Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

There is no such thing as Truman Capote. This is the pseudonym that Truman Streckfus Persons, an American writer, chose for himself. He is one of the bright figures of American literature who wrote great works and promoted fiction and non-fiction. Nadastan "Der Kamal Khunsardi" which he wrote five decades ago, after long-term studies and research, is the most popular criminal novel in the world. In this article, you will get to know the six works of this outstanding writer that have been translated into Farsi. Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

There is no such thing as Truman Capote. This is the pseudonym that Truman Streckfus Persons, an American writer, chose for himself. He is one of the bright figures of American literature who wrote great works and promoted fiction and non-fiction. Nadastan "Der Kamal Khunsardi" which he wrote five decades ago, after long-term studies and research, is the most popular criminal novel in the world. In this article, you will get to know the six works of this outstanding writer that have been translated into Farsi.

Truman Capote biography

The beginning of the second week of the first month of the autumn season. 1924, seventeen-year-old Lily May was arguing with her 25-year-old, irresponsible and swindling husband, Archolus Arch, to get a divorce, when the premature birth of a chubby boy named Truman interrupted their discussion.

The boy until At the age of four, he grew up with his mother and the problems his father caused in the city of New Orleans in the south of the United States. His mother's endurance was exhausted. He separated from his wife and left his five-year-old son to his parents and aunt and uncle who lived in the small town of Monroeville. became a friend Their friendship lasted more than thirty years. Harper Lee inspired the character of Dale Harris in the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" from Truman Capote.

He started learning to read and write at the age of five. At the age of nine, she moved to New York to live with her mother and her Cuban-born second husband, Joseph Capote. It was there that he chose the nickname Truman Capote for himself.

Truman started writing short stories at the age of eight. He published his first story at the age of eleven in a local magazine. When he entered his second decade, his short stories were simultaneously published in prestigious literary magazines. At this time, two years before the end of the 40s, he won the prestigious art award. He published his first best-selling novel "Other Voices, Other Rooms", which brought him legendary fame.

He wrote a lot of screenplays, musical plays and novels until the end of the fifties. The publication of the short novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's" showed the peak of the maturity of the author's prose, brought Holly Golightly, one of the most famous figures in the history of American literature, and the admiration of Norman Miller, the well-known playwright.

300 word news in the New York newspaper. The Times inspired Capote to write his next book. Unknown killers, with an unknown motive, kill all the members of a family in a small town in the state of Kansas.

Capote immediately went to that town with Harper Lee to see the scene up close and talk to the townspeople. This story occupied Capote for several years. He spent many months in that small town. Finally, in 1966, seven years after the incident, he published "In Coolness", which he himself called a real novel. The book was well received by readers and critics and was on the bestseller list for a long time. Despite the passage of more than five decades, this mystery is still the second best-selling non-fiction crime book in history.

Capote, although he always said that he was writing the most important work of his life, but after this book, he did not publish another work. Having become one of the most famous figures in New York, he spends most of his time drinking at night parties and participating in television shows. As time passed, he became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Finally, on August 25, 1984 (3rd of Shahrivar, 1363), he died at the age of 59 due to liver failure.

In the following, six works of this great author are introduced:

The book "Handmade Coffins" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

Reading books that are based on real events are more enjoyable, because the audience themselves puts him in the place of the main character of the story and thinks what he would do in a certain situation. If the genre of the book is crime and the detective tries to trap a serial killer, the book will be more readable.

The book "Handmade Coffins" tells a fictional account of a real crime in America. In the 1970s, since March 1975, several mysterious and complicated murders happened in a small village in the west of the United States. None of the murders were related, but the only thing they had in common was a small handmade coffin that the victims received as a gift from the killer before the murder. Detective "Old Jake" is assigned by the State Police Investigation Department to investigate this strange and mysterious case. Truman Capote accompanies the detective in the investigation to discover the killer and his motive. The story becomes more interesting when they identify the murderer and his motive, but they do not have a court-friendly document to arrest the murderer. This is how the killer continues his work and...

