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A trip to Africa with Alan DuBois and Hamid Reza Sadr (weekend art suggestions)

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

The task of art from Aristotle's point of view is to keep the outstanding facts of life in our minds. If we want to consider only this task for art, we understand well the importance and place of art in our daily lives. So with cultural and artistic activity we better understand the details and nuances of life and find a wider eye to explore the world.

Sharing cultural and artistic interests of work It's fascinating, and there's a lot of sweetness in talking about music, books, and movies that you enjoy. In this week's art offers, I have tried to have various offers from Iran and other countries. This week we will travel from the coasts of Africa to Qeytariyeh in Tehran and the United States and watch the fascinating adventures of people.

What do we see?

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

The world we live in It is full of surprises and mysteries. We observe some of these wonders with our eyes and others are covered with our eyes. Thanks to explorers and documentarians, we can look at this hidden part of ourselves and realize the greatness of the universe.

"My Teacher, Octopus" Oscar for Best Picture Made the 2022 documentary his own. This documentary made its way to the Oscars from South Africa and introduces us to the wonderful world of an octopus. The documentary filmmaker is present as the narrator and talks about his acquaintance and friendship with an octopus in the deep sea.

He gets acquainted only at the door, and this curiosity makes him more aware of this strange creature. With 50 days of practice, Ehrlich finally befriends an octopus, and this friendship is the beginning of realizing the intelligence, abilities, and secrets of this octopus.

Eric spends most of his day with the octopus underwater for a year, and is amazed at his ability to survive, hunt and hunt. The documentary's emotional connection with the octopus reaches a point where in one of the scenes, the octopus, after playing with the sea fish, beautifully clings to Ehrlich's arms and uses the peak of his love and friendship.

The death of the octopus after laying eggs and the mourning and tears of Eric over the loss of his one-year-old friend is one of the saddest parts of the documentary. Because we have been with the octopus while watching the movie and we have made friends with him. The death and loss of this creature is also sad for the viewer. Like movies, it has a beginning, a climax and an end, and it takes the viewer along with it. If you are interested in discovering the secrets of the world, do not miss this documentary.

My Octopus Theacher

Directors: Pippa Erlik, James Reid
Product: 2020
Genre: Documentary
Country: South Africa
Metacritic Score: 82 out of 100
IMDB Score to Movie : 8.1 of 10

What do we listen to?

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

At first I decided to suggest some of my favorite singers, but later I decided to introduce a good podcast, Introduce an interesting mix of music and cinema. The Dialogbox podcast is one of the most popular art podcasts. The tasteful composition of the podcast, by combining the enduring dialogues of the films, prepares very good memories of the cinema for us.

Music is spoken at that particular moment, and this combination of life and music creates a heartwarming moment for the listener. In this section, we will get acquainted with enduring pieces of Iranian and world music, some of which are memorable for us and some of which are new.

The creators of "Dialogbox" only these They have not been satisfied, and although the episode has introduced one of the country's artists once. The narrative style of their introduction is also far from stereotypes and is done with the ideas and creativity of the creators.

What should we read?

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

It's a happy place for us to live in a world where people like Alan Dubaten They are present and with their knowledge and thought, they try to improve the lifestyle of their readers. Dubaten, a Swiss writer and philosopher living in the UK these days, introduces his readers to the basic concepts of life through his books.

One of Dubatan's arts and characteristics is to avoid complex writing and to try to simplify deep philosophical concepts. The book "Consolations of Philosophy" is one of the famous works of Dubaten in which he tried to recite philosophy to the public in Shiva language. In this book, the author has tried to bring the words of the great philosophers to a better and more original life and to simply tell the audience about the thoughts of philosophers.

"The consolations of philosophy It is full of big and small points to see the world deeper. In this book, Dubatan has tried to apply the teachings of great philosophers and apply what he has learned to improve the daily lives of people and enrich their lives.

Introduction to the book Consolations of Philosophy >

Author: Alain Dubaten
Translator: Erfan Sabeti
Publisher: Phoenix
Genre: Philosophical Consultation
First Edition: 2004
Number of pages: 303 pages <//>

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

Hamidreza Sadr is known to most Iranians. He had many years of solid football expertise, and with a unique memory, he remembers the smallest football events in detail. Sadr was also interested in cinema and theater and wrote several books. These different dimensions of personality made Hamid Reza Sadr a special and unique human being that everyone loved.

Unfortunately, we lost our dear Sadr last year, but After his death, the publication of the book "From Qaytariyeh to Orange County" introduced us to this special man. Sadr wrote this book with admirable courage about understanding his cancer in Tehran and his trip to the United States for treatment.

The life of Hamid Reza Sadr acquaints him with the hardships and sufferings of a cancer patient. In this book, Sadr puts aside compliments and face-to-face and speaks about the sufferings and hardships of this disease by expressing it bluntly and carelessly. This boldness of the author in expressing the details of his life and inner menus has made the book very readable. However, from some parts of the book, you may turn a blind eye and shed tears with the author. Sadr
Publisher: Cheshmeh Publishing
Genre: Memoirs and Biography
First Edition: 1400
Number of Pages: 318 Pages

What cultural activities should we do?

BingMag.com A <b>trip</b> to <b>Africa</b> with <b>Alan</b> <b>DuBois</b> and <b>Hamid</b> <b>Reza</b> <b>Sadr</b> <b>(weekend</b> <b>art</b> suggestions)

Spring is a great opportunity to visit the historic houses of Tehran. The spring air, along with the greenery of the trees, provides the best time to go to the courtyard full of tree-lined old and historic houses of the capital, and this opportunity should not be missed.

Moghaddam Museum House in the center of Tehran is one of those beautiful and spectacular historical houses. After passing through the crowds of Hassanabad Street, you suddenly enter a paradise full of trees and tranquility, which has nothing to do with that crowded area. Mohsen Moghadam, an archaeologist and professor at the University of Tehran, was very interested in collecting historical objects. Everywhere in this house we see a relic of the past that has been carefully and tastefully put together.

Moghadam and his wife Selma, because they had no children, From their deaths, the house was dedicated to the University of Tehran, and today this house has become one of the sights of Tehran. Be sure to visit this beautiful house, enjoy the architecture and collections of the late Moghaddam and be proud of the existence of such great people in the culture of the country.

Another beautiful house in the garden It is called Negarestan. This garden is one of the most important and largest Qajar gardens, which is located on Baharestan Street. After a few hours of sightseeing in the garden of Negarestan, while enjoying the green space of the garden, you can see the paintings and works of art in the buildings of the complex.

One of the valuable images And the most important thing about Bagh Negarestan is the painting of Salam Fath Ali Shah, which is located in Salam Hall. This mural depicts Fath Ali Shah with his children and grandchildren and has great historical value. So while spring is wandering the streets of the city, get out of the house and sit and watch the beauties of the city.

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