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5 reading books written about Hitler

BingMag.com 5 <b>reading</b> <b>books</b> <b>written</b> <b>about</b> Hitler

Adolf Hitler was such a powerful dictator that he surprised the whole world with his conquests and stubbornness. Hitler was among the dictators that people admired at first and then gradually started to fear him. With his hatred of the Jews and the rise of the Nazis, the holocausts, the concentration camps where Jews were burned alive, everything turned into hell during Hitler's dictatorship. And also showed the world its terrible consequences such as fall and death. As every beginning has an end, so did Hitler's power and he had to surrender. But people today remember Hitler for his conquests, belligerence, and his ability as a singular political leader who shook the world with his dictatorial power. If you want to know more about Hitler and his reign, in the rest of this article we have introduced the best books that will introduce you to his lifestyle as a dictator.

1. Mein KampfBingMag.com 5 <b>reading</b> <b>books</b> <b>written</b> <b>about</b> Hitler

Mein Kampf book by Adolf Hitler, which was published in two volumes in 1925 and 1927. Notorious for his brutality during World War II, Hitler orchestrated the killing of over six million Jews in the Holocaust. 5 million copies of this work were sold by 1939 and were translated into 11 living languages of the world.

The book of my battle is undoubtedly the most important book in the history of the Nazis and his reign, and it was the Bible of the Nazis. This book is one of the most powerful political manifestos that directly reflects the thoughts of this dictator and is a glimpse into the mind of the man who destabilized world peace and followed the genocide that is now known as the Holocaust. While talking about all things political, Hitler often tends to go back to his childhood, where it all started.

In fact, this book contains details of Hitler's early life, his ideology and What he imagined for Nazi Germany. As Hitler's influence gradually increased, so did the popularity of his biography in Nazi Germany. By reading this work, often called the Nazi bible, you can gain deep insight into Hitler's life, frustrations, dreams, thoughts and ideas about world domination. Born in a small town in Austria, he grew up with a strong desire to become a painter. The death of his parents and complete rejection from art schools in Vienna forced him to work for very low wages as a laborer. He started writing from his parents' house since childhood. After the war, he became actively involved with socialist political groups and quickly rose to power, establishing himself as head of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

My Battle is written entirely from Hitler's point of view. And how a little boy during the First World War realized all the political issues and even then how he became a ruthless leader who thought about the progress and development of Germany. In 1924, Hitler led a coalition of nationalist groups in an attempt to overthrow the Bavarian government in Munich. The Munich Putsch or Beer Hall Coup failed and Hitler was arrested. This coup was the beginning of Adolf Hitler's rise to power and his path to power and the formation of Nazi Germany.

Through this book, Hitler created an image of himself as a very devoted nationalist. He says that he was arrested with many of his comrades and imprisoned in Landsberg Castle on a river called Lech and was sentenced to five years of detention in the castle. He had spent almost thirteen months in different periods in prison. He wrote the first volume of this book called "Retrospect" while he was imprisoned in a military fortress in Bavaria. It was at that time that Germany suffered a great calamity and French soldiers attacked Germany and occupied almost all of Germany. The second volume was written when Hitler was released from prison, but not published until after the French had left. In the second volume, Hitler mentions how he joined the German Labor Party and tried to awaken the German nation, which became popular under Hitler's dynamic leadership. This book leads you to think and understand that every story has different aspects and nothing is without reason and suffering. If he has not studied the internal situation of the Besbork families in Austria with care and interest, he cannot understand this situation, but in my opinion, all these feelings are related to the way and style of teaching public history, because Enrich, like other countries, has a special history for itself. Students in school read the history of Austria in general and German and Austrian grow up with a similar feeling. It is not different from them in terms of time, but if one day Germany and Austria are separated, it will be like dividing Germany into two parts. Buy the book My Battle by Adolf Hitler from BingMag Buy the book My Battle by Hitler from Fidibo

2. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Third Reich" is the work of American journalist and historian, William Shirer, which was first published in 1960. This bestseller has been introduced worldwide as a book about Nazi Germany and is still one of the most widely read books.

He lived as a foreign correspondent in Berlin from 1933 to the end of 1940. He reported on the rise of Hitler and the start of the war until the threat of the Gestapo forced him to return home. Broader historical analysis plays a very small role in this book, which is mainly a report of the decisions and actions of the leaders of the Nazi regime, that is, this book is a political history, not a military one. It saw the German invasion of the Rhineland in 1936, the German occupation of Austria in 1938, the invasion of Poland in September 1939, and accompanied the German army in the conquest of France in 1940. Throughout the book, he gives us a clear understanding of the various schemes, intrigues, manipulations and outright violence that Hitler used to secure power, as well as the slow but steady "Nazification" of German life.