The book "Handmade Coffins" translated by Behrang Rajabi was published by Cheshme Publishing House.

In a part of the book "Handmade Coffins" We read:

"A city in one of the small western states. The city has many vast farms and cotton fields around it. With a population of less than ten thousand, it has twelve churches and two restaurants. In the main street of the city, there is a movie theater which, although it hasn't shown a movie in ten years, is still soulless and boring. The city once had a hotel, but now it is closed, and these days the only place where a traveler can find shelter is the Prairie Motel.

It is a clean motel, the rooms are quite warm; This is all that can be said about it. A man named Jake Pepper has lived there for almost five years. She is fifty-eight years old, a dead woman with four sons born in Ab and Vogel. He is five foot ten, in perfect health and looks fifteen years younger than his age. He has a simple, well-composed face, with bright blue eyes and a small, compact mouth that makes strange expressions, expressions that are sometimes funny and sometimes not. The head of his boyish appearance is not in his thinness and thinness, not in his bulging cheeks the color of ripe apples, not in his mischievous mysterious laugh, not in his hair that this man looks like someone else's little brother: garlic golden, cropped and so twisted on top A forehead that can't really be combed; He almost got his head wet.

Jake Pepper is a detective hired by the State Department of Criminal Investigation. We had first met through a mutual friend, another detective from another state. In 1972 he wrote a letter saying he was working on a murder case, which might be my favorite. I called him and we talked for three hours. I became very interested in the case that he had told me about, but when I suggested that I go there and measure and see the situation myself, he got worried; He said that it might not be time yet and his research would be jeopardized, but he promised to keep me informed." h2>Book "Music for Chameleons" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

This work is a collection of short stories by Truman Capote, first published It was published in 1980. In these fascinating and informative narratives, the author, relying on his art and ability, narrates people's lives in the form of readable stories. In "Music for Chameleons" we meet Capote smoking a cigarette with his servant or chatting with Marilyn Monroe.

The book "Music for Chameleons" translated by Behrang Rajabi was published by Cheshme Publishing House.

In part of the book "Music for Chameleons" we read:

"When I was planning this Martinique experience, which included traveling with three friends, I did not know that our departure would coincide with the celebration , because I am from New Orleans, I am fed up with such stories. But surprisingly, it turns out that the Martinique version of the celebration is just like the explosion of a bomb in a fireworks factory, full of excitement and energy, instinctive and lively.

We are enjoying it. my friends and me Last night there was a militant group that was demonstrating: 50 men had black umbrellas in their hands and cylinder hats on their heads, and skeletons were drawn on their upper bodies with dark colored materials. I fell in love with the old ladies who were wearing sparkly gold hats and had sequins all over their faces. All those men who were wearing their wives' white wedding dresses. Those millions of children who had candles in their hands and were shining like fireflies. Honestly, we ended up with a disaster. We took a car from the hotel and arrived at Fort de France and we were making our way through the crowd when one of our tires got punctured and some red-clad devils grabbed our hands...

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Book "Be Cool" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

Truman Capote rose to fame with Breakfast at Tiffany's. But the work that Omri worked and worked hard on, the issue that he stepped into as a reporter, but in the end left a hard and devastating effect on him, a case that more than any legal official, the police, judge, lawyer or prosecutor and journalists and even Convicted and murdered people intervened in it, mixed up the roles and read new lines in it, he was "cool". This novel, which is one of the first literary novels, reviews a murder case; There is no single incident in the case itself; All the members of a family living in a peaceful village, where no strange incidents happen, are murdered by two people; The corpses of the victims indicate that the killers did their work with complete composure and disregarding the cries and struggles of their victims; The news of this murder is quickly reflected in the newspapers, it disturbs the sleepy minds, the judges issue a verdict and finally everything is forgotten; Only one person gives his life to it, and he is Truman Capote, who in addition to getting close to the murderers and their families, delving into their painful past, repeatedly reading the case and fantasizing about it, wandering around the village and murdering a new case. . His novel is a product It is different from the first case; A work that no newspaper could tolerate and with its publication it brought a lot of fame to its author, although it ruined his life. A more recent translation of it by Leila Nasiriha and Cheshme Publishing House has recently been released, which is closer in tone to Capote's own prose. As its name implies, "Ba Khon Sardi" has a literary translation by Nadastan Caputi, and "Dar Kamal Khon Sardi" with Nasiri's translation is closer to the journalistic tone.>

