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5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

We live in a time when the "corona" epidemic has long affected the lives of us all. In general, epidemics are widespread epidemics that cross borders and affect large populations. As public health awareness grows, so does the interest in learning about the history of epidemics. People tend to read real stories or novels related to some of the world's greatest challenges and epidemics and see what kind of reactions and conditions occur during this period.

Diseases have played an important role in the literature for many years. They had a story. Books about epidemics give us the opportunity to learn from our past and see how technology and response strategies have changed over time.

The coronavirus is not the first disease to occur. It has spread around the world and not many books have been written about the corona virus; Unprecedented books have been written about diseases, epidemics and epidemics that give us important insights and insights we can take in dealing with them.

To help people better understand how diseases spread and How to deal with such diseases In the past, we have introduced 5 books on infectious and epidemic diseases in this article, which cover a variety of diseases from plague to yellow fever and Ebola.

If the coronavirus epidemic It has also made you curious about infectious diseases, so do not miss this list of books to read.

1. The love of the cholera years BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

The book "The love of the cholera years" by the famous Colombian author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez was first published in Spanish in 1985. The novel's nostalgia is that nostalgia is a real illness and can even be compared to cholera. And then he goes back with a fifty-one-year-old flashback.

The Love of the Cholera Years explores the meaning of love through the intertwined lives of Fermina Datha, Florentino Arita, and Dr. Khonal Orbino. All three main characters in the story struggle with fear of aging and death.

Florentino and Fermina fall in love at a young age, and a secret relationship develops between the two with the help of Fermina's aunt. They exchange many love letters, but when Fermina's father finds out, he forces his daughter to end the relationship. At first Fermina does not listen to her father, but after a while she separates from Florentino and finally meets Dr. Juanal Orbino and they get married. Many behaviors in his hometown may exacerbate the cholera outbreak. Aware of these medical and social issues, he does not allow himself to give in. He works hard to find solutions, and ultimately the methods he proposes play an important role in preventing a new outbreak of cholera in the city. To protect against preventable diseases, not to accept death as a destiny. In fact, the book Love in the Time of Cholera is a celebration of life over death, love over despair, and health over illness.

He said that teaching under the almond tree was due to the chaos inside the house and the repairs there, but very soon, especially during the school quarter, he realized that Fermina Daza was exposing himself to his eager gaze every afternoon, and this gave the boy hope. However, he still did not know if he had been seen or noticed, as he had not received any indication from Fermina Daza. However, he dared to stop trying. Cory BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

The philosophical book "Cory" by Portuguese author Jose Saramago First published in 1995. This book is considered one of the most outstanding contemporary novels, and Saramago won the Nobel Prize in 1998 for this extraordinary book.

, Does not name the place or time period, and the storyline can take place anywhere and at any time. This book is still irrevocably rooted in the history of twentieth-century fascism and authoritarianism, and in particular the specific political history of Portugal./p>

In "Blindness," a blind man tells the story of an unknown city that is stricken with an unknown disease that blinds most people. At the beginning of the story, a man behind a red light suddenly and mysteriously goes blind and screams for help. A doctor sees him and takes him home; The ophthalmologist not only does not understand why the man suddenly loses his sight, but the doctor himself soon becomes blind. He appears in front of his eyes. Within a few weeks, the entire city, except for the doctor's wife, who also becomes the protagonist of the novel, loses their sight.

In an excerpt from The Blind, we read: They were in a group, gathered around him, what happened, what is going on, and he told them, a small piece of glass went into my knee, which knee, the left knee, sat on one of the blind suspicions. Be careful, maybe Dort is still a piece of glass, he turned and shook his hand to distinguish his legs, he said, here it is, sunk in your flesh, one of the blind men laughed, well, if it is sunken, use it well, as well as the others. "Men and women laughed." Buy a blind book from BingMag Buy a blind book from BingMag

3. The Lord of Revenge BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

The book "The Lord of Revenge" is the work of one of the greatest novelists of American and world literature, Philip Roth, who First published in 2010 in the United States. The book describes the impact of the 1944 polio epidemic on a middle-class Jewish community in Newark, New Jersey. From the beginning, Bucky's life begins with a series of bad events; After his mother dies in childbirth, his father is imprisoned and leaves his family, and Baki is raised by his grandparents. Despite his small stature, he is a skilled athlete in the fields of javelin throwing, weightlifting and diving. It threatens life and even death.

