Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

Love is a deep and diverse emotion that is related to everything from love for a partner and family to religion and nature. These feelings transcend time and language to make love poems some of the most enduring works of literature in the world. In fact, poetry is one of the most beautiful languages of expressing love, which has been the stronghold of many poets for centuries to express their deep feelings through it. There are many things to express in poems that deeply affect you and have the ability to evoke emotions. Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

Love is a deep and diverse emotion that is related to everything from love for a partner and family to religion and nature. These feelings transcend time and language to make love poems some of the most enduring works of literature in the world. In fact, poetry is one of the most beautiful languages of expressing love, which has been the stronghold of many poets for centuries to express their deep feelings through it. There are many things to express in poems that deeply affect you and have the ability to evoke emotions.

In this article, you will find some books of love poems by Iranian and foreign poets that explore the meaning of love. and they talk about love in the most beautiful language.

1. Romantic Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book "Romantic sonnets" with the English title "The Sonnets" by one of the greatest and most famous playwrights in the world. It is William Shakespeare, which was first published in 1609. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford, England and was finally buried on April 25, 1616 in Stratford in a place inside the church. In fact, one of the world's greatest playwrights and one of the world's highest-ranking poets did not live more than 52 years, and in this short period of his life, he not only left behind the world's most excellent and magnificent plays, but some of his poems are still unique in their kind and perhaps in The whole world should be unique.

The remarkable thing is that still in this century, the plays that Shakespeare wrote for a small theater in the late 16th and early 17th centuries are being performed on the biggest theater stages in the world. It continues to be admired and praised, and in addition to the fact that its value has not decreased a bit, but its value is added every day and it is welcomed. The famous English actor, poet and playwright Ben Johnson says about Shakespeare: "Shakespeare does not belong to one century only, but belongs to all time and all ages." Some of them were published after Shakespeare's death. In 1592, in addition to writing plays, Shakespeare personally performed and played some roles. His sonnets are poems of expressive ideas and thoughts that have different meanings and always have two things in common: 1. All sonnets have fourteen lines.

2. All the sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, in which an unstressed syllable is followed by a stressed syllable.

A book of romantic sonnets with 154 exquisite sonnets on topics such as the passage of time, mortality, love, beauty, and betrayal. and covers jealousy; Ghazalyats 1 to 126 are addressed to a young man who in the first 17 sonnets encourages this young man to marry and have children, and Ghazalyats 127 to 152 are addressed to a woman named "Dark Lady" who is elusive and often tyrannical. It causes pain and shame to the speaker. The final two ghazals (ghazal 153 and 154) focus on the god Cupid or the god of love and do not seem to be related to the rest of the collection. His sonnets use the alternating rhymes of each quatrain to create powerful contrasts between different lines and sections or to create a sense of progression in the poem.

In general, all of the poems deal with love; Lost Love, Unforgettable Love, Forbidden Love, Eternal Love, Obsessive Love, First Love, Life Changing Love, etc. It seems that these poems narrate a story, each one different, but as emotional as the previous poem.

To the nights when my soul is tired of leaving you?

Do you want to disturb my sleep

So that your shadow is always sitting on my eyes?

Is this the spirit you sent to me from your home, which is constantly investigating my actions? You disgrace my soul and expose my head. Has your love been separated from me?

Is it because of the passion of my love, not because of your love every night? steal my work from me

so that a guard is attached to you

you are in another place and I am waiting for you

and away from me your heart is united with others be." Buy the book of love poems from BingMag

2. Twenty Love Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book "Twenty Love Poems" by diplomat, senator and poet Pablo Neruda is a Chilean modernist who was first published in 1924 and translated into Farsi by Reza Motamedi.

Pablo Neruda, with the original name of Naftali Ricardo Reyes Basvalto, was born on July 12, 1904 in Paral, Chile. He, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971, is considered one of the most important Latin American poets of the 20th century. Neruda was the son of Jose del Carmen Reyes, a railroad worker, and Rosa Basualto. His mother died within a month of Neruda's birth, and two years later the family moved to a small town in the south They moved to Chile. Neruda started writing poetry at the age of 10, but his father tried to dissuade him from writing and never paid attention to his poems, which is why the young poet began to publish under the pseudonym Pablo Neruda.

Neruda died in hospital on September 23, 1973, just days after Pinochet's military coup and the overthrow of the Allende regime, due to leukemia. He was hospitalized in Santiago and died there due to a heart attack. He came to international attention with his book Twenty Love Songs, which became his most popular work and the subject of the acclaimed Pablo Larren Neruda film starring Gael Garca Bernal. This collection became one of the most read collections of poems written in the Spanish language.

In the book Twenty Love Songs, Neruda used references and natural images to present his thoughts and feelings, his memorable relationships with two women. describes; A girl from the hometown of the poet Temoko and her classmate at the University of Santiago. In this work, he explored the themes of love, time, destruction, and loneliness in their various forms. In fact, love, longing with memories, and abandonment are palpable emotions throughout the book. Neruda merges his own experiences and memories with the beautiful scenery of Chile to present a beautifully poetic sense of love and lust. The first poem of this collection is called "Woman's Body" and because this is the first impression that the reader sees when opening the book and is imprinted in his mind, it gives the reader a general impression of the collection.