He reported on Nazi rule in Germany and was one of the first foreigners to discover the Nazi mass murder of more than 100,000 mentally ill and disabled Germans in gas chambers in mental hospitals by teams whose expertise was later set up. Hitler boasted that the Third Reich would last a thousand years, but it only lasted 12, but those 12 years contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever seen. It seems that despite all his critical intelligence, Shearer was ultimately influenced by Nazi propaganda that portrayed the regime as the fulfillment of Germany's long-held dreams.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, including the testimony of Nazi leaders and prisoners The concentration camp, diaries of officials, transcripts of secret conferences, army orders, private letters and all documents are extensive evidence of Hitler's attempt to conquer the world and the fall of the Third Reich.

After the defeat and surrender at the end of the war Before the Nazis could burn their important documents, they were all captured by the Allied forces, ending Hitler's reign of terror. This is a really fascinating book that readers will experience a wave of emotions while reading it.

In a part of the book we read:

"Such was the amazing group of unworthy and ignorant people who created National Socialism. They established a foundation and without knowing it, they began to shape a movement that in thirteen years covered all of Germany, the most powerful country in Europe, and became the creator of the Third Reich. Drexler, a passionate locksmith, provided the core of the work, and Eckart, a poet; Mast, part of the "spiritual" foundation of the movement. Feder, an economist from Kejandish, created the ideology of the party and studied the spirit of Amrdbazi, the support of the army and war veterans. But now it was Adolf Hitler, a former vagabond and Yen, who took over the leadership of the congregation. Buy the book Rise and Fall of the Third Reich from BingMag

3. with the leader forever; Memoirs of Hitler's Personal ButlerBingMag.com 5 <b>reading</b> <b>books</b> <b>written</b> <b>about</b> Hitler

The book "With Hitler to Forever: Memoirs of Hitler's Personal Butler" with the English title "With Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler's Valet" is the work of Heinz Linge, an SS officer and Adolf Hitler's valet, which was translated into Persian by Sahar Voredi. This gruesome yet fascinating work is of interest to anyone who has sought further insight into the daily life of one of history's monsters.

Heinz Linge spent ten years from 1935 until the Peshva's death in a Berlin bunker in May. In May 1945, he worked with Adolf Hitler. Although he held the rank of SS (Nazi Party Protection Battalion), he claims that he was not a member of the Nazi Party. He was one of the last people to leave the bunker and was in charge of guarding the door while Hitler killed himself. During his years of service, Linge was responsible for all aspects of Hitler's household, and he did not need to hide his illnesses, fatigue, or depressed mood from Linge, taking him everywhere with him. He claims that in the last years, only Hitler's mistress named Eva Braun stayed by his side. In the book With the Leader Forever, Linge describes the daily routine in Hitler's family through a lot of anecdotes and observations. recounts; Her eating habits, her disabilities, her preferences, her sense of humor and her private life with Brown. In fact, Linge believed that Hitler's closest companion was his dog. Linge said in an interview after the war: "It was easier for him to sign a death warrant for an officer at the front than to accept bad news about the health of his dog." It depicts his common and his health in the last years of the war. In the last days of Hitler's life, Hitler's right eye began to swell It hurt and Linge was responsible for prescribing cocaine drops to relieve the pain. In a number of cases, such as the Stauffenberg bomb plot in July 1944, Linge provides excellent accounts and objective evidence of the events, as well as small profiles of prominent members of Hitler's "court" including Hess, Speer, Bormann, and Ribbentrop.

At the end of the book, the reader is faced with a complex human response from a man who served Hitler with unquestioning devotion for ten years. Those who forget history may be condemned to repeat it; This lesson alone makes this book worth reading.

In a part of the book with Peshwa Ta Abed, we read:

"At the end of 1932, secret negotiations between Gregor Strasser and Schleicher about the chancellor's succession proposal led to He had a perfect relationship with Hitler. In 1934, he was mistakenly killed in the Rome coup. Dr. Otto Wagner went to Berlin in 1932 and was dismissed from all jobs in the summer of 1933. Apparently, his close associates favored him for the position of Minister of Finance. I never heard from him again. It is not surprising that no one remembered him after his dismissal and it seems that he was no longer needed after 1933. There is no doubt that Dr. Wagner, Pfeffer von Salomon and Strasser were very independent people. In any case, after Hitler came to power, I never heard them speak to each other again." Buy the book With the Leader Forever: Memories of Hitler's Personal Butler from BingMag Buy the book With the Leader Forever: Memories of Hitler's Personal Butler from Fidibo