Bucky faces a mental crisis and wonders why God allows innocent children to die of polio. Eventually, Cantor encounters a love affair and gets engaged to his favorite girlfriend. Fearing he would get polio while staying in Newark for the summer, he asks his fianc to quit his job in Newark and join him in a polio-free summer camp, but leaving the Newark children adds to his guilt.

In an excerpt from The Lord of Revenge, we read: "The first case of paralysis that summer, in early June, just after Memorial Day, in an Italian slum, across from We lived appeared. "There was no news of paralysis in our neighborhood southwest of the city, in the minority part of Wikiwake, and we were scared to hear about several other cases that were sporadically seen in almost every neighborhood in Newark except ours." Buy the book Lord of Revenge from BingMag

4. Human Touch BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

The book "Human Touch" by Mitche Album is a description of a fictional story in a real context; A story about how lives intersect during a coronavirus outbreak. The story of this book takes place in a small town in Michigan and tells the story of the citizens of a street and four houses that are next door.

The characters of the book are a doctor and his family, a priest and his family, an old man And his wife and a young Chinese couple with a Haitian maid whose 8-year-old son, Moses, will be the focus of the story; As the Corona virus takes root in the United States, we will see how self-preservation and fear of disease prevail over human kindness.

The only person who seems to be safe from what is going on around them , Is the young character of Moses. He continues to be happy and kind. People and neighbors are isolated by the virus, but Moses secretly visits them and hugs them eagerly.

Although the story takes place in Michigan, readers around the world are comfortable with their characters, situations, and struggles. Faced with them on a daily basis, they will communicate everything from love, loss and friendship to racism, discrimination and fear.

In a section of The Touch of Man, we read: Snow covers this corner of the earth, Sam Lee enters the apple factory and wipes the snow on his sleeve. He picks up two apple legs and tries the muffins. The Ricketts family-owned apple factory, the third largest in Michigan, sells apple pie, donuts, cakes and apple cider vinegar. "Even though the apple season is over, the old rickshaw keeps it open all year round." Buy a human touch book from BingMag Buy a human touch book from BingMag

5. The Red Death Mask and 18 Other Stories BingMag.com 5 shocking books with stories about pervasive diseases

The Red Death Mask and 18 Other Stories by Edgar Allanpo Published in 1842. In this book, Poe uses many traditional elements of the Gothic story, including the castle environment. Many of the castle's monochromatic rooms symbolize the human mind and depict different types of characters. A disease called Red Death has spread throughout the country. Victims of the disease are rapidly dying in horror.

Although the disease is spreading rapidly across the country, Prince Prosper does not seem to be worried about the disease. He orders the palace doors to be locked so that no disease enters the palace, and he does not care that his people die from the disease. After a few months, Prince Prospero, along with some wealthy nobles, holds a masquerade party. For the party, he has decorated seven rooms of his palace in seven different colors.

A new guest appears at midnight; He is dressed colder and darker than the others. His mask appears to be that of a corpse, and he wears a shroud-like garment. There are blood stains on his face, indicating that the victim of death has blushed. Seeing this new guest makes Prospero angry.

The guests are afraid of the masked man and cannot prevent him from entering the rooms. Prosper finally catches the guest in one of the rooms but dies as soon as he is confronted.

The story of this book is an allegory that shows the inevitability of death.

In a part of the book "The Mask" Red Death and 18 other stories "we read:

" Going beyond the horizon of our colorful rainbow! How do I get rid of beauty, a kind of ugliness? A smile of sorrow from the peace treaty? But, just as in morality, evil is a trail of goodness, in reality, joy is born of sorrow. Today's anxiety is either born of memories of past happiness, or the result of colors rooted in pleasures that may have been. My baptismal name is Eugene; "I will not mention my last name." Buy the book Red Death Mask and 18 other stories from BingMag Buy the book Red Mask of Death and some other stories from BingMag

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