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Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

Regular reading of the book will increase the power of your brain. The more you read, the higher your knowledge, intelligence and capacity to understand things. In fact, people who read books have more imagination, knowledge and vocabulary. A good book can enable the reader to visualize everything in his mind by activating an area of the human brain called the hippocampus that deals with a person's event memory. Just like regular exercise and jogging, which is good for the cardiovascular system, regular study improves memory function. Almost all of us know about Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and the pioneer of the computer revolution around the world. Bill Gates spends a lot of time studying. If Bill Gates's bookshelf could talk, he would have a lot to say about how to build a better society.

Bill Gates says books have calmed him down on hard days. He has been eager to read books since a young age. He reads a lot of non-fiction and considers it important to reflect on what we read.

Biography of Bill Gates BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

Bill Gates, full name William Henry Gates III, was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Gates is an American programmer and entrepreneur and the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world. Supported. His father, William H. Gates Father was a Seattle lawyer and attorney, and his mother, Mary Gates, was a schoolteacher and chairman of the United Nations International Fund. As a child, Gates spent many hours thinking about reference books such as encyclopedias. When he was 13, he went to a private elite school called Lakeside and wrote his first software program at the school. Gates graduated from Lakeside in 1973 and graduated from the university in the fall of 1973. Harvard registered. He initially studied law, but dropped out in 1975 to start a business through technology innovation, business strategy, and aggressive Microsoft marketing tactics with his business partner Paul Allen.

In February 2014, he announced that he was stepping down as President of Microsoft to focus on charity work at his own foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates has introduced many books to read so far. . In the following, we have introduced 5 titles of Bill Gates' recommended books.

1. Scope Book: Depth or Width? BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

Scope: Depth or Width? David Epstein was first published in 2019 and soon became one of the New York Times bestsellers. This is one of the books that Bill Gates has introduced in the list of books we should read.

What is the most effective way to succeed in any field? The answer to this question is not what you think. In fact, it questions all of your beliefs about success.

"Scope: Depth or breadth?" An inspiring strategic book for sports figures, coaches, musicians, scientists, teachers, bosses, inventors, managers, presidents, parents, and people who want or need more success and advancement.

Epstein The book talks about success and performance improvement in every direction. He believes that not everyone needs basic expertise to develop a particular skill, play an instrument or master their field. He believes that people who do a wider variety of thoughts, experiences, and tasks will make a lot more progress than people who focus on just one area of expertise.

David Epstein argues that expertise Primary is an exception, not a rule. In today's world, where we are always faced with changing demands, we desperately need people who are not afraid to quit and try new things and have a broad vision.

Depth or breadth? Expresses a clear perspective and message about experiencing and cultivating a variety of interdisciplinary experiences to master the goals. We read:

The school art teacher was a very famous person and one of the pioneers in the field of education and he worked hard to turn design lessons into one of the main parts of the national economic engine. His efforts were so successful that he forced the federal government to make blackprint compulsory in all public schools. Instead of standing in the classroom, the teacher arranged the students in such a way that he could pass through them like a sewing needle and personally pay attention to their individual work. Most of the students praised him, but he had no profound effect on the boy. Buy Scope Book: Deep or Wide? Purchase a book from BingMag: Scope: Depth or breadth? From Book stories

2. A Spy Among Friends BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

The book "A Spy Among Friends" by a famous author and one of the greatest historians The British, Ben McIntyre, was first released in 2018. Bill Gates considers this extraordinary work to be one of his favorite fantasy espionage novels. This is a thrilling and true story about one of the greatest mysteries of the last century.

"A Spy Among Friends" is a story about a dual KGB agent, Oleg Gordyfsky, whose secret work hastened the end of the Cold War. The KGB stands for the Intelligence and Security Service of the Former Soviet Union. Gordyfsky was born in 1938 into a family of all KGB officers; So he accepted his predestined destiny to become a successful KGB agent in order to gain respect for his family and community. From the very beginning of his career, he was very different from his colleagues, because he was an intellectual, a reader interested in history and economics, and most importantly, he worshiped Western values such as freedom and democracy.

His hatred of the KGB and The Soviet government immediately accepted MI6's offer when he was sent to the Soviet Embassy in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark; This agent offered him to work for them as a dual agent. Gordyfsky provided invaluable information to MI6 over the course of 11 years, which led to the great destruction of the KGB. Reveals that it changed the course of the Cold War forever.