Generally, the book In terms of style, twenty love songs show the broad characteristics of literary modernism. His poetry was full of harmony and anxiety as well as full of political energy, thoughts of social collapse, isolation, alienation, communism and oppression. The poet constantly reflects his struggle with forgetting and longing through the metaphors of night and darkness, and on the other hand, the beloved woman remembers the sounds of nature, the beauty of the sky, the stars, and the heartbeat of the life that has been awakened by her.

In a part of the book twenty love songs, we read:

"My life turns to fatigue and reluctance

I love what I don't have. And it's hard to be away from you

We hate it, it struggles with calm dawns

But the night comes and I start reading.

The moon turns its sleep.

I am seen by the biggest stars with your eyes. And still as I love you,

The pines in the wind want to sing your name with their wiry leaves.

Ah, the black stilts of a boat


Sometimes, I wake up, and my soul even more

Laughs, sings around with

Now a port. I love you here.

I love you here and come and ten the horizon hides you.

I still love you, yes, among these cold things

Sometimes my kisses go to those heavy roars

that move the sea and as if not to the song of the shore

I see that, like those old anchors, I forget.

As the evening approaches, the docks are sadder. Buy twenty romantic songs from BingMag

3. Love Is a Dog from Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book "Love Is a Dog from Hell" with the English title "Love Is a Dog from Hell" It is the work of one of the most prominent American contemporary poets and writers, Charles Bukowski, which was first published in 1977. Bukowski was born in 1920 in Andernach, Germany, to an American soldier father and a German mother, and was sent to America at the age of two. He grew up in Los Angeles and lived there for over fifty years. He died on March 9, 1994 in San Pedro, California, shortly after completing his last novel, The Popular, at the age of seventy-three.

Morrison grew up in the American Midwest in a family with a strong love and appreciation for culture. They had a black person. Storytelling, songs and folktales were a deep part of his childhood formation. In his works, he portrays many strange characters: prostitutes, alcoholics, vagabonds, hooligans, bankrupt gamblers and bullies who are like sleepwalkers or rogues in a city that rejects them. Bukowski is not afraid to reveal the details of his sex life, his thoughts on love and missed opportunities.

Bukowski spent most of his life as a writer of poetry and prose in Los Angeles. He is an honest man who writes down the knowledge he has gained throughout his life and imparts his wisdom to the people who live and speak his language. A dog's love is the gatekeeper of hell is a collection of poems by Bukowski It's the Mid-Seventies is a raw and lyrical exploration of the necessities, heartbreaks and limitations of love. Bukowski is known for his use of violent imagery and graphic language in poetry and fiction that depict survival in a corrupt and damaged society. Although he started his career as one of the best "cult writers", his works became so popular and influential that he was one of the most recognized American writers until his death. He observes what seems to be his daily life from an almost philosophical and at the same time simple point of view. Bukowski uses a series of adjectives and nouns to describe Sandra, and presents an abstract description and at the same time a vivid metaphor. We used to eat

who told me the story of that German man

who owns all the shops around there except for a cloth shop,

he tried to buy there too but The girls there answered no.

The German man owns the best grocery store in Pasadena,

His meats are expensive but worth it.

The vegetables and fruits are very valuable. ,

She also sells flowers.

People come to her store from all over Pasadena,

But she still wanted to buy the fabric store

And the girls said no.

One night they had seen a person who had escaped through the back door of the cloth shop,

and there was a fire,

and almost Everything was destroyed,

Having a long list of all kinds of fabrics

Trying to save what was left,

And holding an auction of burnt goods,

But it had no effect.

Finally, the place was sold

And the German man became the owner of the shop,

The shop is empty.

The German woman tried to use it and the basket and this He sold things, but it didn't work. Buy the book "Love is a dog is the gatekeeper of hell" from BingMag

4. Bicycles: Romances of Nikki Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book "Bicycles: Love Poems" by Nikki Giovanni is a writer, poet and social activist from the United States of America, which was first published in 1997. The poems in this collection span thirty years of Giovanni's career as a writer. We will see her as a young woman, as an activist striving for change, as a lover, as a black American woman.

Giovanni is one of the most popular American poets because she expresses her opinion clearly. Expresses and enjoys doing it. She is a seven-time winner of the NAACP Image Award, the first recipient of the Rosa Parks Woman of Courage Award, and the recipient of the Langston Hughes Medal for Outstanding Poetry, among many other honors. For children and includes intimate personal statements about growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1960, he entered Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked in the school's writing workshop and edited literary journals. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1967, he organized the Cincinnati Black Arts Festival before attending graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

Giovanni's early poems were published during the Civil Rights Movement. He was full of revolutionary spirit. Along with Maya Angelou and Audre Lorde, he was one of the key figures of the Black Arts movement. He is also known for his poems about death, dreams, and racism.

