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The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

Books are strange phenomena. When we think about them, we usually come to the conclusion that reading is also a strange activity. In fact, we sit and stare at the thinly cut wooden rectangles with small symbols printed on them, each of which represents a specific phonetic pattern, then move our eyes to these phonetic symbols to produce a clear narrative in our minds. It turns out that it is usually enjoyable and exciting for us.

From this point of view, it can be argued that every book that has been written so far is somewhat strange. But in addition to these theoretical approaches to the book and the reading process, there are books in the world that will no doubt surprise any reader who encounters them.

Because there is no clear explanation for why. They do not exist by their authors, and from every point of view they look quite unusual and strange. In fact, the books listed below are some of the strangest books of all time.

Some of these books may be so weird that you may not even be able to read them, others may. Just flip through and keep asking yourself what this book is trying to convey.

However, some of these weird books are designed to create experimental and progressive novel writing styles that luck will help. They have not been and have not found a large audience.

Others are obsessive masterpieces by writers who have a unique outlook on life. Some of them are so bizarre that no one has ever fully understood what these books are about, or even what language they are written in.

Meg, we review 9 of the weirdest books ever written by different authors. So prepare for a bit of confusion and possibly a bit of confusion.

1. Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright

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Godsby is a 50,000-word novel in English in which the author did not use the letter (e) anywhere in the text (except once at the beginning of the lower case). Printed on the back cover of the book. (e) It is composed of colors that draw human attention to themselves.

If we want to examine this book fairly, we must say that its plot is not very interesting or even strange: a person named John Godsby gathers a group of young people from his hometown and organizes them to revitalize his hometown.

But not using the letter (e) throughout the book forces the author to choose really strange words. And it's weird that in many cases it's incomprehensible to the audience, like when Wright has to Describe a wedding without using the words Wedding, Married, Bride, or Marriage.

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2- The book Alphabetical Africa by Walter Abish

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

In the first chapter of this book, the author uses only words that begin with the letter" a "(can you guess how this book continues?). The second chapter contains only words that begin with the letters "a" and "b". In the third chapter of the book, the author adds words that start with "p" and this process continues until the letter "y" is reached in the middle of the book.

After reaching the letter " The author begins to delete the letters in each chapter in reverse order. For example, in the next chapter after the letter "y" the author deletes the words that begin with this letter, in the next chapter the words that begin with the letter "e" and this process continues until in the last chapter for the second time only There are still words that start with the letter "a".

The writing process of this book is definitely an interesting and useful exercise for any writer, but if we are realistic, its storyline is not very interesting and it has deep meanings. It is not supposed to convey to the audience. In fact, this book is the story of several people, all of whom begin with the letter "A" and wander throughout Africa throughout the story. Beyond this, understanding the concepts and other topics of the book is really difficult and incomprehensible.

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3- Voynich Manuscript, anonymous author

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

In fact, no one knows what the Vinich Manuscripts were written about and by whom, or even in what language the book was written. Is. All the pages of this book are written in an unknown language, which is decorated with strange sketches of different flowers.

Some scholars believe that Vinich's manuscripts are a handbook of medicinal plants written in the Middle Ages. . Others see it as a source of magic spells. Some consider it a meaningless and deceptive book to attract attention. Some consider it a book with a magical appearance for children, which was produced for the children of the affluent sections of society at that time.

However, experts in the field of ancient languages and cryptography have tried for years to hide the concepts hidden in The text and drawings of this book are revealed, but so far they have not succeeded in this field. The only thing we know for sure about this book is that it was written in the early fifteenth century and everyone who wrote it had an awful skill in drawing flowers.

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4- Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

James Joyce is best known for his book Ulysses, which is best known for being difficult to read. But with Ulysses, for all its hardship, it is like a children's book for the audience in the face of Fingan Awakening. That ugly look, or just a few hundred pages of irrelevant words and hadiths. It is on different levels of dream logic and dream world. For example, this is one of the sentences in this book that may be of interest to you:


5- The book Against Nature (Against Nature) by Joris Carl Hayzmans

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

A man covers his tortoise shell with jewelry, killing the poor tortoise. This is perhaps the most accurate account of the book's plot against nature.

This book is about the life of a French aristocrat who, throughout the book, is disappointed only by the French aristocracy. His life is spent almost entirely in a strange country house, all the details of which are described with extreme care. There really is no other character or dialogue or even plot in this book. This book is, in fact, merely a description of this man's life in his luxurious house and his dead turtle.

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6- Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age by Bohomil Herabal

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

The main character of this book, an old man, goes to the beach to meet some young women who are sunbathing and start telling stories to them. He talks about his life and adventures as a shoemaker as well as his romantic conquests.

All this book and all these adventures happened in one sentence. The dance instruction book for older students does not have a very logical narrative and is literally a giant sentence. But it is written at least in a human and recognizable language and is readable to the audience.

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7- The Story of the Vivian Girls by Dargar

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

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8- The book is like this (How It Is) by Samuel Beckett

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

This book is actually a novel about a man crawling among the bullets. As she crawls through the mud, she meets another man who is also crawling through the mud, and they become friends. Then the other man changes his path and separates from him, and he is left alone among the gullies again, but this time again without crawling.

This book is in fact the story of a man whose life is completely in the middle. The bullet passes. In addition, you will not find anything more in this book. Do you think Samuel Beckett and James Joyce were friends?

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9- Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serfini

BingMag.com The strangest and most mysterious books of all time

Many fans of this book love it just because it is just weird and mysterious. The Codex of Seraphinus is in fact an encyclopedia of an imaginary world written in a fictional language.

This is another example of a text that no one has been able to decipher. But was this book really written in code? Or is it just a bunch of nonsense? Did the aliens write it? All of these options are possible!

But in addition to the bizarre texts, the book also includes beautiful surreal images: for example, the stages of merging and turning two humans into a crocodile, fruits that bleed, fish that There are human eyes, too, in addition to many other things that are difficult to describe. This book is really strange, but it fascinates the eyes of every reader and viewer.

In addition to the books introduced in this article, what strange or mysterious books have you come across so far?

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