"The horrifying news was announced from the pulpit of the church, spread over the telephone wires, and reached the public through Garden City Radio and KI Yval. The result of the reaction that this news produced in the receivers was closer to that of Mother Truitt than that of Mrs. Keller: Freddie's fears quickly deepened. filled with fear and intimidation, mostly by the men who gathered there. The owner of the cafe, Mrs. Bess Hartman, a thin and reasonable lady with light Egyptian-gray-golden hair, green and powerful eyes, is Mrs. Keller's cousin, the postmaster, who is as honest as Mrs. Keller and even surpasses her. Later, he told a friend: Some people say I'm a stubborn old bird, but the story of the Clutters certainly cracked me up. Imagine someone doing such a dangerous thing. When I heard it, when everyone was gathered here and talking about a world of scary things, the first thing I thought of was Bonnie, of course it was a stupid thought, but we didn't know the truth of the story and many thought it might be her doing. Now we don't know what to think. It must be one of those revenge killings. It was the work of someone who knew the holes in the house. But who hated the Clutters? I never heard anything behind them, who was more popular than this family and if something like this could happen to them, then who else is safe, I ask you. An old man was sitting here that Sunday, put his finger on the right point, the reason why nobody can sleep; He said: We only have our friends here. We have nothing else. In a way, this is the worst part of this crime. It's so terrible that neighbors can't look at each other without worry. It's bitter to come to terms with this story, but if they find a person who did this, I'm sure it will be much more surprising than the murders themselves."

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The book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

The book Breakfast at Tiffany's was first published in 1958. At the end of World War II, a young, happy and free girl named "Holly Golightly" moves to a small apartment in New York. Holly communicates easily with neighbors and tenants. Soon, some residents of this building complain about the noisy comings and goings to Holly's apartment. One of Holly's neighbors, who is the narrator of this story, confronts her after some time and becomes interested in Holly and her behavior. Holly is a strange girl and she doesn't like someone to interfere in her life. He creates many surprises until the end of the story.

Holly, the main character of this 144-page novel, is one of the most influential literary characters in the history of American literature. Many articles, books and treatises have been written and published about him. The character created by Truman is a girl like all girls who want to be free but always have sadness in their hearts. She is a free lady who does not like restrictions and always tries to live freely. Holly does not have a family or a specific job. In the story, we see that she manages her life by socializing and having fun with men in cafes, bars and restaurants. The audience gradually gets to know the ambiguous past of this character, a past that Holly tries to hide.

The book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" translated by Bahman Dar al-Shefaei was published by Mahi Publishing House.

In a part of the book "Breakfast at Tiffany's" we read:

"I always have a strange attraction to the houses and neighborhoods in which I have lived before. For example, there is a stone building on East Seventy-Chandem Street where I got my first apartment in New York in the early years of World War II. It was a room full of the usual furniture and furnishings of attic rooms, a sofa and wide chairs covered with rough velvet in a bright red color, reminding one of the hot days in the tram. The walls were plastered with a color similar to tobacco residue. All the walls of the house, even the wall of the bathroom, were full of photos of ancient Roman ruins, which the passage of time had left brown spots on. The only window in the house opened to the emergency staircase.

However, every time I touched the key to this apartment in my pocket, it gave me a good feeling. Despite its darkness and boredom, it was a place of mine, the first place of mine. My books were also there and jars full of pencils waiting to be scraped. In short, everything was available there, everything I needed at that time to become the writer I wanted to be.

In those days, nothing had occurred to me to write about Holly Golightly. Maybe if that conversation with Joe Bell hadn't happened and all my memories hadn't been brought back to life, I wouldn't be trading him now.