4. Peshwa's book; in the color of anger and blood In the color of anger and blood" with the original title "The Meaning of Hitler" by the German journalist and historian, Sebastian Hafner, which was first published in 1978. This book is written by a person who escaped from Germany in 1933 and eventually became an important journalist. In this study, Hafner, a man whose politics became an alternative to his life, grew out of Hitler's strange relationships with women. Arrested Psycho discusses his ideological misconceptions, his growing obsession with racial annihilation, and the deadly rages of his twisted mind. Finally, Hafner faces the most troubling question: Could another Hitler come to power in modern Germany?

Hitler never had a job, never looked for a job, and avoided any job. His shyness in employment and in marriage was a prominent feature. No one could call him a professional politician, politics was his life, but it never became his profession. During his early political life, he presented himself as a painter, writer, merchant, and propaganda speaker in various ways. He did not read, held cabinet meetings irregularly, and did not hold any meetings after 1938. His style of political service was never like a high-ranking servant of the nation, but like an independent artist waiting for divine inspiration.

In this work, Sebastian did not provide a deep analysis of what Hitler had done, but he examined the real mentality. Adolf Hitler has paid. In this brief, fact-based and insightful analysis of Hitler and his impact on the world, he displays his skills as a first-class journalist and student of German and modern European history. And Blood is a remarkable historical and psychological examination of the enigma of Adolf Hitler, revealing who he was, how he wielded power, and why he was destined to fail. Beginning with Hitler's early life, Hafner explores the historical, political, and emotional forces that shaped his personality, dividing the book by Hitler's accomplishments, successes, misconceptions, mistakes, and betrayals. He thoroughly explains how Hitler dismantled the Treaty of Versailles and gradually took over Europe without firing a single hostile shot.

This book provides answers to more or less all of Hitler's actions which, as we all know, led to one of It will be the biggest catastrophe in history.

In a part of Peshwa's book in the color of anger and blood, we read:

"Nationalism and socialism were powerful slogans to mobilize the masses. Imagine if someone managed to somehow integrate them together, how explosive would it be? Although it is impossible to be sure, this idea probably even crossed the mind of the young Hitler. He later wrote that even at the age of twenty, around 1910 in Vienna, he had laid the "firm foundation" of his political ideology. But to what extent it is justified to give the title of National Socialism to this ideology is debatable. The real Hitler's intellectual base, that is, his lower and initial layer, which was formed during his stay in Vienna. Buy the book with Peshwa in the color of anger and blood from BingMag

5. Hitler's bookBingMag.com 5 <b>reading</b> <b>books</b> <b>written</b> <b>about</b> Hitler

The book "Hitler" with the English title "Hitler" by the German historian, journalist, critic and editor, Joachim First published in German in 1973 and in English in 1974, Fest is one of the most widely read books about Nazi Germany. He was a very great German journalist who He also wrote amazing historical books.

In fact, Hitler's book about the most fateful historical figure of our time, which has been the leading and best-selling non-fiction book in Germany since its publication, is considered a major outstanding achievement. This work, whose original German version was a bestseller and subsequently translated into more than a dozen living languages of the world, has become a classic portrait of a man, a nation and an era. Fest tells and interprets the extraordinary story of the rise of a man and a nation from impotence to absolute power.

If you are curious to know how Hitler became the ruler of the Third Reich and the leader of genocide, read this extraordinary work. do. This book was not the first biography of Hitler, but it was the first to try to explain Hitler's power based on his relationship with the German people.

Feest's description of the events of January 1933 is absolutely brilliant and the details are presented in a very interesting way. has been In addition, there are observations and analyzes in this work that are very unique. Throughout each stage of Hitler's life, Fest delves deeply into Hitler's psyche, allowing the reader to see up close. The rise and fall of Hitler is listed in great detail and you can almost feel the atmosphere of Germany before and after the war around you. In fact, it depends on his extreme mood; And this is a massive outburst of force that destroys all conventional notions. Of course, being beyond the scales does not necessarily establish historical greatness, and vulgarity and insignificance also have their weight. But Hitler was not beyond the scales and not just generic and insignificant. Until the moment of his fall, the flame he ignited, at every stage, almost reflected the will of his leadership. In many speeches, he spoke about his beginnings with emotional emphasis; "Since he had nothing behind him, nothing, no fame, no money, no newspapers, nothing, absolutely nothing." Buy Hitler's book from BingMag

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