from 40 thousand tomans to about 29 thousand tomans, depending on Which site has a discount for it. This translation is not recommended at all, especially when there are typographical errors in simple words such as wound, ghost, etc. The fact that the sentences are long is another point that can be seen when reading the text. On the other hand, the translator's task is not clear whether he wants only Persian words. Use it or not! Because if the word elevator is used instead of the word elevator, then the word poster or can be used instead of the word poster. used. It does not usually happen that there is a translation of the same person in two publications.

Part of the book

In each step right in front of the elevator, a picture of the same big man in the poster was seen on the wall, staring at Winston. . This was one of those images that moved as if his eyes were moving with you. The sentence "Big brother, take care of you!" Was written below the image.

From Intelligence to Khormags

  • Hamidreza Baluch
  • Majid Publications
  • 288 pages

Hamidreza Baluch is another translator of the 1984 book. He was born in 1338 and taught mostly mathematics and intelligence, but his interest in translation led him to this position; He now has more than 20 books in various fields from history and psychology to science and politics in his repertoire: "Games for microcosm", "Psychology of colors", "Strengthening emotional intelligence in children", "Khormags", " The Promised Land "," Animal Castle "and 2 of his works. He published his first translation of this work with Eric Fromm in Gohbad Publications in 2005 with a price of 2500 Tomans and 288 pages. A work that was soon published in subsequent editions in 2007 and 2009. But in 1390, he published this work in the publication of "Majid" with a price of 5500 Tomans and the eighth edition with a price of 9500 Tomans. Five years later, he published this book in Majid Publishing House (in words) for 16 thousand Tomans, and in 1400, the nineteenth edition of this work was published at a price of 55 thousand Tomans. It was in the same year that the translation of this book with the voice of Ali Omrani was published by Mahvaava.
has done. He has tried to write well and fluently and his words are familiar and comfortable even for the audience who has not read many books. Adding an introduction by Eric Fromm is another feature of this translation.

Part of the book

In all floors, facing the elevator, the same poster with a face His huge one was hanging on the wall and he was staring at Adam. His eyes were portrayed as if he were chasing a man. The caption below the picture was: "Big brother is watching over you. Purchased 1984 with Baloch translation from BingMag

Oceanic language BingMag.com <b>Which</b> <b>translation</b> of <b>George</b> <b>Orwell's</b> <b>1984</b> <b>book</b> <b>should</b> we read?

  • Kaveh Mir Abbasi
  • Cheshmeh Publishing
  • 349 pages

Sometimes when a well-known name is placed on the translation of a work in a well-known publication, the reader's mind is relieved in every way. Therefore, when Kaveh Mir Abbasi's translation was published in 1397, the 1984 translation was welcomed. However, for some critics, turning a classic text into a work in Which the sentences are colloquial and broken was not a good choice, and the fact that the number of footnotes for Orwell's new words was reduced in the 1984 text caused some to feel Their expectations have not been met. He, of course, had one more section than the other translations, and that was the modern section, Which included an appendix to the Oceanic language. The part that most previous translators had ignored. The book is accompanied by an introduction by Julien Simon, and at first it cost 35 thousand tomans, but during the last four years, it has been offered on most sites at a price of about one hundred thousand tomans, Which is one of the most expensive translations of this work.

Part of the book

In each step, in front of the elevator car, a poster showing a huge face stares at the wall. It was painted with a trick that made the eyes seem to be following you everywhere. The caption below read, "Your big brother is watching you. Purchase 1984 Translated by Mir Abbasi from book stories

Numerous translators and publishers

When you do a search for a 1984 book, you will be amazed at the large number of publishers and translators and its different prices. Sometimes a translator's book can sometimes be found in two editions; Like Zohreh Zandieh's translation, Which has also been published by Noor Works and Azarmidokht Publications, or Zarrin Kelk Publications, translated by Afsoon Sanei, Which he did not even publish and presented in offset.
Rah-e Moaser Publications, translated by Mahnaz Piadeh, Elena translated by Abolfazl Morvati, Arsen Publishing translated by Hamid Reza Bayat, Sepas Publishing translated by Vahid Kian, Shahdokht Payez Publishing translated by Sedigheh Eivazi and are some of the other publications that have translated and published this work. Of course, some readers of the book were satisfied with it, but it was undoubtedly the text of the book that attracted them, not its translation.

Choosing the best translation

Finally, this book is in many lists. It has been introduced as one of the hundred books that should be read before death, and each translation of this book is accompanied by changes due to its publication in Iran. Older versions can be purchased online or on paper. Due to the many choices due to different translations, if you prepare the translation of "Solh Hosseini" by Niloufar or "Kaveh Mir Abbasi" by Cheshmeh for reading, it may be more interesting for you to read this masterpiece.
If you want a price or components Consider the other two points. We suggest choosing a translation that belongs to a well-known publisher, as many of these publishers have not actually bothered to publish the book, and some of the translations have been translated for a small fee. Done by Google or translated from the text, well-known translators removed and the publishers published the book for profit. Also for the second point, be sure to read a part of the text of the book to find out if the sentences end and you do not need to constantly look for the dot to read or to lose the subject of the sentence.

This The book is so astonishing that as soon as you read a few pages, a new world opens up for you. A world that began with the goal of building an earthly paradise and has led to war, famine, the prohibition of love. A world in Which the land of Oceania is ruled by the Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Abundance, and the Ministry of Truth, each of Which consisted of 3,000 rooms on the ground floor and the same number of rooms in the basement in white pyramids. Eighty-five percent of the population were workers, and all of this takes place in London, the capital of Oceania, the number one and third most populous province, and every time people see their "big brother", they call him "my savior!" They name him and make secrets and needs with him. Big brother's face can be reminiscent of Hitler or Stalin or any other dictator with black hair and mustache. In this place can be repeated three slogans that are always repeated: peace war. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is an ability.

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