Holly Golightly was a tenant in one of the units in the old stone building, right below mine. Joe Bell owned and still owns a bar on the corner of Lexington Street. Holly and I used to go there six or seven times a day. Of course, we didn't always go to drink, but sometimes we wanted to make a phone call; Few people had private telephones during the war. Also, Joe Bell was a good messenger, and that was a huge boon to Holly, because she had messages every day. I hadn't seen Joe Bell."

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The book "Other Voices, Other Rooms" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

"Other Voices, Other Rooms" is Truman Capote's first published novel, which he spent two years writing. The book tells the story of Joel Harris Knox, a 13-year-old boy who is sent from New Orleans to Mississippi in the south to live with his father after the death of his mother. A father who left home when Joel was born. In a new environment, Joel meets different people and experiences different adventures. During the narration of the story, the author also deals with loneliness, maturity, identity and love.

Before the publication of this work in 1948, the twenty-three-year-old Capote had published several brilliant short stories. The 20th Century Fox film company bought the adaptation rights without reading the novel. The editors of Life magazine devoted many pages of the book section to him and compared the young writer with Gore Vidal and Jane Stafford, the famous and popular American writers of that time.

The novel "Voices" Other Voices, Other Rooms" translated by Mohammad Reza Shekari has been published by the visionary publication.

In a part of the book "Other Voices, Other Rooms" we read:

"These days, a traveler should end he can afford to get to Nun City, as no bus or train goes that way, although a truck from the Chaubri Turpentine Company collects mail and goods six days a week in the next town, Paradise Chapel: occasionally someone bound for Nun City can accompany the truck driver Sam Radcliffe. Either way, it's a difficult journey, because these closed roads will knock down even new cars in the blink of an eye, and free riders always think it's bad to go ahead. This is a deserted land; In these swamp-like pits where the lily flowers are the size of a man's head, there are bright green logs that shine like drowned corpses under the dark swamp; Often the only movement in the landscape is the wintry smoke rising from the chimney of a pitiful cottage, or a stiff-winged bird circling silently and keen-eyed over a dark and lonely pine grove.

Two roads lead through the wastelands to Nun City; one from the north, the other from the south; The second, known as the Paradise Chapel Highway, is a better route, although the two are no different; Kilometers of abandoned roads full of swamps and plains and forests stretch along both roads, which are interrupted only by scattered billboards advertising five-cent cigarettes, Red Dot, Dr. Pepper, Nihay, and Tonic Grove Chill. Wooden bridges over wretched streams named after extinct Indian tribes rumble under passing wheels like thunder in the distance; Herds of pigs and cows roam freely on the roads; Now and then a farming family stops work, waves at a car that flashes by, and watches sadly until the car disappears into the red dust.

A warm day in early June, Sam Radcliffe , the driver of the turpentine company, a bald man with a height of one hundred and eighty centimeters and a rough and masculine face was drinking beer at the Morning Star Cafe in Paradise Chapel when the owner of the cafe came forward with his arm wrapped around a strange boy.

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The book "Chang Chamanzar" Truman Capote’s books; The creator of the world’s most popular crime thrillers

The story "Chang Chamanzar" is a classic work that takes place in a small town in the 1930s and the story of three mismatched but lovable relatives. It narrates - an orphan boy and two strange old women - who live in a tree house one day.

The author wrote this work from his childhood memories in the tree house on the big walnut tree in the backyard of his cousin's house. It was made, it was inspired.

"Meadow Harp" can be called Capote's childhood autobiography. The origin of the similarities between the two novels "Chang Chamanzar" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" may be It can be found in the common childhood experiences of the authors and their friendship.

The novel, with its eloquent, poetic and humorous prose, is a love story; The story of people who are not the same color as the congregation and who stand against becoming the same color, people who have made their own small and compact world apart from the hustle and bustle of the world and are happy with it. Nimag has published.

In a part of the novel "Chang Chamanzar", we read:

"- The wind is our own. He gathers the voices of all of us in his body and remembers them, then he leads them to talk and tell stories among the leaves of the plain.

- Free souls are those who accept life, accept its differences and because of this, always They will get into trouble."


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