In an excerpt from "A Spy Among Friends" we read: "During the first four years in Beirut, Philby only twice He left Lebanon, once for Syria and a second time to visit his father in Saudi Arabia. At Elliott's request, he now roamed all over the Middle East; Like Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait and Yemen, ostensibly as a journalistic mission. This sluggish reporter had now become a news tornado. But if one were careful, one would probably realize that this output was still below his effort; He visited places and people more than he wrote, at least in public. "In the first nine months of 1960, he wrote only six articles for the Observer." Buy a spy book among friends from BingMag Buy a spy book among friends from Book stories

3. Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Reduced BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

New York Times bestselling author Steven Pinker was first published in 2011. Violence is the subject of various sciences such as psychology, history, politics and sociology, but few have paid serious attention to this important issue. In this fascinating and controversial new work, Pinker shows that violence has been declining since 5,000 years ago, despite relentless news of war, crime, and terrorism. Pinker offers a variety of historical, psychological, biological, and evolutionary perspectives in The Better Angels of Our Nature to explain the decline of violence throughout human history, which makes reading this work astonishing and compelling.

Violence Reduces Violence is reduced in families, neighborhoods, between tribes and states. Humans are now less likely to die violently or less likely to suffer violence and oppression at the hands of others than people who lived centuries ago.

His ideas can serve as a guide to how to build communities in different countries Peaceful and calm, very useful. Some African countries, which still have high homicide rates, may find a way to move faster to developed countries. "Proving whether the world is calming down or not?" It is not just a question for historians, but an important statement about human nature and the possibility of a better future. This book has changed my point of view more than any other book. How do you know that tomorrow there will be no war (or genocide or terror) that will read the entire fate of this thesis? The questioner does not consider one of the main points of this book. The book does not say that we have entered a new era in which every single creature on earth is forever at peace. "The book says that there has been a significant reduction in the incidence of violence, and it is important that we understand this." Buy the book Angels Better Our Essences from BingMag

4. The Great Gatsby BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

The Great Gatsby is the third book by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, first published in 1925. Published and translated into Persian by Mehdi Sojudi Moghaddam. This book is the greatest achievement of Fitzgerald's career and an exquisite novel of American classical literature.

And introduced The Great Gatsby as an important literary work.

The story is narrated by Nick Caraway, a Yale University graduate from the Midwest; He moved to New York after World War I to pursue a career in government bonds. Nick's neighbor is a mysterious man named "Jay Gatsby" who lives in a giant Gothic mansion and holds strange and glorious parties every Saturday night.

"It is true that Gatsby puts all his energy into becoming very rich, and he becomes, he owns a luxurious and unique mansion, he hosts lavish parties, he gives men and women the field he wants, he delights in whatever he pleases. "And they enjoy themselves, but they do not pollute themselves with any of those pleasures, and their gaze is entirely on the lost love that fills the sky of his life, and that is the air from which he breathes and gives him the joy of life."

This book addresses many issues such as coping with one's past, crazy pursuit of selfish motives, degeneration, fluctuations between imagination and reality, unfulfilled dreams, lost love, loneliness, love story and tragedy.

From the book "The Great Gatsby" we read: They were on him, like a closed balloon. They were both all white, and the wind was so winding in their clothes that it was as if they had been thrown around the house after a short flight. I think I stood there for a moment and listened to the east of the curtains and the squeak of a painting on the wall. "Then there was the sound of a bomb as Tom Buchanan closed the back windows and the air in the room ran out, and the curtains and carpets and the two young ladies landed like balloons." Buy the great Gatsby book from BingMag Buy the great Gatsby book from Book stories

5. The Promised Land BingMag.com Read 5 books that Bill Gates recommends

The Promised Land is a book by former US President Barack Obama, first published on November 17, 2020. Published.

Bill Gates praises Barack Obama's memoirs for his skill and critique. "To write an honest biography, you have to be a very self-aware person," he says. In fact, what most politicians do not have, and fortunately, President Obama is not like many politicians. I loved him before reading the book, but after reading it I became more interested in him. "These memories give me an amazing melancholy idea of what it's like to be president." Obama says he can hardly stay focused and avoid various crises. By reading the book, you will be impressed by his ability to deal with such completely different situations.

In fact, this very beautiful and powerful book reflects the beliefs of Barack Obama. He offers a unique and thoughtful search for the achievements and limitations of presidential power, as well as unique insights into the dynamism of the United States.

In an excerpt from The Promised Land, we read: Gave the west, and over several decades and successive presidencies, the current wing configuration took shape: a triangular base to the rose garden to the north and west - a thick wall on the north side, silent and unadorned with tall crescent-shaped windows; Magnificent white columns on the west side, like an honorary guard that ensures safe passage. "As a general rule, I'm a slow-moving, Hawaiian walker, Michelle sometimes said this impatiently." Buy the book The Promised Land from BingMag Buy the book The Promised Land from Book stories

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