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Specialty Death Book; How did we all become experts overnight?

In this part of the book review, we have looked at a work that addresses a global dilemma. That most people consider themselves experts in various matters. In this book, Tom Nichols, author of The Death of Expertise, describes how a rift has developed between professionals and the general public, and sometimes ignorance and superstition have replaced professional and scientific facts.

It is for both those who shy away from professionals and those professionals who are tired of not being heard. Tom Nichols is an American writer and political analyst. Nichols expresses concern that people do not trust or like specialists. What happens is that instead of the right scientific path, they take other paths that sometimes cause financial losses and sometimes even loss of life.

The issues raised in the book are universal. Among other things, you probably still go to the doctor when your hand breaks, but the death of a specialist means that after going to the doctor, you do not listen to his advice as you should and maybe. As a result, the position of the expert in society has been shaken. A very clear example these days is the opposition to vaccines, which ignores the opinions of experts.

The book "Death of Expertise" is marketed by a learned publication.

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