In a career spanning more than a quarter of a century, Giovanni has earned a reputation as one of America's most famous and controversial writers. . In this work, he presents a stunning collection of love poems that includes more than twenty new works.

The book of bicycles reads like a collection of songs, prayers, dialogues and stories, making it a dynamic reading experience. converts In this beautifully bold book, Giovanni expresses love in ways that are delightfully unexpected. In fact, his philosophy and perspective are deep and his use of literary elements is very wide. In this work, various topics such as jazz, family, clothes, blues, paradise, food, books, introspection and other things are also examined. In this work, Giovanni shows that in the end it is love that overcomes misfortune.>

I wanted

but you didn't want

I realized

why shouldn't we

you just joined the army

Then we couldn't

However, it could be

a pleasant pastime

if we wanted to" Buy the book Bicycles Romances by Nikki Giovanni from BingMag

5 . Aida in the Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book Aida in the mirror by a journalist, playwright, translator, announcer and one of the most famous contemporary poets of Iran. Ahmed Shamlou. He was born in Tehran He spent his childhood in different cities of the province and started political activity in his early youth. He has edited and founded many artistic and literary magazines and has always opened opportunities for young poets to show their talents. Shamlou has translated many stories and poems from French.

This famous poet, after 50 years of literary efforts, as a writer, journalist, translator and most of all a successful poet, died on a hot day in August 1378. Fall from the world. Just as Nima is called "the father of poetry", Shamlu is called "the father of white poetry". He is known both as a great historical literary figure and as a great poet. He was a humanist and a social intellectual who skillfully intertwined personal love and affection with his social attitudes and always lived with hope and passion for justice. After marrying Idast, he has largely used myths and ancient texts to create his poems. In addition to the notebook "Aida in the mirror", in the notebook "Aida, Tree and Dagger and Memory" Shamlou also brings his romantic passion for Aida in the form of poetry. The book Aida in the Mirror is very enjoyable and beautiful with its poetic descriptions and reading these poems can affect anyone's feelings.

In a part of the book Aida in the Mirror we read:

"You and I are one Our mouth

which with all its singing

has sung a more beautiful song. p>

In his perspective

makes it fresher.


of everything that stops us

of everything that surrounds us

From everything that forces mana

to look for,

The hand that draws a rude line to the void.

You and I are one. We are superior

to any flame of superiority

that defeat will never prevail over us

because we are full of love.

And swallow who has nested in our shelter

with hasty arrival

fills the house

of a lost god

. Buy the book Aida in the mirror from Fidibo

6. I endure with Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book I endure with love is written by a prominent Iranian poet, essayist and translator, Hossein Manzavi, who is the first It was published in 2005. He had a lot of influence on Iran's literary revolution and his main fame is in writing poems. His poems are mainly Persian, but he also had a contribution in Azeri language. After studying and staying in Tehran for several years, he returned to his hometown. Homayoun Shajarian has used the poems of Hossein Manzawi in his album Stars.

Romanticism is a social, political and cultural movement that was formed in the 19th century and broke the traditional barriers in Europe and the social conditions of its emergence in the late Constitution was provided in Iran. Hossein Manzavi is one of the most innovative and talented contemporary poets, whose personal feelings and many principles of romanticism are reflected in his poems. Since the love story has a wide scope in Persian literature, it has also had a wide reflection in isolated poetry, so that love has been the main focus of some of his poems. Most of his poems are based on his personal feelings and emotions, and he is actually a poet of his own life, and in addition to the theme of love, desires and wishes, real feelings, life's adversities are among the main themes of his poems. From BingMag

7. The Tale of the Sea of Romantic poems from Iranian and foreign poets

The book of the Tale of the Sea of Life by a poet, writer, university lecturer, literary historian, researcher and contemporary Iranian actor , Shams is anchored. He was born in a religious family interested in literature. Later, his father changed their last name to Shams. He finished his high school in mathematics. His family background encouraged him to pursue poetry with all his heart. His first published poem was under the influence of Nader, a famous contemporary poet, in 1346, Naderpour, which was published in the weekly Omid Iran.

At first, he was influenced by the language and vision of Fereydon Towalali, Fereydon Moshiri, and more importantly, Nader Naderpour. Was. Political activities and the conditions of the society made him tend to the poetry of Siavash Kasraei and Ahmed Shamlou. Shams, after writing "Labkhand Chak-Chak's poem", distanced himself from his inspiring predecessors, and turned to the simplicity and fluency of spoken language. Simplicity, brevity, humor, everyday life, love and nature are the main elements of his poetry.>Be calm.

The story of the sea is life,

Sometimes the sun shines,

Lightning and the smell of salt,

Excretion of happiness,


Sometimes we sink down,

We close our eyes,

There is darkness everywhere.

Calm down my dear

Calm down

We take our head out of the water again

And we see the sun shining

Under a bush of snow

This time


The horoscope will appear right from where you like it. Buy the story of the sea of life from BingMag

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